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  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to edit in someone's USPSA number into Practiscore after the match results have been posted? Or ultimately have that number in for the USPSA upload. Someone shot a decent classifier but didn't have his number in on Practiscore.
  2. Harvard? How far is Bradford from you?
  3. ‘B’ class Production shooter, but always considering moving to another division when I’m not shooting. Only been at this for 2 years, so I think I’ll stick with it. I’m shooting for that ‘M’ with my G17. Everyone bought into the CZ Shadow for Production, so I stuck with my G17. Doesn’t mean I won’t shoot another division once in a while.
  4. Glad I caught this thread. My Pocket pro 2 just stopped working. It’s within 2 years old, looks like new, just doesn’t work after sitting for a few winter months. (Yes I swapped batteries out)
  5. Trying to get some insight as to how many clubs let the set up crew shoot the match for free. (Club too if you can)
  6. Got some Ibejiheads .357 dia on the way. They made it the easiest to order, plus they sponsor some of the matches I attend. Thanks for all the feedback. Edit: I didn’t realize Alex was the owner. We squaded together at Area 7 last year. Good dude.
  7. Would I be better served to pick up a new barrel? KKM? Note: I’ve run these loads through a CZ Shadow 2 and the group is about 2” at 20yds. (6-8” with gen 4 G17)
  8. That was where I started in my fix.
  9. Trying to find some accuracy. The .355 coated (blues) are terribly inaccurate in my G17. .356 dia coated are better, but still lacking quite a bit. Looking to find a .357 dia in a 147g and/or 125g to test out my luck.
  10. Just bought some 147g to try out after seeing a post in another thread. Should get out to test them tomorrow.
  11. Am I reading this right. G17 with Montana Gold 124g JHP over Power Pistol shot the best @25yds. Been searching for an accurate bullet.
  12. I’m curious about what the major matches, like Nationals uses to cover the barrels.
  13. Blue Bullets at their standard .355 shot like garbage out of both my G17's at 25yds. (147g FP) Slightly better with H&S and SNS at 147g. Everglades 147g FMJ RN and Extreme's both shot best. Just ordered some Blue Bullets at .356 and some of the DG bullets to see if there is any difference.
  14. I use a 32oz mixed nut (or cashew) container. Holds 500+ rounds of 9mm. I have dozens of them.
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