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  1. What bullets are you using? i changed bullets... I no longer have issues or cull any brass...
  2. i am able to reload magazine with no correction sorry just to be clear (i've read the same before ) you are adding +.75 to front sight focus? i've been hitting the range daily to confirm prescription. while shooting both eyes open i'm still seeing a bit of a double image with the blurry /front sight focus image is the good one.... i'm told that the +.75 will help merge the "double vision"
  3. today's range session with scrip fell apart at 10 and 15 yards!!!! still good at 3-7yard ?! how far past front sight (towards target) did you your optometrist set scrip/focus? or what change from actual front sight focus?
  4. I got a cheap pair of percription glasses to test occupational scrip/ shooting perscription got a cheap pair to test the percription before ordering final pair of glasses non dominant eye almost no correction for distantance dominant eyes rx'd for just past front sight focus. Single perscription im very excited to see front sight crisp again!!! shot about 50 rounds today, quick indoor range trip... I'm back to both eyes open and faster target acquisition, much tighter shot groups.... (still need a little more time with them of a bit off left right) on these test test glasses Dominant eye is a single lens now I'm questioning if I should go to bi focal for dominant eye? if I do go bi focal, is top or bottom for near field vision? part of me is thinking go with single on dominant eye ... thinking I'll end up bobbing head on site /target acquisition with bi focal lens..and keeping solution a simple as possible.... I imagine brain brain will Eventually accommodate to scrip to allow you to see well enough to move..... i need to to have new glasses ordered before this insurance year end. i couldn't get contact lenses to work. please advise.... thanks in advance!
  5. Doesn't lock back. But it's inexpensive....
  6. I'm in process of building pcc. I like taccom products and Customer care. How is recoil response without muzzle break? Does tube heat up on long strings of fire? I'm suspect of accuracy with such a short barrel? Granted pcc cof are relatively short distance
  7. Curious about taccom use barrel... just saw on web sight it's a short barrel in a tube? How does feel movement wise compared to a 16 inch with a decent brake?
  8. I saw the pro mag conversion for for about $60USD!!!
  9. Is the pro mag glock or colt mag?
  10. I have an extra lower laying around I want to convert to 9mm what conversion block or kit do you suggest? Other than hahn I can't justify $200. For that amount I'd get a dedicated lower i also prefer lock back on last round LRBHO.
  11. What's your opinion on adding polarizing to transitions gray?
  12. CZ is notoriously tight, I was able to get these to run well. I prefer the flat point, a bit more accurate but finicky with brass. but the round nose also worked well. Something doesnt sound right ....... glocks tend to be very generous..... did you smoke, or marker loaded cartridge to see where interference is? i had issues with 147 flat points with certain head stamps, Having issues at the "hips"
  13. While not tacticool..... the very discrete, Home Depot husky tool bag, I've been using the 12inch and 18" bag husky bag from Home Depot. When loading for multiple guns the 18inch bag. Most of my gear as has heavy nylon bags, or padded bags already.
  14. The first few time today I i started to "index" with my weakhand as a habit. I ended up placing, like you place hand on chest, open hand.....
  15. The brand traniitions offer polarized with gray lens only.
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