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  1. Max It

    TSO trigger problem

    Great, I hope you put some dope on it to make the screw stick; i use nail polish.
  2. Additionally, I had always gone with the less crimp the better. However now that I do the ‘plunk’ test I find that more is better. It doesn’t break the surface of the moly or plating. tomorrow is my next test; I shortened all remaining 200 rounds to 1.275” also.
  3. lo and behold: after reading i find my cartridges dont all pass the plunk test. re crimped and re-seated, (not in that order) next trip Wednesday
  4. ok, so i re-crimped 200 rounds or so. Once i determined that more crimp did not break the plating/ or moly coating. And now i have only one failure to go into battery out of 50 rounds I fired. Better but no cigar. I am going to look at the link from 'Dude' now.
  5. For right now I re-crimped 30’rounds of my homemade; both the plated and the moly’s. They seem to fit chamber checker better. However with comments from OP: dude I’m going to try with the barrels again only loose.
  6. i will clean the chamber and throat now; since you mention it. but I used two different barrels and that alerted me to the problem. No I should put some thru the checker now, these I have left.
  7. hi Pert, OAL is stated above. I thought that if they were long my chamber checker would have shown that. And I tried them with two barrels; my Lone Wolf and the factory Glock, same story. Besides its only a few of every batch of 100. and Yes i have loaded around 6,000 for this Glock over the years. Now i am addressing this mostly because I had all three types and both barrels and lots of time at the outdoor range with a simulated Glock match set up with my friends. Any ideas?
  8. So tomorrow is Glock match. I do have enough factory bullets but ? yesterday we short practice. Neither my store bought plated Berry’s nor my Bear Creek Moly 200 gn would go into battery 100%. oal is 1.244” and 1.256” ; diameter is same throughout .470" p.s. don’t ask me for pics my Photobucket is full. much obliged
  9. Won’t reset. I can’t upload despite having eliminated photos down to 165 of 250 allowed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. my county CCW permit restricts carry to 10 rounds. That in addition to the ban statewide. I hear that if caught they will be considered a nuisance and confiscated; big deal
  11. Hi Ya, deal on gun fell thru. But you are right. Much obliged, Max.
  12. Pacific Durachrome is now part of Hornady. the dies are: 1A- sizing (for .38spl) A-decap and expander 3A Seater But I am not sure i can adjust these to both work in my Dillon 550 and to fit the .38auto cases??
  13. yup, what i have as 'extras' are Pacific Durachrome .38 spl steel dies (probably belong in a museum . expander/decap other two are no. 1 A and no. 3 A?? probably not a good set for my Dillon RL550. Much obliged,
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