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  1. My current project is to build a Mech tech PCC based on a Para hi cap 9mm lower. The major hold up is finding a mag that will hold 35/36 rounds (or more than 32). Can anyone suggest an extension that will fit on a 170 MBX or Para mag? I currently use a Glock based Mech tech, good accuracy and reliability, but the trigger leaves something to be desired. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Call them, great folks there will help you out.
  3. Before email, there was the mail. Sometimes weeks before you got the results. By then, I had forgotten the match, let alone each stage. For scoring, the good times are now.
  4. John, glad to hear that you are still above ground.  Miss seeing you at the Oak Hill matches.


    All the best,  Mike Breseman  Herky

    1. johnhurd


      feet and knees are gone didn't want to hurt myself or anybody else..... old sux

    2. herky


      You are preaching to the choir.


      Stay safe

  5. 25 year old Ernie Hill. Double layer leather with metal strip at right hand holster position. Very good every day wear and a great thru the loop competition belt. Don't know if it is still available. Maybe my best prize table pick.
  6. Does anyone else find it disconcerting that the RO, in a legal position, is in full view from the shooter's standpoint. In 25+ years of shooting USPSA, I cannot remember viewing a person in this position while shooting the COF. Could definitely mess with the shooter's mind. IMHO
  7. Matt


    I have no idea if the mags I have will work for you.  I have three mags marked "MG P18 38 super".  They hold 16 rounds of 9mm and are way to short to fit in my full size 9mm Limited Custom



  8. Used red for years, but have changed to green on my pistols. Seem to be able to pick up the sight better. Try it and see which works best.
  9. I only reload and shoot 9mm, same load for Lim, Prod, PCC, and SS. Can't say that my placement within each is any different than when I shot major and at my age (74) I'm not in it to win it.
  10. Heard tell of a fellow that traveled to South Africa for a World Shoot and was DQed gearing up at what he thought was a safety table.
  11. Thanks guys, found one.
  12. herky

    Sights for old eyes

    When I reached 70, I found that a green fiber optic front sight was much easier to find.
  13. The few items I have gotten from them, mostly on sale, have been OK. The worst thing about them is the constant stream of emails. Guess I will have to close my account.
  14. Thanks for the source, ordered. Still looking for a mag release. Guncraft used to make one but they are out of production.
  15. Need info on source for Para parts, especially grip panels and mag release for full size double stack. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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