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  1. you did what you needed to do for HIM. tough decision but it was right. I know of that kind of pain. let time heal you knowing he rests in peace petfinders.com is available when the time is right to rescue another new friend for life
  2. They were very specific about cleaning the dies in their instructions. I scrubbed them and then per instructions coated the inside with case lube and wiped the excess off. all is smooth so far thanks for the post
  3. basically you cannot control recoil . you can limit the range of motion of the gun during recoil thus allowing faster follow up shots. these 2 videos explain the basics well;
  4. thanks to all the above members for the insightful tips and info
  5. I ,obviously,agree with your post@sigarmsp226. much appreciated everything set up well. dummy rounds load easily in my "problem child" so I am good to go. first 10 rounds did everything they were supposed to .
  6. thanks @HOGRIDER looking forward to reloading a few with thes e new toys
  7. thanks a lot @boomstick. your opinion and links are just what I needed--bullet seating video MUCH better than trying to figure out the redding instructions--again much thanks
  8. @4n2T0- thanks for the reply -no real reason to change. I have read that the redding dies do a great job of sizing brass as close to the bottom of the case as possible.I have heard that the bullet seater is great too. I like my dillons but getting another set is almost 1 year away due to back logs of orders and these came available from Graf and sons last week although this may be overkill, some have suggested that a spare set of dies is good to have becaus e things tend to break at the worst times. A second set of dies would make it easier to continue reloading. Not sure if that logic is correct. I have have the e-clips on my dillon dies and break many times and always on a sunday or holiday( I have plenty of extras now) but Murphys law applies to me mor e often than not.
  9. Hey folks after reading about others trying out the newer Redding Pro series Titanium dies( 9mm) and finally finding a set, I am getting ready to install them when they show up this PM. I use a dillon 550c. cannot find any specific info on this die set being installed on a 550 c. I am sure the depriming/sizing die is easy to set up--like the original 9mm dillon was. My concern is getting my bullet seater and crimp dies working properly. These micrometer included dies are new to me. any tips on getting the bullet seater and crimp dies set up the right way? or are they just like the dillons? I intend to use dillons locking nut not the ones included in the die set. FWIW, I usually load a few dummy rounds to verify COAL and crimp before actually reloading. just looking to get it right the first time thanks in advance for any info provided
  10. I use 4.2 gr bullseye with a 124 gr FMJ bullet from rmr bullets. I wanted to caution you about your COAL. In my CZ A( 01 ld and sd) the chambering is VERY tight. be sure to make a few dummy rounds to verify that your rounds will actually load and be ejected( by hand of course). My COAL is 1.140" up to 1.142" with a .377" crimp. NOTHING else seems to load and eject properly. enjoy that fine s hooter
  11. they sent out an email stating that they are getting some primers( used by Tulammo) soon. firstgroup of orders gets those. I opted for the Unix/ginex and will wait.might be september or december before those arrive the cci spp offered were 19 cents pe r primer. They had a lot of them in stock. they seem to only want to sell to gun/ammo dealers( ffls) these days..not private sales. and no credit cards any more either. wonder why the change?
  12. I like elvex rubber plugs+ ms sordin electric muffs
  13. I use corn cob media(usually dillons) and nufinish car polish BEFORE any brass gets near my reloader. a day before I start reloading, I spray hornady one shot lube into a plastic bag, load in some clean brass and give it a good shake to coat the outside of the brass. even though the cases dry off by spraying them a day in advance, the dies tend to pick up carbon and dirt anyway. Every few thousand rounds, I clean out the dies of the gunk that accumulates I clean brass while reloading. it is the only multi tasking I can do by the way, why 2 passes through the reloader? --just curious
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