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  1. Yes it has. It's a major domino effect.
  2. I'm in the same boat. Ordered some stuff on 22 January with a pre-shipment date of 3 February. Still nothing. Tried emailing and calling but no response.
  3. I will definitely look into doing that.
  4. That looks great! Who did the work?
  5. I have a STI DVC 3 that I would like to use as a platform for an Open Build. Can someone guide me in the right direction? Would like to either build the upper myself and have one built. Is this even worth it or would I be better off getting a whole new build from scratch?
  6. I've used a copper dowel from a hardware store to get them out. I notice that PCC's do not like Aguila Brass with the little rim on the case. Those are the ones I notice causing these issues.
  7. I have a Mark 7 running my 1050 and today I fired it up and when I went to press "Calibrate", nothing. All the other buttons on the screen were responsive but for some reason "calibrate" wasn't. Tried updating the software and checked all connections. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, do you think I'll need to replace the tablet? Mark 7's office was closed by the time I could call them today.
  8. It's an oral medication. I take it about two days before a match, but my sure you HYDRATE because it will dry out! I also have the Qbrexa wipes prescribed too! They WORK really well! I highly recommend taking both of these. PM me with any questions. Hope this helps.
  9. @risingsun I have hyperhidrosis as well and my dermatologist prescribed me robinul and it has helped a ton!
  10. Had the same problem until I used a Lee Factory Crimp Die.
  11. Anyone have a good thumbrest they recommend for my 2011 DVC-3? One that requires no modifications to my gun or the thumbrest itself. Thanks!
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