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  1. I have a friend dry tumble my bass as I live in a apartment so I can't speak on what he did or didn't do but has anyone every had the brass come out like this? It's not all of it just some and I plan to still use it for practice ammo unless someone has a good reason not to.
  2. That's great results! I'm going to try mine again in a few days when the suns not out.
  3. I haven't thought about the sunlight affecting the reading it was a bright day today.
  4. I'll have to try that when I go back to the range thanks.
  5. I move the chrono around a few time from 10 feet out to 25 feet or so with the same result even tried the battery out of my shot timer in the chrono think the battery was weak. I will at this is the frist time in about 6 months that I've use my chrono.
  6. Col are withing 0.005 from shortest to longest I dont think it's the col. I set powder drop to 3.9 then averaged it out over 10 drops and got 3.93. I'll check and make sure each individual powder drop is accurate thanks.
  7. I've started developing a new load with sport pistol. 125 gr blue bullets 1.125 col with 3.9 gr of sport pistol and I got some extreme spreads in velocity and I'm have trouble figuring out if it's a load problem of chrono problem anyone seen anything like this before? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. All test was done with a glock 19 gen4 stock barrel
  8. I don't know about the red hills tactical but I use a comp tac international holster for both idpa and uspsa.
  9. What rubber base pads are you referring to also how do they compare to aluminum ones like the ones Springer precision has?
  10. A chrono is the only way to know what your load is doing in your gun. I have the cadwell chrono from Amazon. It's cheap and the phone app is great. Having said that my go to load is a 125gr tc blue bullet with a col 0f 1.125 over 4 gr of 231. It gets me around a 135 power factor out of a 5 inch gun.
  11. Is there a sgnificant difference to choose the 17 round mec-gars over the 16 round magazines? I'm shooting production and idpa so capacities above 10 are not important. The 17 round magazine cost more but are there benefits to them other than one more round to justify the add cost? Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm loading 9mm on a SDB and I've loaded around 15,000 round so far this year so 5,000 per year is no problem. I try to load a few thousand at a time so I'm not having to do it every week.
  13. I've looked heavily at the tanfo line but I've decided to go with cz sp 01(my dealer got me a killer deal) . I ordered them today and going to use some cgw parts to get them right on the edge of idpa legal. I plan to do a build thread when I get the details worked out if anyones interested.
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