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  1. So far, Ive shoot 5 matches with it and no problem at all.
  2. Here are pics from mine, hope this help.
  3. This is great! Thanks JDillon for sharing this infos. I've been thinking of doing the same with my cmore mount but, I'm too noob if it comes to this things and I don't have the tools. I wonder how hard is it to remove the rectangular lug? I think it will be easier that way.
  4. Mine only lasted for 8 months, i think it broke because the screws came off loose.
  5. Joeyxbat

    Czechmate Recipes

    I just bought a used czechmate and I'll be loading same bullets but Im gonna try the 115gr since i have some sitting around. Have you tried their 115 gr yet, if so, how much powder should i start loading? Thanks
  6. I'll let you guys know when it become available.
  7. I'll be removing the shround today so i can get used without it.
  8. I just talked to a friend that have the 510c on his millinium custom and he said its a game changer for him. Now he never have problem loosing the dot compare to his cmore red dots. And for me on the plus side, 510c have built in solar system which is really cool. Battery will last much longer.
  9. So, I've seen some shooters running holosun 510c on their open guns using Tevo sports mount. Since i have 2 510c on my pcc, i thought it would be great to have one my new to me czechmate. So, I contacted Tevo Sports on FB today about the mount for czechmate. They said it should be out during summer time. This is great news, i cant wait for it to available!
  10. Have it on my PSA and I no problem at all.
  11. Very nice! A buddy of mine been wanting this on his ruger pcc. He will be very happy to see this. Thanks!
  12. I have astigmatism and the dot kinda looks funny to me. I just learned to ignore how it looks and just kept shooting.
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