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  1. I've had a 550 and 650 for some time and LOVE all the good information listed in this post by everyone. Thanks everyone!
  2. BLT

    Indiana shooter

    Every Wednesday!!! That would be sweet. I'm ready for the winter to be gone and get to shooting outside. Had some work done on my Limited gun and ready to plow through the reloads at matches and practice.
  3. BLT

    Indiana shooter

    SWEET another shooter and forum member from the GREAT State of Indiana. Even though its winter here there are a few places, Parabellum and Applied Ballistics, holding indoor matches. Even though its inside with limited space they do some pretty fun stages in my opinion. Hope to see you there.
  4. BLT

    Greetings from Indiana!

    Welcome and I'm from Indiana too. And since that is the case Indiana has to be GREAT !
  5. BLT

    New Member from Indiana

    Welcome sir! I'm from Indiana too and new to the game. There are some really GREAT people in USPSA here. I have been treated so good at matches. I shoot Limited but looking to get into Single Stack. I too absolutely LOVE the 1911 platform.
  6. BLT

    First match... Hooked!

    !!!! The addiction is REAL for sure. Good luck in your USPSA journey
  7. BLT

    Concealed Carry STI Edge?

    Way to big and heavy for sure. STI has some other 2011 options which would be much better.
  8. Not much more I can add. GREAT info/advice listed before this. If cash flow allows I will get a back up and if not go with parts.
  9. BLT


    Thanks for optimism and confidence. I don't win B class all the time but when I do I still compare myself to my friends who blow me away each and every match. I try and squad up with them to watch what they etc. That may not work for others but I really enjoy getting completely owned by my friends because it drives me to do better. They are nice about it most of time . I just go out and try to push it slightly more each match. I have some REALLY good friends/shooters locally that I know that have me under their wings. So I don't have any excuses to not move up to A in 2018.
  10. BLT

    Single Stack 9 vs .40 vs 45

    Thanks for the insight sir. I will look up what the pros are using but still think 9mm is where I will start. I shoot a friends Rock Island in 9mm and it was very soft but need to try more then magazine. I don't plan on any major matches and most of the local matches would be fine with the 9mm. I'm not a fan of the limited number of factory made SS in .40 caliber. Nothing against the STI Trojan but I really want to try a Dan Wesson Pointman Nine PM-9. I have a STI Edge but want to try another brand. I have two kids I'm planning on introducing to steel and hopefully move them into USPSA, if they want to. So the 9mm would be better. They will more then likely start off with a PCC of some kind though and not a handgun. Come on the PCC is so FUN! Same ammo for PCC and SS so that a winner. I realize the .40 can be down loaded but I really like some of 9mm factory guns out there. I will contact some local friends in the USPSA game and see what the each option feels like BUT the extra rounds in SS minor will probably be the winner winner chicken dinner.
  11. BLT

    Single Stack 9 vs .40 vs 45

    HOLY COW that is awesome is so many ways! I will try it and see what happens. Thank you sir.
  12. This is deep but I agree. I also slow down I little on the first stage of a match. Probably not the best advice since I'm a newbie. Not that I walk it but I like to have a pretty solid run. Most of time I mess something up but for the most part the first stage is a positive experience because I get the warm up in that one is not allowed before USPSA matches.
  13. BLT

    Pre-Match Diet

    This is my best advice also. Stay in your rhythm. changing things up before a match is a recipe for disaster. If better habits make sense before a match, they make sense all the time. Not really sure why one would vary from their normal habits. Sure if its hot out stay hydrated etc but just like your gear and ammo etc don't change stuff at the last minute before a match.
  14. BLT

    Loss of Bullseye Skill?

    I agree. I play this game as accuracy slightly before speed. I'm a newbie so you may not want to take my advice . So I put some bulleyes type drills in at the end of each live fire practice session. Not so much in dry fire though which is probably a mistake...did I mention I'm a newbie...LOL! I started Bulleye shooting before USPSA. I still like it, not anywhere close to USPSA though, because it forces one to focus on the fundamentals.
  15. BLT

    Quicker transitions

    GREAT advice and instruction here. Thanks everyone for helping us newbies improve. The video posted which JJ drew on the ground was awesome.