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  1. Can anyone confirm if its temp sensitive? I ran 150 rounds of it last night and it was pretty good. I concur that it shoots a little bit dirtier then N320 but for practice and local matches its no biggie.
  2. Yes it was 10 powder drops combined and averaged
  3. @PatriotDefense any pans to have some sort of sight tracker option in .40sw?
  4. Sight tracker in .40? Pleeeeeeease
  5. Welcome from Vernon Hills! P.S. hey Maxie
  6. Shot few loads of SP through my Tanfo Limited 4.66gn, 180gn coated bullet, OAL 1.139 AV 955 SD 4 PF 171.9 4.62gn, 180gn coated bullet, OAL 1.139 AV 944 SD 6 PF 169.9 All mixed brass, Winchester SPPs Shot pretty well, I'll load some more for practice. I use N320 currently
  7. Welcome from Chicago area. Where in Finland are you from? I have a buddy in Helsinki area that shoots IPSC
  8. Welcome. Where in IL are you?
  9. Im getting a pound of it from my local shooting buddy to try
  10. all out. really wanna try it.
  11. Is it available anywhere? PV and Grafs are out
  12. so, is this importer not affiliated with EAA?
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