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  1. 4 rounds. If the lowest exceeds minimum power factor I am good.
  2. Have a lot of fun with good friends. Do more than my share of the work setting up & tearing down & pasting & running the timer/scorepad.
  3. Am waiting to see how the trap and skeet crowd reacts when the pcc vendors wriggle into those sports also.
  4. In USPSA or IDPA I don't understand a 181 debate. We seem to agree here that if the r.o./s.o. is not 100% sure then there should be no dq. Calls are made in real time typically with both the shooter and in r.o. in motion. In real time I don't know anyone who is capable of judging the relationship between the gun angle and the 180 line (often at an angle to the way the stage is constructed) within 5 degrees (or maybe 10 is a better number) and being 100% sure of the call. In a higher level match where you can position a static set of eyes at a dicey position a tighter call could
  5. "I toured the Federal factory a few years ago, and part of the time was spent looking at their primer-making facility, with a lengthy explanation of how their primers are made. The Federal Match primers are made by employees who've shown a greater ability consistently apply the priming compound, so each primer is as close as possible to the others. Otherwise the Match primers are identical to the standard primers." That is the way I have heard the story told. I think it is sort of like Smith and Wesson "Performance center" although they probably do have a different sig
  6. While we are on the subject : https://uniquetek.com/product/T1736 Edit: Anyone know of a gadget that makes powder die height adjustment not a pain in the ass on a 1050? Want to be able to switch back and forth between loading 0.356 for my bottom feeders and 0.358 for my "9mm" 929.
  7. Ouch . At an L2 on the final stage I was delighted with the execution of my stage plan on an otherwise not good day, for a moment, I've gotten more rigorous about counting targets before making a plan.
  8. Lots of folks buy a spare spring & adjust tension to work with harder primers when Feds are not available.
  9. Lee undersized die + Lee factory crimp die + Redding micrometer adjustable seating die (with spring removed) + Mr. Bulletfeeder powder funnel - 160 grain 0.358 bayou or sns - Winchester brass I had bullets walk when not using the U-die, and the tall fat 160's do not stay seated between the mbf drop station and the next very well which slows my 1050 speed down. Have 1000 bayou 0.358 135 grain that should arrive today, anxious to see how they do on the 929 and 1050 both. I use the same dies for all 9mm.
  10. ? Either you are sure or you are not. I expect you agree with that sentiment and I just do not understand what you meant.
  11. Toying with the notion of buying my next gun at PD and adding a fitted barrel to the purchase. Anyone know of before and after accuracy test data for the barrel upgrade?
  12. I have seen it two or three times with 180 calls, once was on me (right handed, moving back and to my left while reloading, r.o. behind and to my right, he could not see the gun and it wasn't even close to a 180 or even a 140 but he called what his mind saw through my back). If I am shooting under a new r.o. I will exaggerate holding the gun out where he/she can see it, they see you moving toward the weak side while reloading and they get excited.
  13. Why dq when 100% sure of a safety violation is covered so far I think. Is there any why not besides that the person might decide that the sport is not for them? Is there anyone who thinks they would have quit the sport if they had earned a righteous dq at their first match?
  14. Trigger finger calls are often tough to be 100% certain about, my approach is to bust the shooter when it is obvious and let the shooter know after the course of fire when I am only 90% sure.
  15. This will sound mean spirited , and I do not mean it to, but I hate going to a club match where there are any r.o.'s that think like that. If you see a safety rule violation, and you are certain of the right call I want you to make that call. When enforcing the safety rules is soft or inconsistent I think it makes things less safe for everyone, it creates hard feelings for the folks that do get dq'd, and it makes life hard on the r.o.'s who are trying to follow the rules.
  16. After having spent way too much time and money on production guns, If I was starting over I'd get an SP01 or a Shadow 1 (almost identical) and call that good. It is a personal preference thing though, need to find what fits your hand and what balance point you prefer on weight vs maneuverability.
  17. Hasn't everyone? That does seem to be a thing that practice and technique can pretty much eliminate though. You know how much time you need before the match, and you have learned how to make a plan that sticks and you have learned about the mistakes (thinking too much about one stage feature and not enough about others was a bad one for me) that create the problem. On that topic, there is nothing in the USPSA rulebooks that says that the squad has to be allowed 5 minutes for a walk through, worked a level 2 where the head cheese was nervous about having enough
  18. I seem like a downer but accepting reality has made senior shooting a lot more fun, so sharing that is the goal. Age takes away - short term memory - whatever you want to call mental information gathering and thought processing time - typically vision - visual speed (eye muscles age just like leg muscles) - energy to practice - ability to perform without injury - muscle mass - typically balance - all forms of quickness - attainable speed - probably another half dozen things that I used to remember. All of the drills and technique are great, but if it bugs you that you a
  19. At 60+ I try to visualize exploding out of position without either passing gas or losing bowel control entirely or just getting dizzy like you do when you stand up fast.
  20. Or maybe a copy of his birth certificate?
  21. "And you know, that you're over the hill, when your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill" - Little Feat Seems like it is a process, learn to keep pushing while learning not to get upset that you aren't 30 - 40 - 50 anymore.
  22. You are old for a run and gun shooter. Old is not fast. Embrace it, enjoy shooting anyway. Signed, 60+ slow guy
  23. If you do not mind, what brass-sizing die-bullet are you using? I have something that seems fine for the 929 now (Lee U-die, 160 grain SNS or Bayou 0.358, Winchester brass) but it is interesting to see what others are doing that works.
  24. Nothing beyond polishing and knocking the spur off of the hammer, pretty much what is shown in the Mcarbo u-tube video except the hammer bob. We are in the same boat, I'm seeking knowledge for things to look at. For some reason my 10mm match champion has a smoother/better feel.
  25. If you haven't done it already, using the cell phone to record a practice session is a nice early step. The big kids often look slow because there is no wasted movement, most of us find that we are flapping about initially.
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