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  1. Anyone know if they will be selling aftermarket parts (i.e. magwell) or will you have to buy it when you purchase the gun?
  2. A 15-20 second penalty is enough to move a good shooter out of the top few spots. That gives them the incentive to engage all the targets.
  3. Found some here for $15 in whatever color you want. https://www.cainarms.com/base-pads/
  4. http://www.carbonarms.us/Carbon-Arms-Ratchet-Belt-System.html They do make one
  5. Joeboboutfitters.com has them on sale for $139.99. The flat face trigger is out of stock but they have the curved one.
  6. Can anyone tell me the size of the roll pin for the extractor on the psa hybrid bolt? I tried to get one from psa but they want me to send it in for repair.
  7. That is normal for all ARs. Try it on another gun, it should do it also.
  8. The mag release side needs cut down too, but it wont let me post that picture. You can message your email and I can send them that way if you want.
  9. I use a safariland for my g34....I had to trim down the area for the safety, but it fits perfectly. I can throw up a few pictures if you want.
  10. https://moaprecisionllc.com/product-category/shotgun-parts-upgrades/benelli-m2/
  11. I'd just go with the long, that's what he is using.
  12. He has the pro fit long. I aslo found this on their website.
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