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  1. Do not want to spike the ball on the 3 yard line, but I ran 200 at 1.15 with zero issues so far. Thanks!
  2. 10 rounds in 17 round mags (IDPA & USPSA production limit). I tried to get the problem to occur in my SP01 today (same mags & same ammo) and could not make it happen.
  3. Thanks folks. Will look hard at ammo as a first thing and play with oal, easy to check this out but not the direction my little mind was pointed in, have not got my head wrapped around why an ammo problem would only show up on the first round of a slide lock reload, if oal or case length is the fix then maybe I will learn something.
  4. Have a pretty new CZ 75 CTS and a new to me but well used SP01. Am new to both of them. Am feeding them with 147 sns bullets at 1.135" oal. If you have the slide open and no magazine in either gun, the slide will close with a moderately hard wap to the magazine opening. Since both guns act the same my assumption is that this is normal. On the 75, about 3 times out of 10 the gun will jam on the first round of a slide lock reload. The top bullet will be wedged with the nose on the bottom of the ramp and the slide partially closed and in contact with the upper portion of the base of the she
  5. Valid. I really like knowing about risks (be they great or small) though, after that what you decide is what you decide. In movement shooting sports I think the highest probability risk is probably not gun or ammo related, running around obstacles as fast as you can with your eyes and mind focused on targets leads to the occasional impressive hard face flop. There is also the thing about heat stroke & heart attack, for a lot of folks running and getting the heart rate up does not happen outside of a match.
  6. Another one of those things that makes you go hmmm. I helped on a 32 round stage at a large match this year, probably picked up 50 + - live rounds laying in the rocks/dirt of the shooting area, some before it was stomped on and some after it had been stomped one or more times, it is interesting that a whole lot of people can stomp on a whole lot of live ammo and you never hear of an issue.
  7. "I hope they are filling those barrels behind the target with sand or clean dirt. When shot at just the correct angle, a bullet can be deflected around the inner curve of the barrel and exit through the side. Several local clubs use 50 gallon plastic barrels as vision barriers and I've heard bullets whizzing around inside the barrel when someone hit the barrel at just the right angle." It does sound pretty impressive when a bullet enters the barrel just right and circles for a while! No media is in the barrels I was referring to, I'm not sure that the risk is any different between a barrel
  8. I didn't see it, a friend saw an ammo flip detonation that he said he thought required 3 hand surgeries to repair (might have only been two though, he was not sure). I did not ask the caliber. No blood, but got a good whack in the era muff from a rock flying from an adjacent bay. Didn't know what happened, I was doing unload and show clear and about the same instant I closed the slide, whack, my first thought was that I must have set off a round somehow although that did not explain the thump I felt. Have noticed since that that club places barrels behind targets that result in a close shot
  9. " I did a Shadow with an 11.5# hammer spring which ended up with a five pound five ounce DA and one pound, fourteen ounce SA, very sweet! " Copied from page 1. For what it is worth I read that and then installed CGW springs in both my guns, similar results (about 1/2 pound heavier on average if memory serves) and no failures to fire so far (remmington and winchester and maybe a few cci primers). I will likely move to federal primers and an 8.5# spring but it is tempting not to.
  10. Happy happy happy. Apparently the CGW drop in short reset disco is a little tighter on reset than the CZ short reset disco, or so I am guessing, in any case just installed the CZ disco and everything works well and single action pre-travel is as short as I would want. Perhaps on another gun the CZ disco pre-travel would be too much & the CGW drop in would work ok & be better. Other tidbit, I had screwed up the sear spring by leaving the long leg set up out of the way for safeties installation, forgetting about it, and then racking the slide. Everything worked ok firing wise with the
  11. ? I assumed you could file the new sight as needed for a snug but not crazy tight fit. Have not had a front or fixed rear move (have not installed an adjustable rear) and I put them in just like on the videos on Dawson Precisions website. For what it is worth.
