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  1. One other tidbit while I am thinking about it. If you install an extended firing pin, and a reduced weight firing pin spring, and load using deep seated soft federal primers, and flub the draw causing your gun to fall on concrete, a non fpb gun may go off. I know this.
  2. Only difference I can remember is a less than 0.5 Lb pull weight penalty (guessing it is closer to 0.25#, there are some numbers posted on the CZ tuning master thread) which I don't think would ever make any difference in a match. Choosing between a Shadow 1 or SP01 I personally would likely go with whichever I ended up paying less for all told, but if the difference was under $100 I would likely spring for the Shadow.
  3. The smarter revolver guys probably already know the answer to this one. Throwing it out because I am curious. My SuperGP100 has a lot tighter chambers than my 929, in the long term that seems like it will be a meaningful disadvantage for fast and consistent reloads unless competitors pay to have the cylinders bored.
  4. Anyone know a link to that video? Not able to view it on the previous post for some reason.
  5. My favorite so far is "heat it up Bubba" at a level 2 USPSA. Curious, has anyone ever seen any sort of a problem created by an incorrect range command?
  6. This is another fight I don't have a dog in, but if the person with the timer (who is often working for free) thinks he/she can do a better job if I tell him my stage plan then I am fine with it. Personally I do not ask, for reasons already noted.
  7. I was not intending to comment on how things are done wherever it is that you shoot, and if you do not believe I am capable of simple observation, ok.
  8. The local IDPA DM I shoot with (won his division at the IDPA nationals - year before last I think, had to beat Rob Leatham to do it) does not shoot USPSA and the CO guy I shoot with that is winning overalls at IDPA level 2's and 3's has maybe shot 3 - 6 USPSA matches for practice. I think there are likely other folks out there that focus on just the one sport, makes a lot of sense if you want to win and have the talent but only want to devote a limited amount of time and money.
  9. The local IDPA club is very strong. One of the guys shoots carry optics and has won the overall at state championships a couple times this year, he has yet to come in at the top in CO of a local USPSA match to my knowledge. The other is a DM with a room full of IDPA upper level match trophies including winning his division at the nationals, he stays away from USPSA because he does not want to work hard enough to win and make the additional time/money commitments. For what it is worth. I don't have a dog to fight here, I shoot both sports for fun.
  10. Brass? I am another one of those 'used 9mm comp die forever & no issues' people. On the spring, Redding will tell you that there is no problem pulling it if you have any concern, they suggested it to me as something to play with when I called them and talked about use with bare lead or coated bullets.
  11. If you are looking for protection for indoor shooting or r.o.ing open guns, the Sordins really suck if you do not double plug. I like them for shooting outdoors and they are comfortable. For what it is worth.
  12. Thanks. For moon clip use, or maybe even just ultimate reliability of extraction with a bottom feeder, it seems like the other brand which cleans up the rim (I forgot name) might be better, but I have never owned one so maybe not.
  13. It appears that the CED Rollsizer for 9mm does not clean up the rim. Correct?
  14. It is worth noting, in my opinion, that the game was built for paper scoring and now the game is played with computer scoring for the most part. If folks wanted to they could make major/minor a personal preference in all divisions that have major/minor, rather than a choice that needs to be made based on which option is competitive.
  15. The way my revolver smith showed me was. 1. Trace the outline of the spring so you know how much you bend it. 2. Use whatever is handy to stick the spring in (he used an old metal filing cabinet drawer if memory serves) and bend it. This is not brain surgery.
  16. The precision distance shooting guys that carefully weigh each charge and insure each piece of brass is as near identical as possible and make match day load adjustments based on the weather, I could see those folks wanting match primers, just in case it might matter on a shot or two.


    You read that here (not just by Brooke) but the intro vid for the S2 from CZ talked a bit about designing that gun for a wider range of hand sizes and with input from the lady factory shooter, in any case 6'1 guy hands here and the SP01 variants fit me best. I've owned 2 75's an 85 a compact an SP01 an S2 and a TSO. TSO is not an apples to apples comparison so I will leave that out. For my nickel they are all accurate and reliable and extremely similar under the hood, buy the one that fits best, for me that is S1/SP01 .
  18. On the subject, tracing an outline of the spring before you bend it is handy.
  19. And then use Loctite on the new screw I suppose. Don't most folks just bend the spring?
  20. Good list, XDM's also rock in my opinion. Just bought a Tanfo Stock 1 for my other game gun. Should work nice as a backup for my USPSA rig (Tanfo Stock 3), would have gone with a Limited Pro but didn't want to mess with needing different holsters.
  21. I do not know of any reason to be scared of Loctite. Maybe you folks can educate me though. Haven't done it on the 929 yet but on another gun I've used the technique shown except held a screwdriver tip to what I wanted to heat with some needle nose pliers and put the torch on the screwdriver tip. Have also been told that melting beeswax on the screw in question can work but do not have any experience with this. I've owned 2 older Harleys and an air cooled BMW twin, the first time something comes loose it gets the juice. https://www.henkel-adhesives.com/us/
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