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  1. LOL! Oops! Now I found yours. Thanks for the heads up
  2. Crap I forgot to ask! Does anyone here live in Indiana and have a JP I could try?....Please....
  3. I started a thread, a while back, asking the question on which platform for PCC. Glad I found this thread due to the amount of information listed! My issue is I'm trying to use the PCC for other roles, suppressor host, fun gun and defense which will make it even harder to fit into the gamer gun only slot. Play money not high right now so I'm leaning towards a CZ Scorpion in either SBR or carbine configuration. I thought about building AR9 as well. Also the JP fully length and SBRs looked very nice.
  4. Nice videos and I requested to follow you on Instagram. Thanks man
  5. Also forgot to mention I'll probably go SBR so it can be portable and concealed really easily. And YES everyone I realize trying to get a platform to fit multiple roles means it will not be the best at any of them but at least I have something to play with in PCC. However, purchasing and using a AR would be better because I use one at work.
  6. Reference JP service I completely agree. I attended one of the past NRA conventions and spoke with one of their staff/booth personnel. We chatted for quit some time about AR builds etc and he was extremely nice, knowledgeable and willing to assist me in whatever I needed. At the time I was working for a local gun business and was trying to get setup with them for custom builds. So far JP is top-notch on several levels and I would LOVE to purchase their product. As has been stated before ... "you get what you pay for." The Scorpion is probably going to be the option chosen because it will fill a few roles outside being my gamer PCC. If the money is available, meaning the hot sexy wife allows it, I'll get either the JP or MPX.
  7. I'm in southern Indiana. Thanks for the offer/info and if I was closer that would awesome for sure.
  8. Again THANKS everyone for their input! I borrowed a friends pistol version Scorpion, with a brace, and the recoil does indeed suck . Hopefully I can get a few different platforms together, when the weather turns nicer, for a comparison later this year.
  9. I've had a 550 and 650 for some time and LOVE all the good information listed in this post by everyone. Thanks everyone!
  10. Every Wednesday!!! That would be sweet. I'm ready for the winter to be gone and get to shooting outside. Had some work done on my Limited gun and ready to plow through the reloads at matches and practice.
  11. SWEET another shooter and forum member from the GREAT State of Indiana. Even though its winter here there are a few places, Parabellum and Applied Ballistics, holding indoor matches. Even though its inside with limited space they do some pretty fun stages in my opinion. Hope to see you there.
  12. Welcome and I'm from Indiana too. And since that is the case Indiana has to be GREAT !
  13. Welcome sir! I'm from Indiana too and new to the game. There are some really GREAT people in USPSA here. I have been treated so good at matches. I shoot Limited but looking to get into Single Stack. I too absolutely LOVE the 1911 platform.
  14. !!!! The addiction is REAL for sure. Good luck in your USPSA journey
  15. Way to big and heavy for sure. STI has some other 2011 options which would be much better.
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