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  1. This is what I've been doing with my JP pcc since I've been shooting blue bullets.
  2. How is the battery life on it? What's your round count before changing the battery?
  3. This is how I wanna set up mine, I have one form Sam's Club and I can only fit 2 guns without the mags. I'll heading to Harbor Freight tomorrow!
  4. I agree, it would easier especially for new shooters to find help or infos.
  5. For green dot, what color lense you recommend? I'm using 510c elite.
  6. I have the single sided tevo with shield. I had to move the mount one hole forward because the brass was hitting on the rear right corner on the 510c. So far, I've shot 2 matches with it and no problem at all.
  7. After moving the mount one hole forward, I've Shot 2 matches one local and one major with out problems at all. I'm very happy with it, going to shoot another major match weekend.
  8. I have friends that's said the same as you, I like having both dots on and it helps me find the targets faster. Maybe bacause I had more time with it, shot pcc with it for over 6 months.
  9. Good to know and thanks. I have few friends that uses your holster already. They highly recommend it compare to daa.
  10. Me too! Lol... I need this holster. I ordered the same holster from Finland but they are out of stock, ive waited for almost 3 weeks and still nothing. I cancelled it and gonna waiting for black friday hoping to find a discount.
  11. Any chance for a discount on this holster on black friday?
  12. I apologize, i was so busy with work this past few days and didn't had the chance to measure the springs. I shot the South Florida hicap championship yesterday and did not have any problems with the mags.
  13. No popple hole and i have the blast shield on it. Thanks!
  14. Mbx is doing a giveaway of 3 140mm mags on instagram and facebook, Good luck! Edit: nevermind, sales are for pcc mags.
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