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  1. Sorry, Forgot to mention it is a 650 doing 9mm. What is the ‘rea;ignment tool? i’ll clean everything and also check the spring arm position BTW, just like with my guns I hate cleaning, why can’t stuff work when its dirty ....
  2. started having an issue with primers not seating correctly & being crushed during the up stroke. at first I thought it was some military crimped cases but than I tried reloading a case that was deprimed and didnt work at first and it worked just fine the 2nd time. it only happens every 3rd or 4th case & if I jiggle the shellplate i can some times get it to line up & seat the primer without issue. anyone know what needs to be adjusted?
  3. Still one slot open in the small (7 person) Skills & Drills class on 7/8 Feb. Lots of questions but no takers. Don't miss this chance to take a class with Ben in a small class AND shoot a match with him on a squad with just him & the class students. I have it on very good authority that this is the last time he'll be doing that. E-mail me at: SteelShootBanners@outl;ook.com for info
  4. yes, same concept, trigger prep is removing the 'slack' or pre-travel from a trigger and then hesitating before continuing to break the shot - you see this a lot with Glock triggers which can have a lot of pre-travel. it is not a good technique for trigger control as it usually introduces 'trigger jerk' which results in shots going low-left on RH shooters. when happens is shooters prep the trigger while they refine their sight picture and then wait and when they get the perfect sight picture they jerk the trigger to complete the shot while they still have a good sight picture. Once you start your trigger pull you shouldn't stop. For all shots except exceptionally difficult or long shots you don't need a '[perfect' sight picture to hit the A zone. And your gun will always be moving - its called the wobble zone so prepping the trigger while you wait to stop the gun never works. get a 'good enough' sight picture then start pulling the trigger and don't stop.
  5. Another slot has opened up in the Skills & Drills class 7/8 Feb. Small class (only 8 total)
  6. A spot has opened up in the Skills & Drills class Feb 7/8. Class held at Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club, Palm Bay, Fl. Cost is $370 and this is a small class; only 7 students + me. Ben has also agreed to shoot our local club match the next day with a squad of just the students & i have it on good authority this will be the last time he does this ... E-mail me at: steelshootbanners@outlook.com if interested
  7. Ok, so as not to interfere with SC Nationals & Worlds this year I’ve moved this annual class with Ben to February 2020. Fundamentals class is 5/6 Feb & Skills & Drills class is 7/8 Feb. I have 2 spots s left in Fundamentals & 1 in S&D. Contact me if interested
  8. So I was going to wait to mention this but you've hit on an important point, at least at our club - Its one of the reasons i don't shoot AS very often, as compared to the USPSA matches I'm used to the stages are very vanilla & don't change that much from month to month. I think the perceived 'intimidation factor" of USPSA shooting has something to do with it as well. If you're new to action shooting you've probably heard that USPSA is full of a bunch of highly competitive, world-class shooters at every match ... lol. I know I've heard this before from new shooters whoa re interested in competition shooting but don't want to shoot a match until they get better ... being able to 'know' you hit the target by waiting for the ding is a big deal to a lot of shooters and a significant difference from USPSA ... While AS is still basically just an outlaw match I did see on 'matchsignup.org' that there is apparently a National Action Steel Championship being held this year. Didn't think there was any origination yet so its probably someone who just decided to claim it to be a Championship but it will be interesting to see who shows up ...
  9. things to consider when trying to determine which is the best shooting order on a particular stage: 1. It's always 'accuracy at speed'. Accuracy is meaningless if you can't do it fast & speed in irrelevant if you can't hit anything. You should be training for both in your drills. 2.Risk is very important when evaluating shooting order. It is usually better plan to select the shooting order that is the least risky based on your current shooting skills & give up a .1 or two then to have misses which require makeup shots or worse, that a 3 sec penalty. Look at your stage times when you shoot a clean run vice even one make-up shot on a string to see what this is costing you. Then for a match multiple that by the number of makeup shots you have in a match to see why you don't want to be doing this. 3. At any given skill level or classification, most shooters are all about the same speed, the difference in who comes out on top in a match is who makes the least amount of mistakes (make-up shots). Most shooters have no idea how much time they are losing due to make-up shots but even for a good rimfire shooter its .3 -.5 secs so say you shoot at a pace that is .2 sec slower but it results in NO makeup shots, which one should you execute? 4. Assuming you've factored in risk correctly, the timer doesn't lie. If one shooting order will result in faster times without increasing the risk so you make mistakes that's what you should be doing, regardless of what the "best' way to shoot the stage is.
  10. I realize this is the Steel Challenge subforum but there is a connection here ... my club started shooting Action Steel matches about a year ago & they have become quite popular with 50 or so shooters/match. This rivels our Steel Challenge matches which ave 50+/month, even in the dead of summer. however, I've noticed that a very large percentage of the Action Steel shooters don't shoot USPSA (but they all shoot Steel Challenge) and this seems quite odd to me given that in its most basic form, Action Steel is just a USPSA match with all non-falling steel targets. So it would seem that if you like AS you'd also like USPSA but at least at my Club this is not the case. Thinking about this a little deeper, the one big difference in these 2 matches comes down to a question of accuracy. In AS, you just have to hit the the plate, & if you don't know how to call your shots, which I would submit is the norm for the typical 'rank & file' shooter, you get the added benefit of 'waiting for the ding' to ensure you hit it to avoid the embarassing 'walk of shame' so typical in a USPSA match where you discover all manner of uncalled misses when you walk around to score your targets. This difference is level of required accuracy and feedback apparently makes for a more pleasant experience and therefore a more 'fun' match. I've asked this question many times of the AS shooters at my club who have never shot a USPSA match and the only answers I ever get are "its a lot of fun to shoot" ... not exactly an enlightening answer .... :). I realize this is only one data point from one Club & therefore may represent nothing more than a weird outlying statistic but I'm curious what those of you at other Club's are experiencing?
  11. hmmmm .... don't really know anything about steel but the rectangular tubes we purchased didn't cost anywhere near that much. I think we paid around $200 for enough to make 40. cheap stuff works just fine. ours have been in the ground for 3 years without issue. i did spray the inside of each with rustolem paint just so it would make it easier to pull the 2 x4s out each time but that was it.
  12. Nimitz

    CO optic

    reliability is critical for this optic. once I start training with it, it will have to hold up to 2,000- 2,500 rds/month + matches. How many rds do folks have through these without any issues?
  13. Nimitz

    CO optic

    any idea how the FOV compares with the DPP? How many rounds do you have trough it & any issues?
  14. Nimitz

    CO optic

    agree. 2.5 is way too small for Steel Challenge which is what this will be for. I currently run 12 moa dots currently on all my open guns. when your average time for a run is around 3 secs, little tiny dots don't cut it ...
  15. something to consider if this bay is your private bay to do what you want would be to put hollow rectangular steel tubes in the ground. then , not only do you have every spot marked but now you don't need stands any more, just 2 x 4s ... 12" tubes are long enough. I did this for all 8 stages at my club when I was the MD and could setup for an entire match by myself in 1 hr ....
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