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  1. I never pick up mach brass. To me my match is worth more than worrying about a few dollars worth of 9mm brass of course that might not be the case if I was shooting something like 38 super.
  2. I do 50 round of strong hand and 50 round of weak hand shoot every time I go to the range regardless of what drill I'm doing. For me it all about making so strong hand, weak hand in a match it's no big deal.
  3. You can color it with a black sharpie it won't match perfectly but it's close enough to me.
  4. if you'll talk to your MD most the time he will give you the used target at the end of the match.
  5. Midway, shooters connection, target barn all have them last time I got mine from midway I'd shop around tho the targets aren't expensive it's the shipping that kills you.
  6. Caps ( Coastal Area Practical Shooters) in Brunswick Georgia is having one on July 27th.
  7. Ruger has a custom shop 9mm 1911 out now the price is kinda high.. it looks like a great gun. I've handled one but never fire it so can't comment on performance.
  8. I've look at them but the cost of a stern defense set up is all most as much as a complete low end rifle. Me personally I'd rather buy a complete PSA ar9 than convert one of my ar's that way if I decide that pcc is not for me a complete rifle is a easyer sale.
  9. I prefer gen 4 glock they have a larger magazine release and the back strap option. With a 34 I dont see a advantage to buying a gen 3.
  10. Hp 38 and win 231 are the exact same powder I've used tons of it before I went to sport pistol. I still have a #8 jug of 231 in my powder reserve and will go back to it if sport pistol is unavailable.
  11. I've use the RHT and comp tac holsters both are great holster I usely get RHT if I'm not in a hurry for it (they have about a 30 day leed time) and a comp tac if I need it now.
  12. I've seen them on pre order for $900 but someone will probably buy it just to one of the frist people to have one.
  13. Welcome Brian enos and uspsa!
  14. If and that a big if you already have a 9mm limited gun I'd say go for it. Shoot limited minor for a while see if it something you want to get more serious with and if so buy a major gun when you fell that minor is holding you back. Now if you are going to buy a gun for limited buy anything other than a .40 is just dumb.
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