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  1. Kahles K16i - don't pay MSRP or MAP. Street price is lower
  2. Harris can be deployed the fastest. For PRS, the Atlas PSR is the best, IMHO.
  3. If we're talking about matches other than USPSA/IPSC, I've been to more than a few GSSF matches where firearms were regularly handled/pointed when people where downrange pasting/changing targets.
  4. Hah, hah, hah! There was nothing "bulletproof" about them. I went through at least 3 "bulletproof" PDP3s in about 6 months. They were utter pieces of crap. One time, the rheostat knob came off in my hand when I went to turn it on, my first time using it, just purchased "bullet proofed". Worst of all, the person who "bulletproofed" them, (Ross Dean, IIRC) flat-out refused to warranty/stand behind his work, but would be more than happy to fix them for a price.
  5. I have a Benelli M1S90 that was extensively worked on in 2003 by Beven Grams. It works great, but can't quad-load with it, and I'd want some other changes/mods that didn't exist back then. My options: 1) send to a reputable Benelli gunsmith and have work done to it or 2) sell and purchase a 2019-era 3gun shotgun (Benelli M2 built) or (Breda B12i factory or built).
  6. I went with an Accuracy International AT in .308 and 6.5x47 Lapua w/ a Kahles k624i SKMR3 optic.
  7. I got taken by a scammer on Armslist. Paid using a US Post Office money order. USPO (or the postal inspector) didn't give a %&$# about anything and ignored me. Don't buy into the BS that a postal money order is "safe" or that you'll get reimbursed if it is lost or stolen. I'll only buy through a store-front shop from now on (or face-to-face w/ cash).
  8. call around. $1,999 is MAP. Street price is usually lower if you call a stocking dealer.
  9. The rifles were discontinued in 2011. I saw CDNN selling them for about $1k about 2.5 yrs ago. I don't think Alan Zitta (ZM-Weapons), the originator of the system that Para licensed, is making them anymore either. There is one for sale on GunsAmerica now.
  10. Don't have a K16i, but have a K624i and I love it. Reticle is daylight-bright, eye relief is superb and the glass is very good. I've shot someone's K16i and think it's the best 1-6 out there.
  11. Nope. That's MSRP. MAP is lower, and street is lower still.
  12. Any rifle that is **100%** reliable with **100%** reliable magazines will do, provided it can hold 1moa. As for a scope, anything that is FFP, has a zero-stop, MIL/MIL or MOA/MOA and has **100%** repeatable windage and elevation will do.
  13. On my SBR, I use the CZ-Custom trigger pack (w/ their disconnect) and it's night and day difference from the factory trigger. I've found no need for any other mods (except for a red dot).
  14. Some major matches for the upcoming 2018 season are not having a PCC division, and the MDs are refusing to explain their decision or using excuses that don't hold up.
  15. I love my SBR'ed CZ Evo Scorp! I had CZC install their trigger pack (w/ their disconnect and HBI trigger), which is a huge improvement and worth it.
  16. It took 10 months almost exactly for my Form 1 to be processed last year (e-file trust, pre 41F). This year, I had 2 Form 4s processed in about 8 months as an individual via the Silencer Shop kiosk and I have another Form 4 pending for a SBR also via the Silencer Shop kiosk. As stated above, if you have a trust, everyone on the trust now has to be fingerprinted and background checked, whereas pre-41F they weren't. That's why trusts take a few months longer than an individual filing.
  17. I use a SBR'ed CZ Evo Scorpion for PCC.
  18. Kahles K16i and Trijicon TA-11 both are daylight bright.
  19. It's all cheap Chinese made airsoft crap. Why would anyone buy it rather than the genuine article? You're spending thousands of dollars on a new gun but you want to be cheap and buy counterfeit mag pouches?
  20. Anyone have or shot one of these (this is the new model that was released this year). On paper it seems comparable with the Kahles K16i.
  21. I have the CZC trigger pack and their disconnect in my Evo Scorp SBR. It is a night and day difference over the factory trigger. For me, it was well worth it (had CZC install it).
  22. The Armageddon Game Changer is great (using it with my AI AT).
  23. Accuracy International AT, factory .308 barrel, S&B 5x25 PMII P4F scope. Also have a 6x47 Lapua barrel made for it. AI AT.pdf
  24. They had a prototype at Shot - works like the other lula loaders.
  25. Any MIM or cast (not machined) part should be replaced and installed by a competent gunsmith.
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