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    Ben Stoeger

    That might be all and good, but can he still crush a beer can with that Glock?
  2. Agree with everyone - CZ SP01 Shadow with thin grips or a little more budget friendly - the M&P with the smallest grip insert. The main additional advantage of the CZ is you can get the Shadow 2 mag release paddle and keep it legit in production for small hands. The one downside to the CZ is that first double action shot is a little long to reach the trigger for smaller hands, where the M&P is easier and more consistent as a striker fired for newer shooters. The last pro to the M&P is the weight being lighter. My opinion is for newer shooters the lighter pistol is easier on transitions and the benefit of a heavier gun to reduce felt recoil is not as beneficial since they will probably shoot longer splits anyway. They'll probably make up more time on controlled transitions and movement than splits if they want to game it! If they really get into the game though, you may need to upgrade ;). Just my 2 cents
  3. The slide lock should only lock the slide if you you are pushing upwards, meaning your thumb is below the thumb rest. The only normal issue people have with thumb rest slide locks is usually when shooting weak hand where it pushes the thumb rest up by accident locking the slide back while firing. These are made not to lock back (generally) and have the portion that contacts the slide shaved back, along with the more customary detent (used to keep it from being pushed up). Hope that help, man.
  4. I think they are definitely worth it. Locks in place no problem in my Nemesis. Like mentioned above, a little slick, but the weight feels good and you don't feel guilty man handling them if you don't have exclusive practice mags. Weight compares to an STI with 10 180GR 40SW. That red follower substitute is good, but it definitely won't be as tough if you are trying to get a 20+ round mag seated. But it will give you a little resistance so it doesn't feel like you popping in an empty mag.
  5. For those looking, looks like they have a couple in stock on the web site now. https://atlasgunworks.com/product/atlas-gunworks-thumb-rest-slide-stop/
  6. I would give the shop a call. They are a great team to talk with. There # is 855-940-9111.
  7. Take a look at a review I did of the Atlas thumb rest I got on my new Nemesis. Besides just loving how the Nemesis came out, this new shiny addition was just real awesome.
  8. Never had any issue with my 1st gen Racemaster. I did switch the block to the newer magnetic option and it releases real smooth and locks real tight. But it sounds little like your mileage might vary
  9. CR speeds for production and the DAA for limited. Just a little different to each
  10. In general, like the SP-01 Shadow over the S2. Just feel better. Nothing in particular.
  11. Awesome vids - thanks for sharing. Hope I can keep my Atlas in good shape by 50,000 rounds.
  12. The do what feels right for you is the hardest subjective part, but probably the best advice. We all have different size hands, different grip strengths, etc. But I do think we are getting more intricate on what influences how we shoot. Hwansik Kim really broke down so many aspects of grip and recoil management in the lessons he has been sharing. The interesting part I think is this is management and not control. When people try control recoil too much, it leads to wider groups.
  13. Atlanta Arms has been great ammo, especially the 1.174 OAL.
  14. The Dawson Lowpro. Tried the STi extended mag button and it was a bit too big even for me (if anyone wants one let me know).
  15. How consistent is how you are grabbing the mag? Besides the other parts, if you aren't getting some consistency on where the mag is sitting in your hand before you bring it up to the pistol, you may have more inconsistencies that make it harder to seat the mag. One other thing I found, it wasn't how close up your finger was to the feed lips and first bullet, but having the based of the mag in a good comfortable place in my palm, but I have tiny dwarf hands. If the bottom part of my palm was not touching the base pad a bit, it would be very had for me to get the force needed to push mag up into the pistol and I ended up pushing too far to the sides and it would botch the reload...but this is just me.
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