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  1. I don't know what you mean by "not really" we seem to be saying the same thing. If you prefer the spring to shorten through normal use rather than attempt to condition it statically that is fine, I just prefer to minimize how much the spring performance changes during use. Can't find it at the moment but one of the spring manufacturers suggests testing their springs against competitors by placing one of each in a vice overnight and measuring shrink the next morning, then repeating the next night & etc, according to their add hype there is significant variation in how long it
  2. If you do not consider taking a set and shortening to be wear. I tend to leave new springs at maximum (loaded mag, retracted slide, hammer back) for a few days in order to minimize how much they change during the shooting season.
  3. Or tomorrow. A good friend's father once told me that we tend to age in spurts, time and observation has supported his comment. But I hope it is 10 years.
  4. You are missing looking inside the brass, with 9mm there is variation in how the case is hollowed out.
  5. Very easy actually, you have seen yourself shoot . I have never needed to look at the results in order to know how I shot. The score is handy in telling me which of the folks at my skill level also had a good or bad day and who earned bragging rights this time. If you are young and ambitious enough that practice is still taking you forward rather than either holding you on a plateau or mitigating the rate of your decline due to aging, great.
  6. We can agree to disagree here. I think the overwhelming majority know they will never be in the top 20, and really do not care, but it is fun to attempt your personal best against people with the same skill level.
  7. Classes - handicaps - divisions for young and old , man or woman- etc, greatly add to the enjoyment of the masses. It is fun to try and win "x" class with a good performance and most of us have enjoyed watching young folks progress and take a lot of pride from winning B class at a match or whatever.
  8. Look at IDPA scores on major matches to get a feel for CO versus iron sights perhaps? No mag capacity difference between CO and ESP and SSP.
  9. I have dq'd two friends for holstering before they remembered to flick the thumb safety on, both took it gratefully as it is a spooky dq. I assume that is what this poor fellow did and then he somehow managed to bump the trigger? It is a good thing to watch out for when you have the timer.
  10. I love gadgets. What does the checker do for you that is better than just using your gun? Other thing, my 929 is a lot more forgiving about loaded moon clips fitting than my Super GP100 is. The tk custom website says their checker is dimensionally the same as a 929, so I assume that I would need to use the Ruger to check loaded clips regardless?
  11. Thanks. I have replaced the oem spring loaded plunger beneath the crane screw on my 929 with a fitted solid plunger. I am wondering if this will make it less likely that screw will want to walk out. Time will tell I suppose.
  12. Deleted (read something bassackwards the first time).
  13. Seemed to me that with over crimped coated the bullets flew well until out past about 15 yards and then opened up. Did not know I had an issue until exploring what happened at a match with some 35 yard targets. FWIW. Any routine preparation tips particular to wheel guns? Check that all loaded moon clips drop free before heading to the match, brush cylinder bores every xxx shots, check screws every xxx shots, that kind of thing? Good thread I think.
  14. Interesting. How are you using the wax? Melting it on top of the screw that you want to remove?
  15. I'd recommend timing yourself, shot on target - reload - shot on target. When the slide goes forward immediately, instead on as you are getting your grip it looks fast, for me it was not any faster.
  16. With one of my guns (929 revolver) the barrel leads up really nasty on .356 and stays pristine with 0.358.
  17. After a career spent working around molten metal and large industrial furnaces, cotton is fine for me. Seen too many pictures of the synthetic materials melted onto/into peoples skin (unlikely accident in our sport, just something drilled into my head) and regardless of undies & etc, if it is hot then it is hot.
  18. I'm finding the 0.40 with Win to be a pain in the butt. Too stiff to use with the BMT mooner and if you are using once fired brass extractor marring around the rim prevents some of the brass from being as pristine as required to allow the bullets to be held straight. Other factors may outweigh these nuisance things, particularly for the shooter who is very competitive and happy to go to a little extra trouble, but I think many might want to play a bit before buying enough clips to feel committed.
  19. Steel challenge with a six shooter is a fun challenge, 7 would be better, 8 takes away too much of the need for consistency. Your mileage may vary.
  20. Somewhere there is a thread where Memphismechanic tweaked a gun for consistent and reliable auto forward. As I recall it was a Tanfo but the principals should be the same. For a right handed shooter (easy to hit slide release) the auto forward makes things look faster but did not aid my shot to shot time. If you have to go through any gyrations, slam mag - hold the gun a certain way, that interfere with a smooth reload it is likely slower.
  21. A couple or three friends attended a higher level IDPA match that was reset by local Boy Scouts. They said it was nice at first but soon became boring waiting for the stage resets and having nothing to do.
  22. Hogue grips are a personal thing. I have some on a 929, I prefer an old fashioned cheap black rubber grip on the Super GP100 and am tempted to sell the BB. Last month I bought a set of stones for my drill - about $11.00 at the local hardware store, took one of the stones out to the grinder in the garage and shaped it to give a shallow angle cut for my 10mm GP100, and chamfered by hand. I was more cautious than a revolver smith would be and may one day have the chamfer made deeper, but it made a very nice improvement. Moon clips and action work beyond spring and polish,
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