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  1. CTJer

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    I use a 32oz mixed nut (or cashew) container. Holds 500+ rounds of 9mm. I have dozens of them.
  2. It has a defined wall and pretty crisp break in my G17’s. In conjunction with the Zev “comp” trigger spring, 4.5lb spring (one has the Wolff, feels the same) and an Apex plunger.
  3. I didn’t want a rolling brake. I swapped out my 3.5lb Ghost connector for a Zev V4 race because of the roll. I might go back to it now to see if I like it.
  4. Damn, that’s messed up. I blame Cuomo.
  5. Since CO has been becoming more popular, I've looked at converting my back up G17 into a CO gun. I've read a bunch of earlier posts on the topic, including the multi-brief from Feb. 2016. Does that still hold true? "Note that many Production division guns can be easily modified to compete in Carry Optics as well as Production, but be cautious with the modifications you make, as many will render your Production gun illegal for that division. You can mill the slide of a production legal gun to install an optic, and replace the optic with a filler plate for competition in Production without risk." http://multibriefs.com/briefs/uspsa/USPSA020416.php
  6. CTJer

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    Wish they made a Gen 4.
  7. CTJer

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    I’m going with the dovetail mount for starters, to see if CO is something I’ll shoot from time to time. I’ll go the milled aftermarket slide if I enjoy it.
  8. CTJer

    Cz pics anybody?

    Damn. Your collection?
  9. CTJer

    Jack Ryan-Prime!

    I don’t watch much TV, but this looks like something I might try. Can probably get the wife to watch since she was(is) a big “The Office” fan.
  10. CTJer

    Shooting First in squad....

    My first ever match I was the first shooter. Probably wouldnt have mattered if I shot 10th.
  11. CTJer

    Plated or FMJ for my new 9mm loads?

    Looking like I’ll have to try the JHP next. My G17 didn’t shoot Blue Bullets 147g worth a damn. (.355) May try the .356 just to be fair.
  12. CTJer

    Plated or FMJ for my new 9mm loads?

    I just tried a sample pack of the Everglades 147g FMJ and I liked what I got. Going to try their 124’s now.
  13. In Cali, they have arrest powers 24/7, they are considered Peace Officers. Same as AZ. In Nevada, they only have arrest powers while on duty.
  14. Good point. I would consider National Guard "Military" on that basis. Just a question that was floating around in my head. I'm none of the above, so It doesn't really affect me, just curious how USPSA handled it.
  15. Federal Corrections Officers have arresting powers. Different states also have sheriffs deputies work jails. Not so easy an answer.