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  1. If I have implied that there is something bad about enjoying the things not related to shooting performance (bling, neat sound when you rack the slide, etc) that is my mistake. Otherwise, yea, based upon my priorities (getting alphas) at $5500 it is all about the cool factor. A friend of mine studied marketing in college, one of her "lab" exercises was to play with product pricing at a local business, I always thought it was interesting that some items sell more rapidly if you crack up the cost as it drives the concept of quality, it is not just a gun thing. There was a related well known study in the wine business, when blind tested some of the less expensive wines were highly rated, when folks could see what they were drinking their evaluations changed. That is not to say that the bling guns are priced up to make folks want them more, I do not know internal costs, I just find it interesting as a general consumer psychology thing.
  2. No desire to argue about which parts you prefer, I agree that a lot of folks like the exotic materials and that is fine if that is what you like and are happy to pay for. Actual performance data is always interesting though.
  3. http://triangleshootingsports.com/products/pistol-3/ I went with the 2011 5" in black when I was shooting limited, since I am one of the 'guns are tools & bling doesn't matter' folks I think the gun and 2 tuned mags came in at 3200. I would agree that either it is better or it is worse, would need to see data that demonstrates an advantage one way or another.
  4. Much as we argue about this and that, if the poop ever hit the fan and lives were at stake, most of us would grab the Glock.
  5. Or maybe this stuff?
  6. How is the SVI better built or made from better material than a Les Bauer or Bennie Hill (Triangle) or etc.? No argument that they have more bling and no reason that a person can't take satisfaction from having what they want, just have not seen anything that differentiates the $3000+ guns from the $5500 + guns in terms of function or reliability.
  7. A common thing is to press the release too far. I think CZ custom sells a pre bent spring that solves the problem. Edit: they do sku 10206, or you can bend per the picture on their website.
  8. Is there a best angle for the crown for accuracy? Really like the looks above.
  9. Isn't that exactly what everyone is supposed to do?
  10. I paid the high price for a 1.5" 50 yard guarantee Les Baer. Never liked bling so an SVI was out of the question at double the cost. As a Uspa/idpa shooter I could never do even a smidgen better with hoity toity than I could with a working man's gun so I sold it. The book "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" comes to mind when Svi is mentioned. A good explanation of how people have different value systems, not right and wrong, just different.
  11. I gave up trying to communicate with Troy when reaching underneath a virtual wall to grab a dropped mag came up. He said you can because it is a virtual wall from ground up, as I read the words it is a virtual wall all of the time for all circumstances rather than something that blocks bullets but allows hands to pass through. Could be entirely my fault, regardless, we are not on the same wavelength.
  12. I have toyed with the idea of a club purchase and user rental arrangement. I think many of us would like to play with one if it wasn't for the price of admission.
  13. Time, and communication. My 929 took about 3 months (from memory) and I could not find out diddly until I got a return shipping notice. Ruger, on the other hand, communicated every step of the way.
  14. Nov 14 bayou bullets order, received shipping notice today.
  15. Was at a match 2 years back where the r.o. thought he would be a nice guy and demonstrate dealing with the door. So he told everyone to watch, drew his gun, got this funny look on his face, and dq'd himself.
  16. Ben Stoeger, and likely many others, sometimes makes the point that live fire practice is about confirming that dry fire practice is working. With either my revolver or my production gun it is easy to practice looking at the sight when it does not matter (before the sight would lift in live fire) and pulling the gun away prematurely. I don't see a difference in dry fire benefit between the two, modern production guns tend to be heavy enough that I also don't see much difference in recoil control . For what it is worth.
  17. DQ's are the only thing I have seen to get persnickety about, it took a while for folks at the two local idpa clubs to get consistent and get a bit hard nosed about calling them and one local uspsa club is less strict about calling them than I would wish. I dq'd an 80 year old friend for muzzling himself bagging his unloaded and flagged gun at a steel challenge match a couple weeks back. No fun for anyone.
  18. When I stopped dry fire practice I lost the match expectations that can be frustrating and got back to the 'fun day with the folks at the range' mindset that taught me to enjoy the shooting sports in the first place. Whatever makes you happy.
  19. I need to exceed 155 power factor, so with 180's 900fps would be about ideal (35fps safety margin).
  20. My last Bayou order was 11/14, they said on the phone last week that they are processing the orders from this time frame right now. On the bright side. 147 grain (0.356) 9mm truncated cone and 160 grain round nose 357's (0.358) were both in stock from SNS last week with no limits on quantity (10K = 10% discount).
  21. Put your deposit down well ahead of time, pcc has pretty much cornered the short bus market.
  22. My loads (Winchester brass, 160 grain 0.358 sns coated) had bullet creep. Going from the Dillon sizing die to a Lee U die seems to have fixed it in my case.
  23. That works. What works better for me, and I think would help the original poster, is to teach yourself to see the sight lift during recoil. Once you do, you always see it when you disturb the sight prior to recoil and you can call your shots.
  24. All feedback appreciated. Pulling the trigger while aiming I will work on, seems like a bit of steel challenge or the plate rack at the club should be a decent way to practice that live. Otherwise, is 0.25s a reasonable goal for splits on easy close targets for a 'want to make A class' level shooter? Part of my opportunity I think is just the pure mechanics of swinging the trigger hard without throwing the sights way off
  25. Probably should have asked the question differently, I meant methods specific to getting that long throw d.a. revolver trigger pulled at speeds similar to what you can do with single action.
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