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  1. "In God we trust, everything else needs data"
  2. I would be 100% USPSA, but IDPA is what the two closest clubs shoot so I do both also. I wish IDPA would do something about reloading rules, wasting perfectly good bullets into a berm so you can reload the fast way makes me crazy.
  3. I think it is a good idea. You can convince yourself that a wad cutter or truncated cone might "stick" to steel a little better and you can convince yourself that a round bullet would deform to the same shape all lead bullets take against the steel so it would not make any measurable difference.
  4. Good stuff. One day I would like to: 1. Gather some representative ammo. 2. Borrow a well built (consistent) popper from the local club. 3. Prepare a surface the popper sits on to prevent the popper shifting calibration during testing, maybe the popper sits on a 4x8 plywood sheet and spikes are driven through popper and holes drilled in plywood. 4. Buy some 1" diameter stick on target circles. 5. Set popper at minimum safe distance from the bench where you will be shooting, say 8 yards. 6. Determine the minimum elevation of the target circles for the popper
  5. Based on theory or based on testing and data?
  6. Any test data would be interesting.
  7. Shadow 2 is different than a well tuned SP-01 but not everyone agrees which of the two they prefer. I do not know of any criteria beyond personal preference that would suggest one is better than the other.
  8. One thing I forgot. My 929 needed a new crane - 4 month repair time from S&W, impossible to find out what was going on, one day it just showed up. My SGP100 needed a new pawl - 8 days and done, email notifications "received" - "in process" - "ship notification". No matter what you buy be prepared to send it back before you can rely on it, if you have modified it in the meantime be prepared to make it like oem or there may be issues. I pray that I never need to deal with S&W again.
  9. Might be better off looking at 38/357. If I were you I would start a plug and play thread. The 929's seem to be very hit and miss, the SGP100 in 9mm is brand new for practical purposes, finding 9mm ammo that is hot enough to make above 125 pf in a wheel gun may put you into self defense loads. When you add all costs (moon clips + belt/holster/clip holders/clip tools/tuning) and consider the limited market for resale, losing a "couple undo" might be very optimistic.
  10. Still trying to find something my SGP 100 likes, tough to do when you can not buy bullets, preliminary indication is that it wants something lighter than what I have (SNS coated, 160's .358 and 147's .356). My 929 leaded terribly with 0.356 coated. Threw them nicely for 50-100 rounds and then they started going awry. I do not think you will have a safe bet with either choice, maybe, maybe not. Anxious to see what other folks tell you regarding what the SGP likes.
  11. I wonder how long open will continue to exist now that we have welfare open for the special needs but frugal and rifle for the no self respect at all crowd?
  12. Many like the looks and feel of the S2, and the oem trigger will be good enough for many, beyond that I can not see any advantage to one over the other. The SP01 firing pin block is noticeable but if you make it right (polish and lighter spring) it still allows for an excellent trigger. On both guns the triggers and accuracy can be excellent, I ended up doing the same trigger work to the S2 that I did to my other CZ's but I am overly fussy. Disadvantage to no firing pin block is that if you make the normal mods (extended firing pin, reduced weight firing pin spring) and reload wit
  13. If iron sights are too much work, and recoil is too much work, and changing mags twice a stage is too exhausting to even think about, then it makes sense that the orthopedic gun crowd would not be big on pasting.
  14. Old thread, but I have a similar question. Thinking about either a LP or Stock 1 for IDPA SSP. Anyone know of any rules issues? In particular, am wondering about hammers, have always used the extreme hammer in my USPSA Tanfo's, am told that would be a no no for SSP as it is an externally visible mod. Anyone have any insights? If the extreme hammer is a no no has anyone had good luck getting the trigger right with the oem hammer? Last thing, installing a PD disco would make the gun visibly different due to the trigger being further back when the
  15. I have installed them in 4 guns and liked the result each time. I bought them 10 at a time, I hate worrying about itty bitty springs under pressure getting lost.
  16. I think you mean the barrel rather than the cylinder. I shoot .358's in my 929 also & a friend sent me the paragraphs below, excess wear due to oversized bullets is claimed in the last paragraph. I do not know if we are screwing up the 929's by running 0.358's. Others comments would be very welcome. I just finished some very unscientific testing with my 929 & SGP100, with 0.356's on both guns it is easy to push the bullet through the throats of the cylinders with a little finger pressure (possibly if both guns were not dirty from a range trip the 0.356's might have dropped
  17. I think it is overkill, but it still might be worth it to you. If the gun brings more pride of ownership, and/or if you get a kick out of shooting the best groups you are capable of and/or if you like to have one gun where you feel like group size is all about how you are shooting, the extra $300 might make sense.
  18. http://dsperman.com/products/CZSpring/CZSpring.html
  19. I'm 6'1 and I think my hands are about average for a person of that height. Shadow 2 did not fit me and it felt like it wanted to duck hunt. SPO1 and 75's feel good to me, Tanfo's a little better. I think it is just a personal thing.
  20. I'd like to read the article and know whether the author is a real guru or somebody who needed to fill a couple pages with something before the cut off date for the next issue. In general it seems unreliable to extrapolate results too far (this happened with this particular gun/loads so it must be universal?). The pressure thing is interesting to think about, does using a copper bullet loaded to target load velocities for clean out create as much or more pressure than firing a +P self defense load with a clean barrel?
  21. And copper jacketed bullets are usually sold at 0.355 rather than 0.356 (9mm coated) and offer the least friction between bullet and case? Just asking, not making a statement. Other thing, it seems like my kinetic bullet puller tells me a lot about how much the bullets resist moving.
  22. For what it is worth, I'm wondering if the majority will move toward having their 9mm SuperGP100 cylinders honed out to match the larger 929 dimensions? Seems like having a tighter than needed cylinder bore will not be a great thing for reloading consistency during a match (when cylinders are not clean and pristine).
  23. That is interesting. For the gun/load combinations that seems to run forever without needing lead removal I assume there is initial leading and then the build up remains about constant?
  24. Understood (I tried the same 115 grain federal and had the same results). I do not have bullet creep issues (Winchester Brass, U-Die, 0.356 - 0.358 coated) so I was curious if there was an additional reason.
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