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  1. @ltdmstr isnt the length difference of the recoil spring tunnel between a commander and full size such that if you cut a 5" to 4.25 you wont be able to use a commander length spring?
  2. @Tripod Very nice work. I would love to see pictures of the guide rod plug or the front end of the slide. Did you use a trimmed up commander length bull barrel or a cone or something else? Thanks!
  3. @jcc7x7 Are you saying keep the guide rod full length and use a full size reverse plug? If so, do you have a picture of this setup, I am trying to picture how it would look. THANKS!)
  4. I would like to shorten a goverment model slide down and run it on a short/wide dustcover full size STI. My plan is to hacksaw/then trim up on the mill to 4.5" from the original 5", cut the slide for a reverse plug, shorten the barrel and thread it for a cone comp, on a lathe, and use a commander length guide rod and spring. Is there anything I am missing in my plans or any suggestions from someone who has already done one?
  5. @Ludde go to here http://theoreticalmachinist.com/Threads_UnifiedImperial.aspx Enter the class of fit, diameter and TPI and you are golden....... but here is the data assuming a 2A fit: Thread Data Definition: (0.6875)-40 UN 2A (External) Diameters Major diameter: 0.6863 / 0.6812 Pitch diameter: 0.6701 / 0.6663 Minor diameter: 0.6566 / 0.6487 Over wires: 0.6918 / 0.6879 Wire diameters: 0.0140 Min0.0144 Best0.01800.0225 Max Tolerances Allowance: 0.0012 Major diameter: 0.0051 Pitch diameter: 0.0039 Minor diameter: 0.0078 Length of engagement: 0.6875 V-Shape Pitch: 0.0250 Real pitch: 0.0250 Crest flat: 0.0061 / 0.0009 Crest radius max: 0.0027 Root flat: 0.0050 / 0.0031 Root radius: 0.0029 / 0.0018 Thread depth: 0.0188 / 0.0123 Flank length: 0.0217 / 0.0142 Lead angle Major diameter: 0.67° Pitch diameter: 0.68° Minor diameter: 0.70°
  6. @iflyskyhigh is there any holster brands that you found fit best with brownells slide? Thanks
  7. Roughing reamers are used to "rough out" chambers before finish reaming chamber to final dimensions, they save wear and tear on finish reamers. Some smith's use drills or boring bars in lieu of roughing reamers. Finish reamers cut chambers to final dimensions- a finish reamer may also cut the throat of a chamber or not depending on how it was ground (most do). Throating reamers increase the freebore length of a chamber and can possibly change the angle and length of the transition from freebore to barrel dimensions, typically PTG uses a 1.5 degree angle and manson and clymer use a 2 degree angle
  8. New 126mm Gen 2 mag, factory spring/follow/pad, came new with a new gun. The Mag has repeatedly looked like a Pez dispenser with a stuck follower and loose rounds. Other factory mag does not do this with new gun . Any suggestions?
  9. I handled one today, and am impressed for the money. I do not want to pay the $50 each I found online for extra mags. Do you have a link to the $25 mags? Respectfully,
  10. Gun is a small frame SpringfieldArmory early 90's imported P9, barrel from the new upper measures 13.97 mm so I am confident that the slide is in fact a small frame slide (besides the fact that the gentleman who sold it to me knows a lot more about Tanfo's than me). Pretty sure the slide fitment is unrelated, just production tolerances stacking in the wrong direction, micrometer and pin gauges indicated that slide would not go on frame without removing metal, in retrospect maybe I should have done it on my surface grinder but I didnt feel like it at the time , a little more dykem and stoning and the slide will be a nonissue No yapivi sear jig.... What parts are the general consensus to try and replace to make the problem go away? Hammer, sear, saftey and pins?
  11. Unknown number of rounds, 3 owners including me who competed with it since early 90's . I used in in mid 2000's as an open gun till i replaced it with a STI, virtually no rounds.since.05/06ish... Would a video help diagnosis?
  12. Recently I acquired a 9mm iron sight upper for my old 9x21 open P9 world cup. Tonight I started fitting the new slide as it wasnt even close to fitting on. While playing the filing/stoning/dykem application/ wrestling slide back off and repeat game I noticed my hammer falling without touching the trigger particularly when saftey is disengaged hard! Can the safety "over rotate" if the detents aren't doing there job? Any suggestions as to what to look for before I resort to sending it of to a pistol smith? Any suggetions on smith's if it comes to that?
  13. I am needing to set up some 9mm mags for a small frame 9mm. Back when Dinasours roamed the earth, I used WCPI extensions on my mags but they are way over 140mm. Does anybody have recommendations other than a Taylor freelance extension with grams follower and extended spring? What capacity should I expect? Thanks,
  14. I looking for suggestions for a source for a replacement barrel for an old tanfoglio /SAworld cup p9 9x21 open gun. Gun is a long slide, set up for bushing barrel but somebody fit a cone comp that has to be removed to get straight barrel out of slide.... I am looking for suggestions as to sourcing: Barrel Bushing Guide rod Recoil Guide rod Cant remember if tanfoglio bushing guns had a recoil plug(been 2 decades since I ran an eaa silver team) I have a decently equiped shop (mill, lathe surface grinder, 9mm chamber reamer etc.) So if I had to make a few parts like guide rode or turn down OD of barrel etc. based off of suggestions/dimensions/pics I could.... Ultimately, I want to make this back into a iron sight 9mm gun. Gun has what I assume to be a LPA supersight cut- has anybody had any luck with Dawson replacement rears? I still have several slidestop pins but want to go back to a real slide stop any suggestions on best source for this?
  15. Betting that the that Sti's threading tool was sharp as you can visually see the threads being taller at the back of the barrel and noticeably shallower at the front but I still thread mic'd it to see how bad it was (bad). Yes I could buy and fit a new barrel and be done but if a 30 dollar cone and a little lathe time get me back in the game....just looking to see if anyone saw a problem with converting the factory bull barrel to a cone comp (I am more of a rifle Smith, turn around ar and bolt gun barrels from blanks all the time, make chassis stocks etc.)...I will make a threaded go no go mandrel from brass or 12l15 to ensure that the comp threads are ok...really would like to salvage the comp as the French border cuts extend out onto it as well as being tired of it wanting a diet of $100 bills...
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