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  1. Welcome to the forum and back to the USA. Springfield does make an Optic Ready version of the XDM, I think only in 4.5" though. Plenty of good guns available in the Carry Optics space if you look around.
  2. Yeah I wondered that, sounds like the same struggles we are having, which makes more sense. I found some Federal Champion SP primers a few weeks ago local shop, limit 1K per customer, It was the most I have ever paid for primers, $39.99. I have an 'new to me' open gun coming, Dan Bedell Shooting Solutions model. It will be some learning curves for me, tracking the optic and all that, I won't shoot it much but wanted to get it before things get really crazy. Wish us both good luck with Open!
  3. Welcome to the forums, a great resource of information. How are reloading components and ammo up North? I hear plentiful, but not from a reliable source.
  4. Welcome, lots of people use HS6 powder for 9 major loads. Can be a tricky caliber to load due to only certain powders that can be used to not overflow the case. What powder did you end up using? Todd
  5. So the DW PM-9 with the Dawson Tool-less guide rod, plug and spring installed, weighs (includes that I have a Dawson Precision ICE Magwell and Alum Mainspring housing kit installed) (also includes factory grips) 38.55 oz. With a 10 round Tripp Research Magazine 41.65 oz. With a 10 round Dawson Precision Magazine 41.70 oz. With VZ grips 39.45 oz. With a 10 round Tripp Research Magazine 42.55 oz. With a 10 round Dawson Precision Magazine 42.60 oz. Additional info on Guide Rods GI Guide Rod and Plug 1.00 oz., with Wolff spring 1.20 oz. Dawson Tool-less Guide Rod and Plug 1.70 oz., with Wolff spring 1.90 oz.
  6. Added these VZ grips to my DW PM-9.
  7. Welcome, lots of info on IDPA and USPSA here in the forums. Many enjoy IDPA, I find that there are to many rules, and some things I don't like, so went the USPSA route.
  8. I will have the Dawson Tool-less guide rod this week, ordered it this past weekend. Already have the Dawson magwell and mainspring, comes as a kit. I will let know, but weight should be below 43 oz with a magazine for sure! I will update the thread on how the install of the tool-less guide rod goes.
  9. Is the Springfield that has that the Loaded 9mm Target model? Mine has a two piece guide rod, that I would like to get rid of some day. Just curious.
  10. Here are the numbers from my scale, with factory mainspring housing and grips, basically a factory 2020 model gun with GI guide rod. 37.80 oz. factory gun only. 40.85 oz. with a empty Tripp Research 10 round magazine. Additional info: 1.75 oz factory mainspring housing .85 oz dawson mainspring housing
  11. Not a problem, I added a Dawson mainspring housing and magwell, but have the stock parts and can convert it back to stock, even with stock grips, and weigh it on my wife's food scale, which should be pretty accurate. I will get back with you. I think any 9mm 1911 is tough to make USPSA weight, especially with a tungsten guide rod.
  12. Thanks, that is what I was hoping to hear. My guess is that it would work, the PM9 seem to be pretty standard 1911. I ordered one yesterday and have two guns that need one, but wanted to see if others were using the Dawson or not. Guess I should have ordered two to save the shipping, oh well the other is a FLGR so I use the paper clip. I found the GI is easier if I can get the bushing turned and set on the edge of the plug, then finish it with the bushing wrench. I can see where guys think the GI rod is easiest to use, but for me it is the only gun like that and I wanted to have some consistency. Thanks all
  13. Welcome, 60 years ????? Guessing you have seen a lot of advancement in reloading equipment through the years. Curious what you use for equipment and what calibers do you reload?
  14. Welcome jimmer. Wow, Arizona, you can shoot year round in that nice weather?
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