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  1. Agree that either should be no problem. Some primer compounds are a different color depending on SSP or SSR, Winchester for example.
  2. Ran a Lone Wolf conversion in my G35, no problems with the 40 ejector. Very accurate.
  3. My Les Baer and Dan Wesson both like Dawson, neither cares for Wilson. It's up to the gun, may need to experiment.
  4. Lots of good matches and people on your side of the state. Brighton, Romulus, and Shelby Township. Also try uspsa.org and the club finder for other USPSA matches. Most of these clubs also have IDPA matches.
  5. Used 4.6gr at 1.145 OAL with 124 fmj in Production, SS minor, and PCC. 134-136 pf out of the pistols, around 145 pf out of the carbine. Clean and accurate, wish they still produced it.
  6. Where are you located?
  7. Think so. I do remember getting several issues. No idea where they are now after several moves.
  8. Some of the older shooters will remember (my 72 year old mind doesn't remember the name) a competition geared magazine years ago. Didn't last long tho, as the market place evidently was not ready.
  9. You and Charlie have it right. I have been involved with this sport in excess of 25 years, from locals to Nationals. I wish your dedication was the norm, especially at the local level concerning design and execution. I am not slamming the effort that goes into setting up and running matches as I know what it takes. Thank you both for your efforts.
  10. I know about removal and the improved trigger pull. There are certain games that require all safety features to be intact. At one time I had a very nice HP, with a great trigger and the mag safety removed, sold it on (nice profit) because the games I played had no practical place for it. Not into Limited 10 minor. HPs fit my hand better than most handguns and I shoot them well. Just interested to see that there is a new product on the market.
  11. Go with the PM9, my other 1911s are Les Baer's and the DW is very close right out of the box.
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