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  1. Thanks for all the tips! Yeah, going to be different stage planning with the reloads. I shoot plenty of charles *wink* so just have to remember to do them more on the move. Looking to have a fun season trying a new division.
  2. Hi Everyone, Going to try Limited this year instead of Production. For those that made a switch, what were some ah ha moments that you had that helped in making the transition? Cheers
  3. Need to order some new fiber replacement for my front sight, what diameter do people use that works best for a replacement fiber? New to the CZ, so I thought I would ask. Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone. Rowdyb, I'm falling more in your camp for 2015.
  5. New to the forum. Trying to sort through all this. So what I seem to take away is that it is not all the CZ Custom guns that aren't allowed in SSP now. Just the CZ Shadow SP-01 with the LPA cut for the HAJO. So this one with the Competition sights, using the stock slide cutout is still fine in IDPA SSP? Just wanted to see people's thoughts.
  6. I want to also say this is a great book. I have only been shooting matches since this summer, and reading this through I feel like I can put together my plan now for moving forward. I've read a couple of other books and so far this one seems to be the most straight forward and practical. It is really cool how it has a perspective from two separate shooters, but both agree it takes work to get "gooder". I really like how the book focuses on getting better at being competitive, not giving me some magic bullet that will turn me into a Master level shooter. It takes some blood, sweat and effort. I totally appreciate that. The parts that I think will have the most impact on what I'll be doing are: The 10 Drill That You Should Master The 9 Misconceptions of Practical Shooting Drill Categories and Their Use It was great to see them make use of drills from other top competitors and then give me some input on why those drills will help me improve different parts of my game. I think this will help both my IDPA game in addition to USPSA. A hard copy would be nice, but I'm pretty happy with the e-format as well.
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