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  1. So would it be a gutted rifle buffer for a full stock, or still use a carbine one. Would a hydraulic carbine buffer be any different? I have one laying around.
  2. If you get them from GB customs the may have some colors to pick from. I picked up a red one.
  3. The GB Customs magwell works with coupled mags.
  4. Is there a regeneration for the fundraiser match i September? Its always fun to shoot for a good cause!
  5. On SKT website it say 3-6 week lead time, because of work and school. Maybe give them a little more time. But they should respond to emails. Have you tried calling?
  6. Are you using the stock sps spring and follower? I have 2 of them that I was planning on changing to tti pads, but thought I needed to change everything.
  7. My factory mag are para p18 mec-gar mags. look at the sides of yours. The dawson base pads for the para fit, but they need the be shaved don the sides and back to fit the magwell. found this on you tube.
  8. Those may be intentional shots, but I think its piss poor stage design to make a shooter completely dismount his/her rifle to shoot over a prop. It looks to me that someone with less skills could easily loose control of a rifle. Should have just used a shorter peice of wood.
  9. I would think that the Safariland GLS would fit. You will need to trim it.
  10. http://www.peacemakernational.com/events?l=viewEvent&eventID=806 Not really any info, but here ya go. Its all I could find
  11. Do they still fit in a holster with the thumb rest on them?
  12. The MD was never involved (as far as I know) the RO was talked out of it by him and his friends. The MD is very well known and would not have let this slide, I work a BIG match for him locally and thats why I go to his matches. I think the bigger problem is grown men not taking responsibility for their actions!
  13. problem is, he is aloud to shoot that stage 2 more times. There was a prop malfunction on his second run.
  14. I think the 1st would be a weapons malfunction. The 2nd are one in the same.
  15. Come on man your picking and choosing what rule you want to apply. 10.4.4a works here. Instead of arguing we will just say you see it one way and I see it another.
  16. For your viewing pleasure and to add to the discussion. What does everyone think of this? I say DQ! He actually gets a reshoot. Just a side note, this is not me but just a video I watched after I shot this match.
  17. I'd say it doesn't matter if it hit the berm it was an accident (shot that he didnt mean to send down range) he just got lucky it hit the berm!
  18. 2.5.4 Unloading any firearm in an unsafe manner, or discharging a firearm while not legitimately engaging a target. From FNH 2015 rules. I think that works here.
  19. If it wasn't a shot you meant to take doesn't that make it an accident? Who cares where the round goes. You can tell from his reaction as soon as the round goes off. We all pride ourselves on safe gun handling, but mistakes happen. We should own up to them just as the op has!
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