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  1. Anyone tried a DPM recoil reduction system?
  2. Tactical Sport , not TSO but I ASSume they would be the same?? Angus Hobdell from the CZ website : "We have covered this elewhere, but to recap.I like to run the lightest spring possible, I am looking for result (not necessarily longevity)Lighter the spring softer the gun shuts so less movement of the front sight.I would suggets 14 or 16lb for normal use of TS 40TS 9mm as low as 10lb depending on ammo"
  3. Just checked, CZC answered my question on their website. Their sight pusher is good to go for the TS & TSO as well as the 75's, do not know about the new S2 though. Since I am a CZ junkie and anal about getting point of aim right I think I will go for it. Edit: Just asked. It works for the Shadow 2 also.
  4. I think the answer is no but thought somebody might know for sure. The rear sight adjustment tool from CZ Custom does not work on these, correct?
  5. Did your gun come with paperwork showing how it shot at the factory and what test ammo was used?
  6. The spare hammer springs (mainsprings if you prefer) are about 1/4" different in length from each other, have not removed the installed hammer spring to compare. The longer spare also appears to be larger in diameter, easiest to see if you look at them from the end. The spare slide springs I tried in the gun, they both felt lighter than the spring that came installed. I could not feel a definite difference between the two spares. A weird thing is that the last coil of the spring that came in the gun only is smaller in diameter than the rest of the spring and grabs the guide rod ti
  7. Individual priorities and fit thing, but really I think it is good to go with the only necessary mod being to copy the bit of file/dremel work that xXGearHeadXx showed in his post. Wish I had tried that before spending $75 on a different magwell, I think, need to spend more time working with the gun to be certain.
  8. Since it worked for you I gave it a shot. Put a much more shallow angle on the frame than what I assumed would be needed, so as you noted there is little metal removed. Feels like it is going to work aok !! Thanks!! Good luck with Momma .
  9. In case anybody else didn't know that full size CZ 75 grips would fit with CZC magwell and just a smidge filed off of the bottom. Something to play with for free if you have old grips in your gun parts goodie pile. It appears that CZ 75 Compact grips would fit with the oem magwell with minor fitting.
  10. If somebody wouldn't mind posting an after blending picture with oem magwell I would appreciate it. I've blended on other guns but with the amount of mismatch on the TSO/oem I have been scared to try to blend because I was concerned that you would need to remove too much metal and weaken the frame. If you can get a good functional end result with no harm to the gun and the oem then that would be a great option.
  11. Good illustration of a correctly fit magwell on a Tanfo & the issue with the TSO magwell starting at about 11:00 .
  12. Obviously I am not anti CZ. But I have played a good bit with 2011's and never had a magwell that did not fit well enough to the frame to prevent the magazine from catching on reloads. Disappointing, but I think it will be fixable.
  13. My cts ls just had an issue with a rough spot on the left side near the back where some of the metal is relieved. Found the small area that was rough and fixed it with a bit of light file work.
  14. Possible burr/metal shaving in the slide to frame track? I have had that happen with a CTS LS. There is nothing crunchy or unusual about the way the slide operates on my TSO.
  15. Bought a CZ Custom IPSC box magwell & 1 extra capacity basepad. Overall A standard magazine and basepad just barely extends out of the magwell. The orange basepads seem to be about flush. Time will tell if this works ok for reloads, initial playing about seems like it may be ok. UPDATE - Standard TS black plastic basepads are too wide to work with the CZC magwell, filing off the sides near the rear might allow them to work. Longer grips are probably in my near future (anybody got any stock wood TS grips they want to sell?) but t
  16. Have one on order, will take pic's of the CZC vs TSO oem & get any measurements of interest if desired. If you read the CZC website it says that you have excess material on the magwell so you can either use it as is or else blend it to the frame. Would not be the first time that purchase info was confusing however. If you need to dremel the frame as much with the CZC as keeping the oem would require then it may make best sense to just stay with the oem. Bought the IPSC box version magwell as I did not want to buy mag extensions and springs/followers for all mags i
  17. Hmmm, have a few laying around that I use with lok grips. Good idea.
  18. No pun intended? Have read on other CZ forums about installing a threaded bushing after stripping threads on frame, but I do not want to go there.
  19. Anyone using one of these? https://czcustom.com/cz-tactical-sport-mag-well-for-ipsc-box.html
  20. I have 4 other CZ's that use the same type of single screw grip attachment. None of them were unusually tight new except this one. The only way I would try to put them back together that tight is with a torque wrench I trusted and some new information explaining why the threads would not strip. I am with you on the thread locker for grips which do not allow use of washers or which are not made of a compressible material. The single screw attachment design seems to work best for wood or rubber & with a washer, which I am guessing is what was popular way back on day one.
  21. I think I will call CZC & maybe CGW before firing up the dremel. Looks like CZC makes something that fits well for the regular TS. If you take the plunge with the dremel please let us know how that works out. No clue on the grip screws.
  22. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Why do you spend so much thought and effort on building a nice gun and then make the magwell/mag opening so completely half arsed? Anybody fixed this yet? Before I get out the dremel & some touch up blue I thought perhaps there might be a picture out there after blending or perhaps somebody makes a magwell that actually sort of fits the opening. Notes. Both grip screws were crazy tight, no sign of loctite but it was nerve racking to break them free and they both came loose with a crack sound. The magwell screw was apparen
  23. Why do you shoot? I try to deal with disappointment from a sub par match by remembering that my primary goal is to have fun, and adjusting as needed to accomplish that goal.
  24. No worries. For me personally, I prefer a noticeable but small amount of pre travel and more than minimal weight. Depends a bit upon gun geometry also, the more closed my trigger finger needs to be before the trigger is pulled the less concerned I am about a too light trigger or too little pre-travel.
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