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  1. The dummy loads that I made up for myself get shredded up pretty good at the crimp. My friend's Typhoon F12 is more fussy but it's early in his break in stage(needs 1300/1⅛ still). Getting the crimp tucked in by having the right wad/load mix is necessary. I have a range of loads ready to try and expect 1⅛ loads in 2¾" AA hulls with CB1100-12 wads to work. I'll find out how much powder soon. My VR can function on Rem Gun Club 1oz/1185 loads though it won't run Nobel 1oz/1200 loads. Once I determine the minimum power factor 1⅛ load I'll put the Taccom buffer in and see how it runs with that. I'll be looking at the sharp edges that are catching the leading edge of the rounds.
  2. Heidelberg had a plastic coffee can hung on the top rim of the barrel at each stage that you could put your flags in. Still, I like my Monstrum flag with the ability to stash on the rail. https://www.amazon.com/Monstrum-Tactical-Chamber-Flathead-Picatinny/dp/B07D6SYQJZ
  3. Hold my beer . . . slides on the rail.https://www.amazon.com/Monstrum-Tactical-Chamber-Flathead-Picatinny/dp/B07D6SYQJZ
  4. Has anybody tried one of the Glock Gen 4 dual recoil spring assemblies in a VP 40 (or vp9) ?
  5. Got a DQ for trigger finger on the paddle myself. From now on I'll be showing the showing the RO that I have a paddle release before I start. Meanwhile, I'll be practicing releasing with my middle finger. That way I can very purposely extend the trigger finger during the mag release and maybe dodge the DQ's
  6. Anyone load these shorter? I have some powder coated bullets from Kings that I'll be trying with Titegroup at 1.125" After I Chrono them I'll bring some info back here.
  7. I'm embracing your advocy of e3. It sounds like you've tried a range of powders and loads - and in 40SW no less, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. With the stock recoil spring in a VP40 I'm using 2.9gr of e3 under a 180HiTek at 1.125oal, close to your suggestion. At 2.5gr it started misbehaving. I wonder how much spring to try to try lighter loads.
  8. It will be interesting to see what's possible. I'm only starting to cast, coat and load the 40. I'm using a VP 40 in IDPA (Lower Providence) and plan to do other gun games as well. I'll take my gun and chrono to a range in Jersey on Friday and see how these first loads look. I made up a batch each of 2.9 and 3.2 of e3 and used OALs of 1.12, 1.125 and 1.13. The gun is stock. I'll look at spring swaps as needed. TY, P T
  9. Links? or it doesn't exist… (insert smirky emoji here but I don't have one)
  10. Have you tried a longer OAL?
  11. ah. There's your light load info. I was going to start with 3.3 of e3 at 1.13 under my 183gr TC SWC bullets. Do you think 2.8gr of e3 is the minimum under a 180gr?
  12. What would suggest for an IDPA paper punching load? I have e3 and W231 on hand. For bullets I get 183-ish gr with a non-hard alloy using Lee TL175SWC mold. I coat with HiTek. An OAL of 1.130 sits in the middle of the driving band. I appreciate your thoughts as I recall you went through a lot of options on your way to your e3 loads ty
  13. Pushing a lead slug sounds reasonable. I have done it differently but it falls in the don't do it -can't recommend it- you'll get hurt category. I put empty cases in a molten lead bath (an Altoid tin, an attempt to equalize temps and avoid voids) and then filled the empty case with soft lead.That was seated all the way down in a case (Kaboom! Don't do it. etc) with just a primer in a 45 Colt. That large case needed more pressure so I used about a grain of W231. I fired it into a towel folded over about a dozen layers and measured the recovered bullet. Small cases with a deep seated heavy slug would build up more pressure and reinforce the don't do it thing. Now that I'm casting 40s I'll be looking for detailed sizing info myself. I'll be making some slugs for the 40 soon probably using a tumble lubed style mold. btw: I have soft lead and molds in .401, .41, .452-454. I could share slugs in those calibers.
  14. What is the stock spring rated at? For the VP 40 and the VP9? What advantage is the SS rod?
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