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  1. Scott is a great person and his company isa top notch gun maker. Glad they took such good care of you gotta love the mamba!!!
  2. 1/4" e -clips for deprimer die extra prime rpick up tips extra primer magazine feeder tips
  3. it is very rare that surgery is needed. icing ,stretching of the calf muscles.cold laser therapy or maybe a cortisone shot and hard shell orthotics are usually all that is needed for > 97% of all people
  4. see a podiatrist for an exam and info on how to handle this. you need to be sure there is no fracture of the heel or any torn tissue that may require special treatment
  5. I had some issues with my large primers feeding too. I took out the primer magazine and replaced the plastic tip as it was trashed ........because the primer press was not at the right length. simple fix. take the primer slide off. get a used primer and turn it in the cup used side up turn it upside down and press it into the table top. open the allen screw on the side of the primer press and you will feel the spring open a bit. now -tighten the screw-- you should be good. also watch as you move the press handle-- check the primer tower the rear area with the shee
  6. although they are a bit pricey compared to "normal". I paid about 11-12 cents per primer for these( cas e of 12,000) https://www.gunbroker.com/item/885890872 compared to the gougers 20-40 cents pe r primer it is a deal. nice guy too
  7. great tip, also be sure your primer feed tube(you called it magazine I think) is not being driven down too deep into the holder. also be sure your prime rpick up set up is a bit loose ( thos es et screws require hand tightening with small primers it seems) not to tight ot too loose. if too loose, the primer pick up does NOT pushback the plastic retaining pin enough to drop a primer into the cup good luck
  8. targetsportsusa has some aquilla and federal 22lr available today
  9. excellent suggestion a nd technique thanks
  10. mind if I ask what brands of lanolin and alcohol you use ? since you have had success with your mixture--makes sense to ask this question--thanks
  11. considering the push to produce non reloadable cases going on these days. grab all you can and as others have said..use them until they cannot be used any more
  12. afte r hand reconstructive surgery, i had to learn how to grip and shoot again as I have the lesser 3 fingers on the shooting hand that do not have power any more. I make sure I lock my strong side wrist as stated in this thread. I am so add a bit more isometric push and pull and really tighten my grip using the strong side hand. I have found that rotating the strong side elbow inward a bit on the strong side allows me to cover more grip and have better control of the gun. I am getting close to "normal".I do have some muzzle wander if I do not concentrate as I
  13. a general tip from the master --benos-- hornady one shot is great and makes reloading much easier. thanks again for that one!!!
  14. thanks m700. good info there. you are right. once cleaned the primer slide ,in particular, feels smooth and operates as it should
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