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  1. I have shadow 1 and x5 legion. The legion feel better on my hands. I would suggest for you try shooting them first and see which fits better for you.
  2. TF +10 and Goliath, run them for 8+ months without problems.
  3. @SteelCityShooter thanks, gonna order 2 today.
  4. Well, after clicking at the link. That's my friend that's I'm talking about.
  5. I friend have one and uses his b&t 9 for local matches. He seems to enjoy shooting it and we call him robocop. Lol.
  6. How is the finish on the inside? I have 2 from tevo sports and I am not too impressed with how the inside look.
  7. Thanks! I'm sure you are helping lots of shooters with this.
  8. I've started using 510c on pcc with with dot and circle on. With open i like the the dot only. I think you are right, too much distraction having both on But, I shoot with dpp now since I broke 2 510c on my open.
  9. Great, thanks @GrumpyOne.
  10. I'm thinking on doing this on my sp01, is there a diy video on this?
  11. Yes sir! I'm pretty happy with their turnaround time.
  12. Sent the 510c on Feb 18th and received it back last Friday.
  13. I received your DM and replied back. It think either way it will work. Just sell the other one that you dont like, im sure someone will grab it. And yes, we all suffers in agony because we all wants the best for our beloved toys.
  14. I know what you mean, im sure plenty of people including me experienced same thing. Let's make a deal, I can lend you the grips so you try it out before spending $85 for it. Keep it for two weekend and send it back.
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