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  1. Speed comes from being relaxed as tense muscles cannot move as fast as when they are relaxed. If you have tension in your shoulders the only way to go fast is to muscle the gun which is not good. remember, you shoot with your hands and you must learn to crush the gun with your hands and relax everything else. also, are you looking at your first target with the gun pointed at the start flag or are you looking at the start flag through your sights? if the latter, that is a major reason for your 'slowness' because at the start signal your brain doesn't know where you want to end up (you're not looking at your intended target) and therefore your subconscious doesn't know when to stop the gun until your eyes do finally get to the target. after sighting on teh start flag & gripping the gun correctly you need to be looking at your first plate while waiting for the timer to go off
  2. your thinking is backwards ... faster times are MUCH harder to achieve than slower times. look at RFPO as compared to open, then pick up a rimfire gun and try to make those times. that being said, if you are a true GM in one division, with a little bit of work you should be able to make GM in others
  3. what gun you shoot it irrelevant to your competition strategy (ie - stage shooting order). The items you mention as rationale for using different shoot order are easily over come with training. you don't need to change shooting order, you need to up your training
  4. yep, Hunters Gold. They are photocromatic and change with conditions. no more changing glasses as conditions change
  5. when it comes to selecting a competition firearm there is only one feature that is mandatory, a couple that are very important and the rest are just personal preference. The gun must be 100% reliable. Even one hiccup out of 200 is unacceptable ( without m/u shots you only need 195 rds for a match) Important things are that the gun fit your hands correctly so that your trigger finger fits correctly on the trigger. I bought a $350 Browning Buckmark when i decided to shoot SC full-time and replaced the barrel & grips with TacSol parts, added a C-more and never looked back. Why? Because the gun just works. it eats anything and after over 125,000 rds its still going strong. Oh and ditch the commentator. they do nothing in a rimfire gun (ok, they may look cool) and can cause issues. It won't repeat all the testing i did to reach that conclusion but you can listen to my podcasts from last year or search posts here
  6. gun is now running without issue ... I'll look into those open gas plugs in the mean time, thx!
  7. Ok, 99% sure what the issue was ... took the gun apart and the gas tappit was basically frozen in the gas port took a soaking in Hopes 9 & a mallet and punch to dislodge ... its currently on my garage floor somewhere luckily I have a spare. Just don’t remember that many rods thru teh gun since teh last time I took teh tappit out ...? One question, does the gas valve need to be disammbled too? Looks like you need some kind of ‘special wrench’ to screw off the face of it? cleaned it all reassembled & lubed - bolt closes freely when charging so we’ll see tomorrow if I can get at least 200 rds out of it since our range has decided to restart matches as of 1 May & the steel match is every 1st Saturday. All sorts of new rules like everyone has to wear a mask and bring cleaner & sanitizer with them to clean after every shooter, etc. we’ll see how much fun it is - might end up postponing more matches until all this >>>>> subsides
  8. Appreciate all the feedback guys & Im not ignoring anyone - just others things are taking priority these last few weeks - no shooting since march - can’t actually remember the last time I didn’t Shoot for 4 weeks straight ..... I’m going to check the gas port today, lube the bolt a little more on the outside and then try it tomorrow & report back ...
  9. Yes, that’s how I have it as well ....
  10. At FL state I had the issues as described, no light strikes, pull the trigger & hear a ‘click’ which I assumed is the hammer falling but nothing. After finally taking it apart & cleaning I took it to the range recently & that’s when it would fire once but not a second time unless I cycled the bolt, this is also where I noticed the bolt not completing closing some times which I know won’t allow the gun to fire. But even after recycling to get the bolt to close it would just fire once. Unfortunately I don’t remember if I checked to see if the bolt was fully closed after it fired. If it was not each time then I agree that’s clearly the problem. I’m going to disable it today & check the gas port and then bring it to the range tomorrow to see where I am. I just cycled the bolt a few times & it fully closes each time now so we’ll see.. I may have to start cleaning the gas port more than every 800 -1,000 rods?
  11. no argument, so here's the detailed history. the gun unfortunately doesn't get used that much as I just don't have time to train seriously with more than one gun. so prior to the FL State Championship in Dec I had cleaned the gun & ops checked it and it worked just fine - about 100 rds. at the match on the first stage after the first run the gun would not fire at all. cycle the bolt, new rd in the chamber, pull the trigger & click - nothing. tried taking it apart but could not see anything broken however after removing the firing pin I could not see through the hole where it would exit the bolt to strike the round and so we concluded maybe it was gunked up and someone on my squad said you can't get any lube in there - not that i put any in there but I've been told the gun likes to run wet so I've been putting lots of lube on the gun? Finally got around last week to deal with this & took the gun apart ( not the gas port since I had just cleaned it), cleaned everything. the video I was using from Sig for reference said not to use too much lube (so which is it?) so I didn't. took it to the range where I experienced the issues I first described.
  12. I wish that were the case but I doubt the gun has more than a few thousand rds through it ...
  13. Thx all ... I’d try to answer what seem to be the possible big issues: this is a Gen 2 where the gas port has been opened up to Gen 1 standards. There is a hyper fire 24C trigger. This is a new problem for this gun. I’v been Running the gun with loads as light as 90 PF without issue before and theses particular rounds are ones from my STI Steelmaster and are about 130 PF since the STI won’t run reliably below that. Loads are using WST the trigger goes click meaning the hammer is falling so I believe it is resetting the empty case ejects when the round fires I probably need to use more lube on the bolt I recently cleaned the gas port but have had issues before where it was really gunned up ... how often do you clean that gas port. I’ll have to check the bolt cam pin. So i guess it’s possible to ressemble it the wrong way and it still goes back together? Loaded I didn’t’t look to see the position of the bolt when I pulled the trigger for round #2 & nothing happened . I noticed the bolt not fully closed when i recycled the charging handle to check the round for a possible light strike
  14. I'm having an issue with my MPX that hopefully someone can point me to the likely cause. basically the gun will only fire a single round and when i pull the trigger a second time a just get a 'click'. if I cycle the charging handle, eject the round an new round chambers I can fire that round but then the cycle repeats itself. A secondary issue, which may or may not be related is that when I cycle the charging handle the bolt doesn't always fully close and I have to partially reopen the bolt or do a complete recycle and then it fully closes. I've already taken the gun apart, cleaned it including dissembling the firing pin & gas chamber but that didn't fix the issue. Any suggestions of what to look at?
  15. Sorry, Forgot to mention it is a 650 doing 9mm. What is the ‘rea;ignment tool? i’ll clean everything and also check the spring arm position BTW, just like with my guns I hate cleaning, why can’t stuff work when its dirty ....
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