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  1. that would be an interesting gun. I ended up running some minor through the current 38 super barrel and it runs just fine so I'll stick with it as is for now and keep this barrel around for a conversion cone and perhaps the binary engineering comp, that one has always interested me.
  2. I already have a standard barrel for it and I didn't want the extra weight since it is just going to shoot minor anyways Thanks for all the suggestions I'll look them up.
  3. I have an old single stack open gun I'm working on making a minor steel gun out of that needs a cone comp. Who still makes them? I can only find a few but am wondering who I missed
  4. what is USPSA weight and is it with or without a mag? (IPSC shooter)
  5. made GM in classic by winning this match
  6. hmmm, I wonder if it is a standard flat housing with a little bit cut off then. If I ever see someone with a standard one I'll have to take it apart and check. Still, SOL if you want an arched housing easily.
  7. yep! Mine is in 9mm and I am having feeding issues with some of my tripp mags, got a higher EGW mag catch which should fix it.
  8. I like mine so far, but it should be noted that if you prefer and arched mainspring housing you can not easily put one onto it. I asked the distributor for canada and they said I could just swap it out. When I went to swap it out I found that the mount for the magwell on the stock one is 1/8" farther forward than it is on a standard dawson one. Easy to see why they did this, grinding away to fit the box would hit the threaded hole on a standard one so they had to move it forward. I have a couple ideas for making it work, but none of them are easy and all require a significant investment of tim
  9. Not according to the rules, its only an AD if the shot is not on/near a target, otherwise its simply a bad shot. Anyways, not a rules thread its a gallery thread.
  10. yep, however it wasn't as high as it looks in the video from the smoke, it only hit slightly above the target so hard call/I could have argued I was on target, no where near being into the barrel. Still, very lucky for sure and I'll readily admit that.
  11. Two match this past weekend, both went quite well for me.
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