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  1. It’s not the tightening its stretched screws. Replace them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. me too. and you know what! it works fine. but i keep looking for a better answer. lately i have been thinking about a red dot with somebody's adapter plate for the rear dovetail.
  3. Max It

    SAO vs DA SA

    Bill, exactly. So i use my xD9 tactical for fast shooting and my CZ75B SA for bullseye matches. { first 8 years of ownership on CZ was for 'Steel Madness' matches. Where we didn't exactly follow the rules of IDPA or any other. Hence no one insisted I have the hammer down, Ah those were the days. } much obliged, Max
  4. Max It

    SAO vs DA SA

    HI Ya, i am not clear on the details; however if you are doing competition shooting SAO is much better as every pull is the same and equal. now my problem with CZ is that in some comps they want me to start with safety on which is difficult as i have 50,000 rounds with my XD and that has no safetyz (muscle memory).
  5. Max It

    CM comp Loctite?

    Hi Ya, I am not familiar with the CM model however when in doubt I use nail polish; not quite as strong as blue loctite but keeps things together. cheers,
  6. Max It

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    I use smooth face pliers.
  7. Better hurry up; by the time i got good i also got older and slower.
  8. Nick, my .02c worth: Send or take old cz75 to Cajun gun works in Monroe Louisiana or CZ Custom in Mesa AZ. Have them update everything. There’s nothing new you need at this point.
  9. HI Ya, I don't see where J Schweg names his state of residence. Cal requires a safe. but after research i found that the sheet steel boxes sold by Walmart and others fits the requirements. So I have two now. they are $100. or so each. Come in lots of sizes'; bolt to wall and floor and has three point locking systems. one is Homak,, the other is Stack-On. why spend more?
  10. You Guys, I was just looking for a good spot to put a plug in for my Red Dot maker when i stumbled on your thread. I have one from IJK Sales in Arizona, after 10 years he replaced it free ($20 fee). Not as expensive, made in Europe. Maybe this is the place for a atta boy, maybe not.
  11. Why not? my optometrist is a prairie dog hunter with .223 and a re-loader
  12. wow! you can decipher the cost
  13. Hi powder, ditto around here. A bit of 🌧 but you got that also. Makes the spring green
  14. Hi Ya ,just for bragging rights. I currently have 4 x 5gal pails. Each one diff caliber. Comes from eights years of competition at outdoor Range. Now older and shoot fewer matches. I’m not sure if I could ever use it up. But I’ll try.
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