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  1. Thanks for all the input my dry fire routine is Really starting to come together
  2. I have seen the positive impact dry fire makes and try to practice the basics everyday and focus on one or two things per dry fire session
  3. I shot both when I was shooting SS had a Trojan in 40 kill myself for selling it but I really enjoyed both guns the PM9 is a better gun in my opinion and it is the premier 9mm SS fun for a reason but I shot my Trojan extremely well cant go wrong either way
  4. ElkChaser

    E-2 x 2

    Good looking set of blasters and can’t wait to get my Ipen gun back from the gunsmith with my E2 grip on it feels great but can’t wait to start shooting with it
  5. I use the medium and find it to be plenty big enough for all my crap the large is just too big IMO even with a cart I carry way to much crap in mine but not sure I could fill a large
  6. My EVO fits my STI block perfect it was a little sloppy in the PT block
  7. I put the CK E2 Aluminum on mine sounds like it might fit the bill for you and they warranty to grip on a major gun I love my EVO on my limited gun but like you did not want that much weight on my open gun not the cheapest solution however I am very happy with the setup
  8. I run STI Tubes with Grams guts and TTI basepads in both Limited and open guns and love this setup Gen 1 or 2 both have worked flawless for me
  9. I am having an E2 installed right now DAA said use the STI but Highhope are you sat9ng the PT block works because I have a PT block as well
  10. I love my DVC Open and have zero complaints I have also owned a coup,e of CK and they were awesome too don’t think you can go wrong either way just depends on what you want on a Gun CK has more options available
  11. I went with a DVC O-en and love the Gun however I have added a metal grip changed to optic and mount did a trigger job and installed a new trigger and still love the fun but looking back now that I know exactly what I want in a Gun would have been cheaper and better off having a custom built however the stock Gun was better in every aspect then I will ever be I know this is not a good answer but either way Open is a ton of fun can’t go wrong either way
  12. The ball bearing goes in the ball joint and then the screw just call DAA they will send you out the right part mine were the same almost broke an Allen wrench to tighten with the bearing in them they lock up right away with little to no effort guess the tolerances were off on the first ones
  13. I went thru the same debate a few months back settled in a RTS2 on an Everglades Mount and could not be happier I have zero experience with the DPP so can not compare
  14. The new ball joint they send me have a small bearing In them making lockup almost Instantaneous and rocksolid but you have to be careful not to overtighten and break them
  15. That sucks to hear that people are still having issues with them personally I love mine with a new updated parts and luckily double alpha has incredible customer service
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