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  1. At the time, it seemed like a yes or no question was safe enough. Silly me.
  2. And also, if you jump up and down naked during a course of fire while screaming "Krishna Krishna Hari Krishna" and flapping your arms like chicken wings, that is a dq under 10.6.1 .
  3. Is there The question that inspired this thread (confirming definition for the start of the course of fire) was answered in the first response and apparently there is nothing in the rules mentioning whether or not a dropped gun is loaded. I got it, not sure why there are multiple posts explaining the immediately obvious.
  4. After there is a correct understanding of how the start of a COF is defined, sure. Else, if any rules related to a dropped gun mention whether or not the gun is loaded I have not found them or seen them referenced here.
  5. Confirming how the rules describe the start of a COF is sort of the whole gist of this thread.
  6. Where is that in the rules?
  7. Actually I think it was trying to remember back to the conclusion of one of the loooonnnggg and painful rule discussions that motivated me to screw it up in the first place. That is not an excuse though, I screwed up.
  8. I think I screwed up, but verification is a good thing. USPSA match, after telling a shooter to "make ready" he loaded and holstered and the gun dropped out of his holster (open type) when he removed his hand. My thinking was that he had not started the course of fire yet and he allowed me to pick up his gun so I should handle this just like you would a dropped gun during a stage walk through (for example) and no dq. Looking at the rules it appears that the course of fire started when I said "make ready" so I should have called a dq. Right??
  9. Nothings impossible, but every competition shooters revolver that I know about although perhaps some people keep their guns stock.
  10. I'm burning up my old .40 ammo I had loaded for shooting USPSA limited in a bottom feeder, range brass of mixed headstand, Winchester primers I think, primer seating depth at whatever I got with my Dillon 550. With that much not in my favor and a lighter hammer spring I typically have 1 failure to fire or 2 per 120 round local IDPA match. This is with TK custom 0.050 clips. I will be very surprised if there are any failure to fire issues when I start loading for this gun like I do for my other revolvers (Federals deep seated in a 1050 & brass sorted by head stamp), but I have been wrong before.
  11. Anybody have a good IDPA load (155 pf) worked up? Any info on the groups you have been able to get would be very interesting. I could have put this with the reloading stuff but I think the first question is what the gun itself can be expected to do. Darn neat gun, I just haven't found something that flies straight like I did in my 625.
  12. If you mean bullet splatters falling to the ground from folks shooting steels, that is just part of the game. If you mean you were standing where you were not protected from actual ricochets (bullet retaining mass and in the next range and some idiots shooting steel targets that are not flat and rated for their guns) then I understand.
  13. Sport pistol and both SNS & Bayou have worked well in my 929. Have shot 0.358" 160's more than anything but have seen good results with 125's. A thing about my 929, change bullet and you need to adjust sights, fussiest gun about point of aim versus bullet that I have ever had.
  14. Found some insulin at a good price and bought it all before the low income diabetics learned about it. Will trade for primers.
  15. On further thought, twice a week would change my thinking, once a year for cleaning is more what I was thinking of.
  16. CZ with the CGW pin. https://cajungunworks.com/product/floating-trigger-pin/
  17. Maybe it is just me. I had the solid trigger pin for a while and went back to original because I disliked the wobble more than the trouble of changing the trs.
  18. Never heard of anyone having issues like that with roll pins in CZ's or Tanfo's, personally I have never dropped one that I can remember I always have my hand right there for the last couple taps and often don't tap them fully out (agree that starting one can be a little bit fiddly). I've also never damaged one to the point where it could not be re-used (do keep spares around anyway, I like not needing to worry about the small and cheap stuff). Not being a turd here but if the pins cause fear and loathing and take a notable amount of time then you are doing something wrong (might help to buy roll pin starter punches/punchs if you do not have any). Measurements from a CGW tuned SP01 not too shabby . https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=61974.msg409657 I assume everyone who tinkers has read this thread, just in case.
  19. One other tidbit while I am thinking about it. If you install an extended firing pin, and a reduced weight firing pin spring, and load using deep seated soft federal primers, and flub the draw causing your gun to fall on concrete, a non fpb gun may go off. I know this.
  20. Only difference I can remember is a less than 0.5 Lb pull weight penalty (guessing it is closer to 0.25#, there are some numbers posted on the CZ tuning master thread) which I don't think would ever make any difference in a match. Choosing between a Shadow 1 or SP01 I personally would likely go with whichever I ended up paying less for all told, but if the difference was under $100 I would likely spring for the Shadow.
  21. The smarter revolver guys probably already know the answer to this one. Throwing it out because I am curious. My SuperGP100 has a lot tighter chambers than my 929, in the long term that seems like it will be a meaningful disadvantage for fast and consistent reloads unless competitors pay to have the cylinders bored.
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