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  1. So I talked with some friends and evidently the slide release from the CZ RAMI is compatible with the Shadow 2 - I've ordered one of those and will give it a try. Otherwise, Ill bust out the Dremel and try GMP's suggestion.
  2. In general, I try to see if there is a non-destructive option before I bust out a grinding wheel and go to town . Point taken though, especially considering a new replacement is really quite cheap.
  3. Hey all - so between shooting area 1 and a class almost immediately following the match, I've wound up with a pretty nasty blister/wound on my weak hand just below my thumb due to rubbing from the slide release. I wanted to check and see if anyone knew of a low profile/different geometry release (or just a modification to the existing release) that can alleviate this problem. For whatever its worth, I am shooting carry optics so the replacement part doesn't have to be super functional/ergonomic like it would in production. Thanks in advance!
  4. I used a TP9SFX all of last season in carry optics. They work well, but the main thing you'll have to do is swap out some springs to get their full performance. In particular, since the recall back in 2017, the striker block plunger spring is obnoxiously heavy, so youll need to swap it for a lighter-weight CZ or Glock FP block spring in order to get anything remotely approaching a good trigger pull. Perhaps more importantly, the striker spring is way too overpowered. I broke 2 strikers in almost as many months due to it. The fix is to swap out the striker spring for a 6.5# Glock striker spring - haven't had any issues since then (although admittedly, I have since upgraded to a Shadow 2, so my Canik isn't getting ridden quite as hard as it used to).
  5. So I did read it, but I couldn't tell if that info was actually the truth (i.e. was confirmed by Walther), or was merely conjecture on the part of that author. I was leaning towards the latter FWIW considering the provided explanation. Ill admit, considering that the product hasn't become available, and it seems like references to it elsewhere from Walther are disappearing, I'm inclined to agree with you/the author. Still, in the back of my head I have a hard time believing that Walther - who has been going after the competition market heavily - would not perform that minor amount of due diligence/engineering/testing.
  6. So i would be very surprised if the trigger safety is eliminated entirely - the shoe clearly looks hinged, so its possible there is a trigger safety that is just difficult to see from the available public pictures. With that being said, back in march at one of our local IDPA matches, Walther came out and brought a Q5 SF for use as a stage gun. I asked their rep about this upgraded trigger and he mentioned the drop safety issue. His commentary was that the trigger would likely become something that consumers would need to send their guns in to Walther to be fitted for, although obviously that kind of thing is not set in stone.
  7. Do you know what your current trigger pulls at? Also, when did you get your Canik? If it was after the Sig paranoia induced recall (circa November 2017), then your firing pin block spring is likely entirely too strong, which causes most trigger lightening efforts moot. You should be able to replace it with a reduced power firing pin block spring for a CZ or Glock (something like this https://cajungunworks.com/product/2389/). I did not send mine in for the recall so I didn't have to make any changes, but one other shooter in my area did, and I was surprised how much better the trigger gets after changing that spring out. Other than the FP plunger spring, and swapping out the striker spring for a 6.5# glock spring (I use this one https://ghostinc.com/gho_6_5_fp-6-5-lb-super-duty-extreme-firing-pin-spring-for-glocks-gens-1-4/), I don't think any other FCG work should really be needed.
  8. +1 on the CZ's. I switched from a Canik striker fired gun to a Shadow 2 last year and haven't really looked back. Getting a Shadow 2 to make weight for IDPA is non trivial w.r.t. machining (and therefore $$$), but the SP-01/Shadow is almost every bit as good and makes weight with no real additional work needed. Personally, I find the Sig X5 to be...not great. Even with the grey guns kit installed, I find the trigger to be worse than even a stock PPQ (the reset in particular). It is nice that 140mm mags are available for it off the shelf though (...ish - some sandpaper is required on the plastic basepad to fit the gauge).
  9. Thanks for everyone's input! It seems like the general consensus is to have the backup gun be as close to the primary as possible w.r.t. configuration. I don't think that Ill be able to get CZ to make me another S2 in time for my matches this year, so Ill likely proceed with making my old Canik the backup for the time being. Ill then look to get another CZ made as the season comes to close.
  10. Hey all! As I've gotten more serious in this sport (and have a decent set of matches that I'm travelling to this year), I'm starting to lend greater credence to the idea of getting a backup gun. My main question though, is how do most people think of their backup gun? Is it something that you try to make 100% exactly like your primary competition firearm? Or is it something similar to, but not exact - which you then use to try out different accessories/setups/etc.? While intuition would make me think its the former, I know there are plenty of people whose primary gun was made by some now defunct builder (and therefore cant get a backup even if they wanted to), but retain a backup gun of a different type/make that they still do some occasional practice with. In my particular scenario, I shot last year's season in CO with a Canik TP9SFX. I had some issues with it that caused me to move platforms and I now use a CZ Shadow 2 (w/ milling/work by CZC). I am trying to decide between spending quite a bit of $$$ to get another S2 machined, or turning the Canik into a backup gun, but using it also as a platform to try out different red dot options (without having to always re zero my primary gun).
  11. Out of curiosity, did you ever hear about the Redback's becoming available in the US anywhere? I strongly considered getting a Redback light when I picked up my new CO gun, but their US distributor didnt respond to pricing or other questions. I ended up getting CZ Custom to make me a Shadow 2 that works for CO, but Id be interested in hearing how the Phoenix pieces turn out.
  12. I shoot a DPP 2.5 MOA - see the majority of the other posts here With that being said, I'd also put forward the Holosun 507c - Solar cells means no worrying about battery life like on the DPPs and the circle dot is particularly nice for certain 3 gun matches which force you to take pistol shots from weird positions.
  13. While this may be true, 8.1.7 is in references to modifications only ("The following modification rules apply to firearms in all divisions."). The mag release on the Shadow 2 is as-delivered/stock/factory - so 8.1.7D shouldn't apply here at least per my reading. edit: and in either case it looks like he took off the factory release anyways - so there's that
  14. I will admit - I have never heard of these, so you have me there. For what it's worth though, neither of these show up on Canik's website. Based on the website, the only products an otherwise uninformed consumer would assume Canik sells are the TP9 series guns. Additionally, I don't necessarily foresee that Canik would make their own frames - most of their designs are quite derivative (the TP9 series is effectively a Walther, the S/P-120's are effectively CZ's). Is it possible that Canik will use whatever license deal they have with Walther to make a steel frame version of the SFX? Perhaps. However (and I would almost be excited to be proven wrong on this) there is a rough order of magnitude of difference in terms of production cost between a polymer and steel frame - if not on initial capital expenditures, then for sure on the marginal unit basis. I suspect that Canik would not be able to make the business case to manufacture their own Q5SF competitor.
  15. Sig already made a metal frame for their tomb of the unknown pistols - id bet they can bring that to market quickly if the q5sf does well. Id also not be surprised if cz make a steel frame of their p10 to sell alongside the shadow 2. As for the other major manufacturers? I dont think so. Itll be a cold day in hell before glock makes a steel framed pistol, and s&w doesnt even have a 2.0 version of their pro 5" model yet. Canik doesnt really operate at the price point of steel frame guns, and beretta hasnt really shown interest in the competiton market before.
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