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  1. herky

    Fourtrax's Range Report

    Concur with Chris, this is a great match. Ryan and his crew deserve a better turn out to appreciate the level of local match they provide. We always have a great time at Ft. Wayne. Thanks to all involved.
  2. herky

    Ruger PC Carbine

    Handled one for the first time today, was surprised how heavy it was. Guess I was expecting more of a 10/22 weight. Looks like a good thing if you don't like/want an AR base PCC.
  3. Ryan and group, great match to kick off 2018, beautiful weather. Great fun and well worth the trip. Thanks.
  4. herky

    Carry Ops>Limited?

    Aging shooters, bad eyes, etc. Started this sport before there were divisions and love Limited, but can see the writing on the wall, even if it is blurry. Glad there is a division where my eyes are not a hinerance. CO and PCC will continue to grow.
  5. herky

    Any opinions on mech tech systems

    If you already have the lower, it is the cheapest way to find out if you like PCC. I have one of the very early models and it has been very reliable on one of my G17 lowers.
  6. herky

    Best plated bullet

    I have had good performance with the Rocky Mountain Reloading plated 9mm and 45 acp plated bullets in both handguns and PCC.
  7. herky

    9mm Autocomp loads

    I am using 5.3 grs of WAC with 124 grain plated or FMJ in a Glock 17 production, Les Baer SS, and PCC. Production/SS load is about 134pf, with the PCC higher around 145-150pf. Performs very well and accurate in all guns and, from what I see, clean.
  8. herky


    Ryan, great match today. You guys do a great job and it is well worth the trip. As to PCC, you handle it well. Your grin at the end of each run says it all. Hope to be back next month. Thanks for all the hard work.
  9. herky

    Down side to plated bullets?

    I've had very good luck with RMR plated, both 9mm and 45. Price is reasonable with shipping included.
  10. herky

    Down side to plated bullets?

    Don't over crimp plated bullets, can have an effect on accuracy, especially if the plating is cut.
  11. Greetings Rod, hope you and the family are in good health and enjoying the holidays.

    Things are good here.  Right now watching WMU beat up on Toledo.

    Did you receive the Glock barrel I sent to you?  No hurry on the work, just curious.

    All the best, Mike

  12. herky

    .45 in limited

    I remember when a 1911 45acp with 10 round mags was Limited. At the 1995 Nationals a guy with a new Para framed gun seemed to have his gun checked by the RO at every stage, passed inspection every time.
  13. herky

    How did this happen?

    When you get to 70 years old, I find I don't care what others say about they way I shoot. I'm there enjoying the fun, social interaction, and lunch after the match. Now and then even show the "kids" how it is done.