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  1. hmmmm .... don't really know anything about steel but the rectangular tubes we purchased didn't cost anywhere near that much. I think we paid around $200 for enough to make 40. cheap stuff works just fine. ours have been in the ground for 3 years without issue. i did spray the inside of each with rustolem paint just so it would make it easier to pull the 2 x4s out each time but that was it.
  2. Nimitz

    CO optic

    reliability is critical for this optic. once I start training with it, it will have to hold up to 2,000- 2,500 rds/month + matches. How many rds do folks have through these without any issues?
  3. Nimitz

    CO optic

    any idea how the FOV compares with the DPP? How many rounds do you have trough it & any issues?
  4. Nimitz

    CO optic

    agree. 2.5 is way too small for Steel Challenge which is what this will be for. I currently run 12 moa dots currently on all my open guns. when your average time for a run is around 3 secs, little tiny dots don't cut it ...
  5. something to consider if this bay is your private bay to do what you want would be to put hollow rectangular steel tubes in the ground. then , not only do you have every spot marked but now you don't need stands any more, just 2 x 4s ... 12" tubes are long enough. I did this for all 8 stages at my club when I was the MD and could setup for an entire match by myself in 1 hr ....
  6. Nimitz

    CO optic

    Thx. Does the DPP have any options for dot size?
  7. Nimitz

    CO optic

    Since I'm never going to be shooting Production again & I don't want to get rid of my SP01 Shadow I've decided to convert it to a CO pistol. Have not been following the current trends in this division so what optic are folks using for the Shadow in CO?
  8. it goes the way it ALWAYS goes ..... Ben comes out, holds several classes & just yells at me for 4-6 straight days .... apparently he can't remember that I am a 3-division GM .... been doing this with him since 2015 .... apparently the weather is nicer here in Florida that Wisconsin ....
  9. 5 years ago I bought a complete 650XL setup including casefeeder, mounting brackets, tool set, etc - the works. Over teh last 5 years I've needed teh odd part replaced and as any of you who own a 650XL know, their lifetime warrenty is unrivaled. A week & a half ago while cranking out ammo in prep for 6 days of shooting with Ben Stoeger the main arm just sheared of. the press has close to 200,000 rds through it and has been worked hard. called them up to see if they had a 'tune-up service' since replacing that part was not straight forward & other parts could use replacing as well. sure enough that have that service so I packed it up & sent it off. well today a box from Dillon shows up and its a BRAND NEW 650XL. All i can say is if you're getting ready to get into relaoding, look no further than Dillon & specifically the 650XL - you will not be sorry! Just fantastic customer support ....
  10. I now have 1 spot in the Fundamentals class on 30/31 Mar as well as the 1 spot in the S&D class on 3/4 April ... cost is $370 e-mail: SteelShootBanners@outlook.com for the fastest response
  11. You guys all just love to use a material solution to address an operational issue instead of fixing the underlying tasks, procedures and techniques ... you all would fit very well in the military acquisition system
  12. Well we agree to disagree .... never had an issue with a timer even once at a major and it’s not my responsibility anyway, it’s the ROs, set sensitivity correctly and hold the timer where you are supposed to and it picks up shots every time . The physics don’t lie as far as their value and you said it yourself ... ‘good condition’ and I would guess that many folks comps are not in good condition ... ref the OP .... many people love to use a material solution to address an operational issue, it’s easier but not always the best long term answer ...
  13. there is absolutely no reason to have a Comp on a rim fire gun. it does nothing (do the basic physics calculations) & can cause many issues - accuracy being one of the most important
  14. I have a pair from Axil Pro. they have 4 modes: 3 sound enhancement & 1 sound protection. You go to an audiologist to have custom ear inserts made and an audiogram (hearing test). The devices are tuned specifically to your hearing and as your hearing changes over time you send them back with new audiograms & they update them - for free. They are not cheap - $3995 but I love mine ...
  15. C-more. they are on all 4 of my open guns (RFPO, RFRO, PCCO, open-CF), they never lose their zero & never fail & the diodes last a long time. Over 3 years currently on my RFPO @ 5x/week dryfire & 3x/week live fire + 2 matches/month ... I'm sure the others are good as well but ....
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