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  1. A couple or three friends attended a higher level IDPA match that was reset by local Boy Scouts. They said it was nice at first but soon became boring waiting for the stage resets and having nothing to do.
  2. Hogue grips are a personal thing. I have some on a 929, I prefer an old fashioned cheap black rubber grip on the Super GP100 and am tempted to sell the BB. Last month I bought a set of stones for my drill - about $11.00 at the local hardware store, took one of the stones out to the grinder in the garage and shaped it to give a shallow angle cut for my 10mm GP100, and chamfered by hand. I was more cautious than a revolver smith would be and may one day have the chamfer made deeper, but it made a very nice improvement. Moon clips and action work beyond spring and polish,
  3. Using 0.40" moon clips my 929 (about 6# double action) set off factory federal 115 grain ammo ok. Did not shoot much of it though because the bullets always creeped, same as you experienced. Perhaps I would have seen some light strikes if I would have fired more rounds.
  4. Good info. Looks like they are back ordered, and $158 each, and I can not find anything in the write up about being waterproof, but if they work they work. Any experience with errant shots from open guns in the next bay?
  5. Trying to figure out what the gun wants. So far I can shoot a whole lot better groups with my 929 and somewhat better groups with my 4" GP100 10mm, so I have some work to do. Any info on your results and particulars (bullet , brass , moon clip, powder, etc) would be really interesting.
  6. It is nice to be able to skip reloading after a stage, for a lot of different reasons. So, production - I bring 10, limited - I bring 2 biguns and 4 18 rounders, revolver - I relax and say snarky things to those who have to load mags at a match.
  7. It is a sincere question. If you have knowledge that makes reshoots a moot point with the mouse fart CCP gun/load combinations (rare, as noted previously) many could benefit. If you would rather not include shooting in the rain perhaps you could discuss the situation where last shots are fired around a wall and it is not possible for the r.o. to have the timer adjacent to the gun.
  8. Good enough . I suppose that the stage in question could be shot and scored as two stages and then be legal. Will pass that one on.
  9. defines "Special Courses of fire" deemed to be "Standard Exercises" , "Standard Exercises" is not defined in the glossary and I really do not know if there is any feature of standards exercises that is supposed to be excluded from the other types of field courses. Under "General courses of fire" - "Long Courses" - I do not see any indication that the number of strings is limited for long courses. Not arguing, just do not know what the answer is. Typically the answer is that if it does not specifically state something can not be done then you are good to
  10. That is the way we did it on this one last month, except we just removed the crap on the ground for every shooter and the shooter did most of it. Given the restricted path and number of rounds (mags) potentially involved I do not think there was a practical alternative. Stage 5A 2.pdf
  11. I think on a normal stage there is not any question about picking up mags or otherwise interfering with shooters. Confusion still reigns (to me) on 2.3.7 (Routine maintenance to a stage . . . - ensure competitive equity for all competitors . . . .). Removing items from the ground that provide a potential advantage/disadvantage to a particular shooter seems mandatory before 'make ready' on a normal stage or the first string on a multiple string stage. For the original question, I do not see anything solid in the rules that says 'Routine maintenance to a stage' should or should not

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    Other thing, I know a GM that did not make length at the equipment check station with a TSO and mag with extension. He had purchased components from CZ Custom and he contacted them about it so perhaps it is something that has been resolved. It is a good thing to check.
  13. Agreed. But this way is a good thought & rulebook refresher exercise. I am convincing myself that I need to clear mags off the stage for all competitors if I'm the r.o. . If I leave one person a slip hazard, or potential reload mag, I think I have not done my job to try and insure competitive equity. I should probably take that CRO course one day.
  14. I think if someone kicked this up to arbitration, the answer might be "R.O. did not verify the stage was properly prepared between strings - reshoot".
  15. The last two string stage I shot required a paste and reset in between strings, so we did the 8.3.8 "range is clear" command twice ("This designation signifies the end of the course of fire") . I suppose the answer could be 'it depends'.
  16. After he picked up his mag, did you bump him to open? I think you nailed it with 5.2.4 .
  17. Need a couple or three. Anyone know of anything rugged (tired of cheap zippers that can lead to a gun dropping out of bag) that is not made in China?
  18. It can be a growth thing. Someone invests a whole lot of time & money & pride into competing their best and then gets busted for something they do not feel is right, it hurts. Been there, acted like a butt hole, not proud of it. Encouraging everyone to read the rule book, encouraging new r.o.'s to never call a penalty for what they THINK they saw, and enforcing the rules strictly and consistently at local matches, all seems to help.

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    2011's came before the TSO (TS aesthetics hold it back a bit), 1911 smiths and shooters are attracted to the similarity, 2011 aesthetics appeal to many, parts compatibility to 1911's is an advantage, and the cost-no-object builders jumped onto 2011's. It is a catch up game for the TSO and availability has not been consistent. Semi custom or full custom 2011's purchased with tuned mags can be a buy it and go to the match proposition, although I was better off buying a Dawson mag tuning kit and going through the mags once per year (not a big deal). My 2011's were not te
  20. Please share your wisdom. It is raining so the timers are bagged, you can not be on top of the barrel for the last shot due to the stage design, you have the timer sensitivity set as high as you can without picking up the open guns in the adjacent bays, and the one guy with the mouse fart gun/load steps to the line. What is it that you do to make reshoots a moot point? Note: I rarely see folks shooting mouse fart guns that are an issue, not trying to imply that a pcc needs to be a problem in general.
  21. Copied this technique, thank you. Actually thanks to all who replied, there is much you can figure out but it is always comforting to copy something that worked. "If you put the crane in the gun and look into the hole, I suspect the V is not centered relative to the screw hole." Was very surprised how poorly the crane v-groove was centered on the crane screw hole. I assume there is variation in crane dimensions as well as frame dimensions and the tolerances stack up better on some guns than others. In any case, rub marks on a brand new crane just back from s&w indi
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