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  1. That's what I said, you got no "data" to bring, only forum posts, juste like I did. Now, open the link you've pasted here, next page, reply #50 Have fun.
  2. https://cajungunworks.com/technical-support/ https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=81992.0 Nobody can find "data" from CZ about this. First, RS spring weight can vary from gun to gun. In my SP-01 my 11lb RS is measured at 11.5lb, I guess it's normal. Secondly, CZ won't share technical data with the public. However a gunsmith should have all the data you want John. Let me add that you're the one who boldly gave us a "stock Shadow 2 RS weight", so my turn: you got a link concerning the 13lb stock RS ? ? Prove it to me please.
  3. Yes, 128 PF is what I get using reloads, 130 PF for factory ammo. Saw some folks using 140+ PF, I wouldn't use a light RS with such loads which I never shoot. The factory Shadow 2 RS is heavy enough to accept such loads, but I find it way too strong for me, Tanfo Stock 2 comes with a 11lb RS.
  4. They are in the process of being banned in EU matches. I've heard numerous things: banned onto closed ranges (lead pollution), banned on all ranges... I used to shoot ARES epoxy coated bullets, great value, great precision bore-friendly bullets. But I've switched to copper plated bullets (Los, Campro) or factory FMJs just in case of an incoming ban.
  5. Forget my message, edited it But I think the Shadow 2 factory RS is...16 lb
  6. I did it once and found the gun to be incredibly greasy and hard to wipe and dry. Yes, a huge amount of dirt is removed in the process, but I did the same using white spirit. But I won't soak the frame, I use q-tips and patches to wipe out the dirt, then I wipe it again and lubricate (FP-10 lubricant during summer or Eno's Slide Glide during winter)
  7. Thanks ! Advice to all Shadow 2 owners: no need for a sight pusher, the rear sight should be easier to drift than on other CZs (my SP-01 rear sight was IMPOSSIBLE to drift, was locktited in factory I guess...). Just protect the rear sight using duct-tape, unscrew it, grab a punch and a medium hammer, one or two firm taps should do the job !
  8. You know what ? "Kerosène" in french means..."jet fuel" I was like "Wow this guy tells me I should use jet fuel to clean my gun ? What the heck ? " Guess I'll stick to the white spirit if you guys tell me it's ok. Got frightened by folks at the range, but I must admit I've heard bulls#!t before (like "never ever scrub your barrel with a brass brush, even a nylon one, use only patches !"...well good luck cleaning a copper-fouled barrel using patches only...)
  9. I run a 10lb + standard buffer, I shoot factory ammo (Geco 124gr FMJ power factor is 130-131) or reloaded (Los/Campro 123gr, power factor 127-28).
  10. I see. Using mineral spirits is bad or not ? I can purchase a liter of m.s for about 2 bucks, brake cleaner is way more expensive around here.
  11. Some 200 rounds later I can say my issue is solved
  12. Hi guys :) I use Hoppe's 9 to clean my barrel and I'm happy with the product, so I would like to ask you, seasoned shooters, what do you use to clean the frame and the slide (minus the barrel) ? I used to follow the advice of some fellow shooters from my gun club: soak the frame with WD-40, then dry the whole thing. Yes, soaking the frame with WD-40 will clean a good amount of fouling within the frame, but I still think it will attract more dirt, because I can't dry it everywhere. It's very greasy but it's not a proper lubricant for a firearm. So I decided to use mineral spirits ("white spirit" as we call it in France), q-tips and patches to clean the trigger bar, frame, ejector etc... No one around me would use this, people were even shocked I use such a product :( They say it's super bad for the metal parts (I don't know how white spirit would "attack" metal parts... ?) They clean their frames using the same product they use to clean their barrels...Which is said to cause corrosion (I've read that...on my CZ Shadow 2 manual) So, what is your advice guys ? Thanks :)
  13. Thank you very much, reinstalled the whole thing and now it's not bulging anymore
  14. Okay, so in the process of saving 80 euros (90 bucks), I decided to give this rear sight a try using a punch and a hammer. I noticed that the sight was a little bit off-centered to the right: it is consistent with the results I saw last saturday during my training session (shots hitting 2 inches to the right). I've duct-taped the sight to protect it and gave some solid taps: it worked ! Sight is now more or less centered, I'll go to the range tomorrow to confirm the success Off-topic question: I've just installed a 10lb recoil spring on my gun, is it normal for the guide rod to "go out" of the frame like this ? (sorry for my bad english )
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