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  1. Yes I meant EGW prepped from Henning. Thanks
  2. I have some 5-6 year old jugs of Vihta Vouri N320, any idea how long its good for?
  3. To resurrect it a bit. Guys who have this model (teal color limited custom in 40) 600332, how is the trigger? And how is it compared to standard Limited ( stainless w wood grips)? Thanks
  4. Any good tutorials on how to fit EGW prepped sear and hammer on to Tanfo Limited? TIA
  5. I use K40s with 180gn flat nose bullets, no issues. OAL is approx 1.140"
  6. Yeah, no good solutions yet. I did buy czcustom fixed rear for tactical sport and fitted it to my Tanfo Limited. Its good but bulky.
  7. Check with Mark Sorenson from Carne Custom is in Chicago area
  8. Anyone has SP 8lb jugs in stock?
  9. Can anyone confirm if its temp sensitive? I ran 150 rounds of it last night and it was pretty good. I concur that it shoots a little bit dirtier then N320 but for practice and local matches its no biggie.
  10. Yes it was 10 powder drops combined and averaged
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