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  1. Well, I tested some loads yesterday with a chrono, here was my experience with my CZ Shadow2, OAL of 1.12, Zero JHP 147gr, and W231. 3.2gr = 115PF 3.5gr = 130PF 3.6gr= 135PF
  2. any more updates for this? I planning on using W231, which is comparable to N320.
  3. Has anyone reloaded Zero 147 JHP 9mm with Win 231 to get a 130ish PF? I have access to Win 231, but I haven't seen any reloading data for more than 127 PF.
  4. I've seen more people shooting Limited minor now that in the past. I've always thought of minor as a suicide in Limited due to lower points. However, long stages with extra rounds (3-4 more) in minor seem as an advantage versus major. I saw that during the 2018 Florida Open in single stack, only the first place out of the top 10 shot major, the rest were shooting minor. What is your opinion?
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