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  1. Nimitz

    Flying M 2000?

    There have been a couple of SC stages that have been retired since the sport was first introduced & Flying M 2000 is one of them. Can't tell you the history of why .... BTW, the reason Speed Option is called what it is is because one of the plates used to be 'optional' meaning you didn't have to shoot it but if you did and hit it you got time subtracted from your run .... the top shooters were so good at doing it they started to get scores less than zero so it was abandoned ...
  2. UPDATE: i found someone who has taken 2 of the slots so there is still one left ...
  3. Please see the ad I just posted in Classified about this ... all 3 of my slots are available at a reduced price to you ...
  4. Nimitz

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    As an RO try the following at your next level II or higher match and watch what happens: shooter completes a stage run, ULASC, RO calls 'range is clear'. No RO brings up any issue related to a possible DQ. Shooter leaves the shooting area, 5 more competitiors shoot the stage, 20 mins goes by .... RO #1 goes to RO #2 " I think we need to DQ that shooter from 20 minutes ago due to XYZ" ...... never gonna happen ..... this is is what happens at SC matches because wwe're allowed to shoot multiple guns at the same time ..... This BTW is one of many reasons I think either USPSA needs to recognize that SC is not USPSA and rules may need to be different to cover the sport correctly or just sell it and let someone else run the sport on its own .... (Exit soap box now)
  5. Thx,. I'll check them out ...
  6. Nimitz

    My MPX build.

    You need to paint it ..... Lol
  7. Thx all. I'm shooting extreme 124s and WST. I like the idea of rotating tappers ... Where did u get them? I did a quite search and couldn't find any parts ... 2011bldr:. What is that "in led we trust full open plug"? i have some Titiegroup but am not excited about using one power for my MPX and WST for everything else - not sure how dirty WST is anyway and I don't really want to switch ,,,, guess I'll need to be cleaning more often .... anyone take the the gas port apart? It looked as is like you can screw off the back side with one of those special pinch plyers - not really sure what they are actually called ..
  8. How often are you all having to take apart the gas port & tapit and clean them? After my first 1,000 - 1,200 rds there was so much carbon built up the bolt wouldn't fully close after firing the first round and the gun turned into a single shot PCC -lol. Got the port & tapit out with some effort & cleaned them and then at last week's Steel Challenge match got to the forth stage (~ 110 rds) and the gun started to do the same thing. Took it apart and while the gas port wasn't clogged anywhere near like last time it took quite a bit of force to rotate & remove it and the tapit wouldn't budge either without a lot of Hoppes #9 & force .... Anyone else seeing this in their MPX?
  9. Nimitz

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    Zack: the central issue is NOT how we record it in Practiscore .... there is no difference between a 'DNF" or a 'DQ" except that in the former you get to see whatever scores you shot when the final results are posted. It does not address the central issue which is - eliminating someone from competition with a gun that they didn't violate any rules - is inappropriate, grossly unfair and not in accordance with our other rules ...
  10. Nimitz

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    Ok, since it was my podcast that started this and I've let this run on for a while let me explain why I brought it up .... my problem with the rule the way it stands is that it is in direct conflict with our other rules ... we can't have it both ways. Our rules need to be consistent ... According to our rules you can't DQ someone "after the fact"; DQs are real-time calls. You can't DQ someone 20 mins after an infraction because you now think its appropriate. You either do it when the infraction occurs or there is no DQ. Unfortunately the 'match DQ rule" violates this. Ex: I'm shooting 2 guns on a squad at the same time: I shoot my RFPO gun 1st on my squad on stage 1 - no issues, RO calls "range is clear" which means that unless I do something else with that gun - take it out of its bag & wave it around .... I can't be DQed for that gun ... according to our own rules. 20 mins later I'm called to the line to shoot my RFRO, something happens & I violate a rule & get DQed - FOR THE VIOLATION I JUST COMMITTED WITH THAT GUN. To now also DQ me for another gun I'm shooting for which I've done nothing wrong, now or in the past, violates our other rules ... One way or another all or rules need to be consistent - particularly when it concerns something like DQs .....
  11. Nimitz

    SC Rules too Complicated?

    I agree with your conclusion ... although not for the reasons you stated .... I think SC could benefit significantly from just going to 2 divisions in the center fire match (maybe 3 for revolver) like we do for the other 3 matches ... just open & iron sight divisions; open is the same as now and the iron sight division would be only irons of course ... get rid of all the silly "equipment based" rules from USPSA since they don't really make that much difference and like we always say - this is SC not USPSA. Anyone want to really try and argue that because I have a thumb rest or magwell or 22 rds in my mag I'm at some competitive advantage over the guy who doesn't have these things? I'll even give you the race hostlers vs production style holsters if you want to mandate those although it really doesn't make that much difference. And before everyone starts jumping up & down that they do go watch any video of Ben Stoeger's draw and you'll see it's sub 1 sec with a lowly production style holster. Comps & optical sights are about the only things which can provide real advantages. what's good for the other 3 matches should be good for the center fire match I know the argument is that HQ won't do it because they don't want to lose the revenue from shooters shooting multiple divisions but I'd like to see some actual data from nationals & the WSSC for the last couple of years which show that a significant number of competitors shoot multiple iron sight divisions & if we did away with them those shooters would all go down to just one iron sight gun .... Given that we now have PCC a competitor can shoot 3-4 guns and not shoot 2 iron sight divisions easily.
  12. Nimitz

    Getting under 100 in Prod

    hey Rowdy .... if you really plan to make SC a serious training activity there is this great training book available on Amazon that is dedicated 100% to the sport of Steel Challenge ... :). There is a lot more going on to training for SC than most people realize .... given your current skill level in USPSA, breaking 100 in SC is certainly doable but it's going to take some dedicated training ... on par with what you've been doing for USPSA, no getting around that I'm afraid ...
  13. Nimitz

    Outer Limits disabled shooter penalty?

    back when the rules were still under discussion for the new rule book this penalty was a hot topic and 1sec & 1.5 sec penalties were being thrown around as "good" times to use. So I went out and shot Outer Limits cold from the center box with no movement to see what this would look like. I'm not going to post my times since sanity has prevailed and I've not heard a MD impose anything less than 2 secs but let's just say that if this penalty had been put in place at below 2 secs I would have showed up to my next major wearing a cast on one leg ...
  14. Nimitz

    Outer Limits disabled shooter penalty?

    Here's one data point with recorded times in a shooting journal to back it up .... time for transition between 2nd shot to 3rd shot for a non-nationally competitive 58 yr old GM in RFPO: dry fire average:. 1.8 secs live fire average:. 1.95 secs not sure what you do with this info but it's actual times recorded over the last year ....
  15. well, at least i know what the issue is ... lol. Had to use a hammer to bang on a crescent wrench locked on to the front of the valve to get it to loosen & rotate. Unfortunately even after pulling out the valve the tappet wouldn't budge due to all the carbon caked on it ... I'm soaking it in some bore cleaner to hopefully loosen it up & then thoroughly clean it. The end of the valve which goes into the port on the barrel was also caked with carbon ... looks like I'll be cleaning the gas port a lot more often ...