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  1. Pretty sure it's a 14. I ran a 10 or 11 in mine.
  2. I wouldn't personally go that light. I had a czechmate and any time I went under 10lbs I think it was, I would have issues with the gun not going all the way into battery every now and then.
  3. Lots of 3N38 and a short barrel. ?
  4. Take a look at shooters connection. Should be plenty of options to choose from there.
  5. I've taken out lots of small screws like scope base mounts for example. Maybe those are a tad smaller though. I found a pretty small one at a local automotive store.
  6. Everyone seems to be over thinking this. Get a small ez out. Drill it Get it hot Ez out Done
  7. I doubt this is the problem. That normally doesn't happen until the last or second to last round and it's because the mag catch isn't ground down enough.
  8. Hitman, look at the top of your mag in the picture vs the top of the mag the other guy posted. See how the dimpled control rib on yours stops a little short of the top. See if the two mags it's happening in are the same style.
  9. I know of several Infinitys that have had this exact same failure. Most of them were much lower round counts however. Whether they were fixed under warranty or not I can't say but I think I remember hearing something about a bad batch of steel may have been the cause.
  10. Might be too big if you don't an extended release but I used a drill press and Dremel to fit an SVI Teardrop to mine.
  11. I feel ya bud. I built my own from parts, did all the fitting and machining myself. No one to blame but me when it doesn't run.
  12. When you clean the old loctite off the threads. Spray them with a degreaser like brake cleaner before putting the new loctite on.
  13. Every gun at some point and time is going to have failures. I don't care what anyone says about this brand never jams etc etc. It's mechanical, something is going to give at some point. I've seen just as many Infinitys, Akais, Atlas jam as CK, LimCat, STI, etc. Every company will say their gun is the best and the most custom blah blah blah. Like others have said. Pick the company that you like best and or that gives you the time of day to talk to you over someone else that might not.
  14. Yea, I could see it being less for sure. If I was going to try it I'd definitely be going with 14.5" pinned and welded for the most gas without going SBR
  15. Yea I realize this but I always wonder how much of that is people using a load that's just 4-5 grs of powder. Versus something like 6-8grs of a slow powder like 3n38 and a 115 jhp. I've almost been tempting to make one of these USPSA abominations just to try it. ?
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