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  1. There is a lot to be said for something like a crisp 3.5 # , it gets down to personal preference but the last thing I want in a competition gun (run and gun sports) is a hair trigger. For long distance accuracy competition I think I might prefer reduced weight though.
  2. Thank heavens, it might be worth any downside for just that alone. Never understood why anyone would think it was a good idea to participate in a "running with scissors" type of activity with zero preparation. Done well, orientation class is fun and increases the odds that the new person will get off to a good start.
  3. Good discussion. While holding the timer I've had one new shooter spin around and point his loaded 45 at about my center of mass, and a second new shooter start to do the same except with that person I was positioned on his gun hand where you would always like to be and was able to stop the gun. To my knowledge neither shooter has ever come back. Most of you who r.o./s.o. likely have seen similar. They both had been through a new shooter orientation, if insisting on more of a class would prevent folks like me from getting wet britches or worse I would be all for it. In the mea
  4. 9mm & Clays, hmmm. Extra fingers?
  5. Off track a little bit, but I would tell a friend not to do that, just in case something occurred. Probably could not get sued successfully if it was factory ammo and a completely stock gun though.
  6. I think that the good guys are in the large majority also, but they still take things pretty seriously. A lot of folks just shoot because it is a fun hobby, if you re-read your post, you seem to judge the people who just want to just shoot with their friends and have fun as lesser human beings. That kind of atmosphere , a bit super serious and a bit judgmental is not what a lot of casual shooters are attracted to.
  7. The elephant in the closet is that we can be a bunch of type A turds that take little things way too seriously, and that turns away a lot of the casual competition shooting crowd. I used to tell my friends that shoot steels/bowing pins/trap and etc about the things that people get really upset about in USPSA matches, I'm now indoctrinated and tend to take that stuff in stride & probably am guilty of some of it myself.
  8. A functional memory is on my xmas wish list.
  9. Hate to say this because you are well on your way to spanking my butt and then watching me fade in the rear view, but I was 5 in production that day & it looks like we both hit the same matches with some regularity, so, if you think some video clips of your runs might be useful do not be afraid to ask me to hold your cell phone. In order for this to happen you would need to let me shoot a magazine's worth of ammo through the Tanfo. OH - MITTENS . They may look stupid, ok, they do look stupid, but if you put them on from in the hole to shooter ready they really help.
  10. Duhh. Was looking for a PayPal option on the donate page instead of just going through PayPal & sending to paypal@brianenos.com. Ok fine.
  11. A 32 round stage a couple months back worked out really fun as 10 - 11 - barney up on the long run - 11. Back on subject, my cz 75's auto forward reliably with 147 tc loaded to 1.15, when I switch to 125 round nose (I forget the oal) they are very hit and miss.
  12. You guys are helpful. I'll find something that works. That said, if I had it to do over again a 627 or just sticking with my cz's would have been more shooting and less cussing.
  13. The bullets do not creep under recoil at that oal? (Playing with the same load but at 1.2 I have issues so yours looks like a good thing to try next)
  14. I think the crimp is good, long story short it is about what you have to have to remove all flare from the bullet and very little more. Playing around with some coated.358's, pushing those through my cylinder requires some firm tapping and scrapes a good portion of the coating off of the side of the bullet. I had fired 400 - 500 .356's without cleaning anything and had noticed at the end that bullets were not dropping in like they did at first (cylinder was starting to show sign of being dirty), am wondering if perhaps after x number of rounds I was starting to scrape coating away as the
  15. Coated, very similar to bayou - chrono was 857,847,854,859,845,862,860 (need 850.34 to make 125 pf). Perhaps I am getting a bit of blow by, titegroup is referred to as a hot powder by some and I possibly could not be pushing the lead hard enough to fully seal the bore? If I can ever get all the lead out (I really hate messing with a badly leaded barrel, visually it appears worse closer to the muzzle if that means anything) I think I'm tempted to try a few .358's and see what happens.
  16. Hmmm. After 400 rounds or so of sns 147's (.356) my accuracy was going off. Put a bore light to it and the barrel is leaded up really heavy all the way to the muzzle. I'm new to this gun so may be missing something obvious, perhaps .356 diameter is part of the issue and the bullet is skidding in the grooves or something. Thoughts? Have shot going on 10,000 rounds or so of this load in my cz's with zero leading issues.
  17. Add in time spent grubbing for range brass and a lot of incidentals, estimate how much you have spent on reloader/bench/lighting/accessories, and probably for a 5000 round per year shooter who is happy with lower price range ammo then reloading 9mm does not make sense? I enjoy reloading and burn through a lot more ammo than 5k per year, so for me it does make sense.
  18. Great stuff. Finally got a chance to put some serious time in shooting my loads (1.15 oal, 147 grain .356 sns truncated cone, 3.2 titegrooup, federal primers, range brass but sorted for winchester head stamp.Chrono was 857,847,854,859,845,862,860 - need 850.34 to make 125 pf.) yesterday. Very unscientific but, 300 rounds, 0 issues with brass sticking, hitting the head box alpha at 10 yards freehand is not hard (I was typically 7-8 with the miss very close). Conclusion - bump charge up a tad to insure 125 pf and switch to round nose for better reloading - then call the load good
  19. I think sometimes it is your minds way of protecting you from knowing that you suck. Sort of a built in something to blame it on. Could just be me though.
  20. Just got mine back from Ace revolver guru. Used loads I had been shooting in my cz at just a smidge over 130 pf. 1.15 oal, 147 grain .356 sns truncated cone, 3.2 titegrooup, federal primers, range brass but sorted for winchester head stamp. Chrono was 857,847,854,859,845,862,860 - need 850.34 to make 125 pf. Only had 150, but no issues and no sign that the cases were going to want to stick. Shot 5 from last clip aimed at center of head at 32 yards with butt of gun resting on a cloth on table. I'm not sure where to go at this point, beyond upping the load
  21. It is interesting the way practiced thinking activities seem to go back toward the subconscious the way that practiced physical activities do. My stage plans (production) will be something like '8 here' - reload - '4 on the move' - 4 here - etc.. Awareness of shots fired seems like a help rather than a hinderance, and sort of a necessity on stages where you may have little or no room for make up shots. When I shot limited I did not count shots, on rare occasion I would need to count make ups.
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