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  1. If you're truly worried about not having a powder check you can always throw a small mirror or a camera on the press to see the powder.
  2. I had a similar issue. I was lucky and just had to adjust the case insert slide. Almost your exact issue has been discussed and resolved in the forum. Good luck
  3. Has anyone tried the ones on eBay? If heard mixed reviews, most have been positive though. Anyone actually put rounds through one?
  4. I did the same thing but built it into a cart with casters to move it around. Works great.
  5. Just out of curiosity what rounds are you loading. Rifle or pistol?
  6. Use them for practice rounds, that way if they don't go bang you'll at least get some weapon manipulation training out of it.
  7. Go with the MBF. You won't regret it and if you decide to sell it they maintain their value very well.
  8. 25gn of h335 is what i use for plinking but I like to run em a little warm.
  9. Loading 223 on a 650 can be done easily. I started on a 650 and moved to a 1050 for the sake of brass prep. The biggest pain is the brass prep. you'll either need to buy processed brass or buy a case trimmer. The dillon trimmer is quick and simple but cost a couple hundred. If you don't buy processed brass you'll probably run into brass with crimped primers which means a swager or a reamer. I'd recommend an automated version of the reamer or the dillon super swager, both cost at least a 100. Once the brass is processed it's simple just like any other cartridge. You'll be able to load 223 plinking ammo for less than $200 but it will take some time to do it. If you're only gonna shoot a couple thousand a year I'd say don't mess with it unless your loading match ammo then I'd say go for it.
  10. There are many things you could do.... Are you married to that bullet/ weight? If not try a different round to see if your barrel prefers a heavier or lighter round. Do some load development and try adjusting your powder charge by .1 or .2 increments. See what shrinks or increases your group. There are way too a ton of things you can do. Search on the forum there is a ton of info on here. Hopes this helps
  11. If you're plinking you can't go wrong with the 25gn recommendation above. It's a reliable load that should run your 16in rifle without issue. It works well in both my 20in and 10.3 rifles.
  12. Try doing reloads in the dark or covering your eyes. It helped me smooth things out.
  13. Keep us posted. I'm curious as to what the solution will be.
  14. Just like the guy above ms said. If you go the sbr route you're fine but the brace version is a no go. I should have specified. I just figured it would be a hassle to sbr one of those.
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