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  1. It was mentioned, but the added weight is a nice bonus from the extensions. I have a few TF +5/6. They took a little work to get to run, but they’re working now.
  2. Had that problem with the TF extensions. I sanded down all the hard edges and rounded off the point on the followers. Did the trick for me.
  3. I would probably just shoot the 17 in limited for now, until you get the hang of the sport and figure out what you really want to do. They skills learned over that time period will transfer to anything you decide on. (B class Production shooting a G17)
  4. Didn’t like the rolling break of the TTI when I first tried it. Might try it again sometime. I like the wall on the Zev personally.
  5. I think there is one “local” club that does Saturday matches, but the other 4 do Sunday matches. Local is within 2 hrs.
  6. I’m in the same boat. Looking to play around in another division and it would be the same platform......for now. Used a a dot for the first time this week while practicing. That wasn’t so easy. Haha. I think the grip angle of the Sig with the Romeo tripped me up a bit. Hitting those 25 yard alpha head boxes was pretty fun though.
  7. What’s your lowest hanging fruit right now? seems like most new shooters don’t fully appreciate the walk through and stage plan.
  8. I rocked a edc belt, double mag holder and my G19 for the first couple matches. Look and ask, people are very willing to give advice and let you see what they run. I’m using a shooters connection belt, cr speed mag holders with my bladetech holster now. (Think I’m upgrading to the boss hanger very soon)
  9. I have a bunch of 10rd glock mags, being that I’m from CT and we have dumb gun laws. I have a handful of STANDARD capacity mags and it finally dawned on me that reloads went much better with the 17 rounders loaded to ten than the 10rd mags. The 10 rounders springs are so damn tight that you really have to slam that mag in to mag sure it catches. Anyone cut one down to alleviate this issue, while obviously keeping the mag reliable?
  10. Does anyone know if it's possible to edit in someone's USPSA number into Practiscore after the match results have been posted? Or ultimately have that number in for the USPSA upload. Someone shot a decent classifier but didn't have his number in on Practiscore.
  11. Harvard? How far is Bradford from you?
  12. ‘B’ class Production shooter, but always considering moving to another division when I’m not shooting. Only been at this for 2 years, so I think I’ll stick with it. I’m shooting for that ‘M’ with my G17. Everyone bought into the CZ Shadow for Production, so I stuck with my G17. Doesn’t mean I won’t shoot another division once in a while.
  13. Glad I caught this thread. My Pocket pro 2 just stopped working. It’s within 2 years old, looks like new, just doesn’t work after sitting for a few winter months. (Yes I swapped batteries out)
  14. Trying to get some insight as to how many clubs let the set up crew shoot the match for free. (Club too if you can)
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