  12. Was having trouble removing a front so I called one of the sight manufacturers and they told me that at around 160 f loctite will go back to a liquid state. Do not know how far you went with the heat, but for what it is worth. I finally got that one to move but I don't know if it was the heat that made the difference. Took a S&W with a stubborn rear sight to a local gunsmith for my Father, after giving up myself. He started with the small hammer, then progressed to the mid sized hammer and then we agreed to give up after a couple unsuccessful raps with the big hammer, S&W fixed that
  13. Hmmm, I wonder if that means the same thing as uh oh. Modified post so the image showed up. Have an SP01 also. The disco that I messed up was originally in the SP01 and everything worked well. Hmmm, swap trigger bar between the the two guns & just see what happens ?
  14. Saw this on calguns while snooping about for a bit. Have a new disco in hand but have not touched anything, the first one will be regarded as a souvenir. Bought the cz custom drop in short reset version this time as I'm assuming dimensions are not exactly the same as the cgw 'drop in' and figured I might get lucky. Anyway. Problem with my gun is that it will not reset in double action (unless you remove the slide lock and allow the slide to move forward about 1/32" from normal rest position). Talked to CGW Friday. If I understood correctly (any errors below are entirely my fault and no oth
  15. Aok, hook. Sort of like the 'lower forward edge of the wing' though if you do not know about the 'h' word .
  16. The area behind the wedge must be filed down: This is sort of a double post, which is bad, but I think now I'm posting in the right thread which is good. As had been noted elsewhere, this is a great thread and the proprietor deserves medals and dancing girls. And sear cages are from hell. And working on these guns can be fun and rewarding. Fiddled with an SP01, pretty much followed exactly what was done on page 1. Worked great, after I finally looked close enough to better understand the sear cage going back together part, will not touch the sear cage innards again unless I feel like I
  17. Took a 1 on 1 class from a local Grand Master a couple weeks ago. He hits the gym on a regular basis, on one of the machines he is able to work the muscles on the weak hand wrist/arm the same way that a gun in recoil would. I assume he does the same for strong hand but we were talking about weak hand gun control and I didn't ask. Speaking for myself, I have been working on grip strength but doing nothing at all for recoil muscle wrist/arm strength, in retrospect this seems kind of dumb.
  18. Had an ah-ha moment a week or three back. A friend ran a video of me shooting and the video showed that my muzzle control was one heck of a lot better than I thought it was, not attempting to say that there is not room for improvement, but I was surprised and happy about what I saw. Better shooters can comment or correct, but my conclusion was that part of the opportunity is understanding what good muzzle control looks like rather than attempting to achieve zero motion.
  19. Dry fire has shown me that if you practice the wrong things it will really screw you up. It is easy to not have a firm enough grip during practice & etc. and that stuff really shows up under match pressure. It is also easy to lose sight patience and etc while focusing on a par time, and some of the things that work for the book authors (just bring the mag to the magwell during reload practice for example) may or may not take you in a good direction. Last thing was that a 'rush rush rush before the darn timer beeps again' attitude was 100% not what I needed to enable me to attempt to run
  20. Many people don't know anything, that guy doesn't even suspect anything. Author Unknown "When he was born, the Doctor slapped his mother" Rodney Dangerfield, paraphrased
  21. Hmmm, my guess is that the trigger is not legal for ssp. Reasons: 1. The verbiage about no "externally visible" mods for ssp small parts in the IDPA rule book. 2. If it was legal I'm thinking that Powder River would have posted to make sure that we knew it was legal. I'm thinking they like to sell as many as they can
  22. I like to down a few shots before the match to get a bit loose & on an even keel. The other thing I'm working on is a pre-buzzer mantra for me, for every stage not just first stage. It will probably be something like 'be smooth - see the front sight', but, counterintuitively "I am behind - this needs to be my best stage all day" seems like it is helping me to focus, possibly replacing nervous thoughts with thoughts about the need to execute? . If memory serves I think Benos had a mantra that he shared either on this forum or in his very excellent book. I was not serious about the shots.
  23. The real ones are made by forced labor in Chinese prisons, for 1/3 you get shoes made by juvenile deliquents and the occasional jaywalker.
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