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  1. If anyone is interested, I posted my new Evo Pro for sale in the Classifieds section.
  2. Thanks for the info. Just ordered the parts.
  3. I currently have a foldable 1-piece stock on my SBRd MPX. I want to get a Thordsen picatinny buffer tube adapter to install a standard stock (Mission first tactical min or Magpul CTR). This being said, do I need a recoil system? (JP 9mm Silent captured spring, buffer spring)
  4. I sent Brian an email Yesyerday. Awaiting his response. He’s local to Texas. I also posted my new Dillon feeder with Immortobit upgrade for sale at $100 discount from what I paid for it less than a month ago.
  5. Kevin: Even with Mark's upgrade for the Dillon case it still needs modification? Well, regardless. I think I will put mine for sale and get a feedinator (I just found out HasGrok is local to Texas!)
  6. @Smithcity: Any updates? I have been remodeling my "man cave" and have not used either the M7 Evo Pro nor the roll-sizer. Would like to hear more feedback about the feedinator to see if I can list my new/upgraded Dillon one and order this one.
  7. Good to hear. I haven't had any hobby time in a while, but I will wait to hear some more of your feedback. I think I will post my new Dillon case with ImmortoBot upgraded motor for sale and try this one.
  8. Well.. seems you guys have been having fun with your EVOs. Unfortunately, I have been extremely busy at work and have not even finished setting up mine yet. Mostly the bullet sensor and now that I have the harness for the swage sense and primer sensor I can enable those. I also need to setup the powder check sensor and pour some powder into the hopper and set my charge. (Looks I need to do a lot more than I thought LOL) I hope I can take care of this tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'll give my 10.5" a try. I really like my Trijicon AccuPower 1-8 (Actually better than my NX8) and Geissele SAA-E trigger. I'll try it with and without suppressor to see how it does. In all honesty, I am not in a rush to buy something. In fact, I thought that replacing the BCG for a lighter one and replacing the A2 buffer/spring for a Silent Capture would be a better/cheaper option. Thanks everyone for your input
  10. Don't get me wrong I have built ARs and have purchase fully built ones as well for other purposes (defense, hunting, etc). I am looking for something I can use for the "game" and be soft and flat shooting. This is a different animal from those I have built and purchased before, hence why I thought about purchasing something built. Besides being "overpriced", is there any reason you guys do not recommend a JP, Lantac, Armalite or any other high-end rifles?
  11. My Noveske has the switch block (Off, Suppressed, On), so a lighter bolt carrier with stock buffer/spring will help? Apologies for the newbie questions. Can you provide a quick rough list of brands I should look for? I would certainly not mind building it. Lower: Upper: Barrel: Adj gas Block: Bolt Carrier Group: Sprig/Buffer: Stock: Trigger: Handguard:
  12. Meh. I don't oppose it if it ultimately yields a better outcome than buying a complete build. I just thought that many would actually recommend getting one from those reputable builders. But a nice lower with a proof research barrel, a nice thin and light handguard, etc sounds like a good idea. Perhaps I should try JP Silent Captured Spring and lightweight bolt carrier in my 10.5" and see how it goes before a build? Will it improve at all or should I go straight to a new build/purchase? @hlpressley - No pricing yet
  13. I checked the Armalite. Looks like a good option. I wonder how it compares to the JP and Lantac as it is half their price.
  14. Getting into some local AR matches (Mostly steel and other targets) from 50 - 300 yards. I currently own a suppressed Noveske 10.5" CQB that I don't believe is up for the task (Unless you convince me otherwise). I thought about adding a JP Silent Captured Spring to it and probably help with recoil and flatten the front. I was thinking about a 14.5" JP PSC-11 with CTR-02 lower (I like the option of both charging handles) or a LANTAC Raven (Yes, I know they are two completely different guns for different scenarios). I would like soft and flat shooting that is easy to maneuver (as I will be moving a lot), but that can also have a decent group to hit 300 yards with the proper bullet. I don't want to experiment with a bunch of parts and a custom build unless absolutely required. I thought 55gr would do for blasting through, but maybe I should look for a 62gr or even a 69gr bullet? I don't plan to reload for 5.56, so I need to test and select what bullet I will set on. I will be using my Trijicon 1-8 scope. Thoughts / Suggestions?
  15. Correct, I had no problem with those when I processed my 9mm brass. I played a bit with the tube height until I got it right. I'll try and post photo for you.
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