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  1. Awesome vids - thanks for sharing. Hope I can keep my Atlas in good shape by 50,000 rounds.
  2. The do what feels right for you is the hardest subjective part, but probably the best advice. We all have different size hands, different grip strengths, etc. But I do think we are getting more intricate on what influences how we shoot. Hwansik Kim really broke down so many aspects of grip and recoil management in the lessons he has been sharing. The interesting part I think is this is management and not control. When people try control recoil too much, it leads to wider groups.
  3. Atlanta Arms has been great ammo, especially the 1.174 OAL.
  4. The Dawson Lowpro. Tried the STi extended mag button and it was a bit too big even for me (if anyone wants one let me know).
  5. How consistent is how you are grabbing the mag? Besides the other parts, if you aren't getting some consistency on where the mag is sitting in your hand before you bring it up to the pistol, you may have more inconsistencies that make it harder to seat the mag. One other thing I found, it wasn't how close up your finger was to the feed lips and first bullet, but having the based of the mag in a good comfortable place in my palm, but I have tiny dwarf hands. If the bottom part of my palm was not touching the base pad a bit, it would be very had for me to get the force needed to push mag up into the pistol and I ended up pushing too far to the sides and it would botch the reload...but this is just me.
  6. Mine is a Custom Atlas with a standard PT metal grip and stainless magwell, also have the nitro fin. Have the tooless guide rod. It balances pretty good, just feels a bit heavy with a full mag. I'm older now, so my girlie ahms are not pumped up anymore. Time to hit the gym.
  7. haha...I was asking how you liked your limited guns not your limited guys *wink*.
  8. Thanks guys. Mine is around 50.5 oz no mag, so seems like it is around where others are at. Got to spend some more time behind it and get used to the difference from production.
  9. Just wondering how heavy or light other folks like their Limited guns to be. I get the heavier ones help in reduced felt recoil, but as I moved from Production to Limited I'm finding I'm muscling the transitions a bit too much because I'm still getting used to the increased weight. Practice and some more practice is on the way. Just wondering what others prefer with their pistols.
  10. Thanks for all the tips! Yeah, going to be different stage planning with the reloads. I shoot plenty of charles *wink* so just have to remember to do them more on the move. Looking to have a fun season trying a new division.
  11. Hi Everyone, Going to try Limited this year instead of Production. For those that made a switch, what were some ah ha moments that you had that helped in making the transition? Cheers
  12. Need to order some new fiber replacement for my front sight, what diameter do people use that works best for a replacement fiber? New to the CZ, so I thought I would ask. Thanks!
  13. Thanks everyone. Rowdyb, I'm falling more in your camp for 2015.
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