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  1. I can split the Dawson base pads if you are still interested.

  2. I can sell you the Dawson base pads if you want them, $55 shipped for 2.

  3. Stuart

    Do you still have the Aussie Barrel?

    1. eerw


      I do still have available.

      let me know.



  4. Hi, is the CMC flat trigger still available? Would like to buy it  if so

  5. I just got my 40 Trojan along with Tripp Corey mags. Loaded some 180 gr BBI with various OAL of 1.165, 1.175 and 1.180 and they all cycle well.
  6. I load 135 gr. Bayou with 3.4 gr Titegroup at 1.105 OAL with CZ 75 SP01 Shadow. PF 130
  7. Same range of OAL on my Shadow with BBI and Bayou
  8. Well, shot 2 matches this weekend, so far front sight still good! I did file the base of the front sight just a little to get the perfect fit once centered I just tap it in with tool that came with Dawson Front Sight.
  9. I just change my stock CZ Accu Shadow with Dawson Front Sight. I read somewhere that I don't need to use roll pin for the front sight due to the bushing. Also when I removed the stock front sight, there was no roll pin as well. I'll see how it will perform this weekend.
  10. Dawson Grip Tape works well for me, I just put it on last week and felt great on the hand
  11. I have the VZ grip on my shadow! didn't really like it and recently changed to this one. http://czcustom.com/cz_75-thin-grips-aggressive-checker.aspx. I like it better as it fits my hand and easier for releasing the mag catch.
  12. So I have an Accu Shadow and a G17, I use my CZ for competitionn and I kept my G17 as one of my HD gun. Both guns are just as reliable for me. I definitely would trust my CZ as HD gun when situation presents itself. I think the most important factor for me is to know them and to train with them regularly, for that matter, any gun you train with can be used as HD gun. One thing that I also keep next to my nightstand HD gun is a good handheld flashlight (200+ lumen)
  13. Just ordered my second case of 135 gr. 9mm. So far I've been very happy with them.
  14. Does anyone know if this is legal for USPSA production division?
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