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  1. I use the Lee Decapping die but changed out the decapping pin. I use a squirrel daddy hardened steel decapping pin that has rounded shoulders that don't catch the neck of the casing. Haven't broke any pins yet out of several thousand rounds.
  2. Any update? I'm curious as to what the issue was. I had a similar issue a while back with FC308 brass. I never resolved the issue just set the brass aside.
  3. I found a used Kushlan 350 concrete mixer on Facebook or Craigslist for $50. I used rubber horse mat/ conveyer belt material and filled inthe gaps to agitate the brass. A little hot water, pinch of dan and a sprinkle of lemi shine and half a 5gal bucket of 9mm comes out looking brand new.
  4. Good afternoon gents, I'm looking to get some input on cleaning products for precision rifle barrels. Specifically a barrel solution that removes carbon but does not remove copper from the barrel. What is everyone using that fits this type of cleaner. Thanks in advance
  5. +1 for the MBF. Once you get it set up and dialed in you won't look back. Just pay attention when loading and you'll be good to go.
  6. I shot a handful of Acme and buckets full of SNS. Honestly I couldn't tell the difference performance wise. I've stuck with SNS since they're a small semi local business that sponsors matches here in Illinois.
  7. I'm leaning more toward sticking with what I have. Not really wanting to spend hours trimming and I'm not shooting any matches or anything with it. Thanks for the input gents I truly appreciate it.
  8. These guys put on a decent video regarding hold overs and such at different zeros from 7yds and on. I thought it was informative. https://www.vigilanceelite.com/blogs/vigilance-elite-blogs/36-yard-zero I'm not associated with them at all. Just passing some information along.
  9. I've got a Savage 10 in 308 and I could not be happier with the rifle. I threw a vortex scope on it and it easily out shoots me. My only hang up is the stock mine came with is plastic and feels cheap. There are a couple replacement options available though. Other than that I highly recommend the Savage.
  10. I have two of the shockbottles and I love them. Very consistent and well manufactured. If I have any casings that sit a little high i pull them and put them in my training ammo box. The rest go into my match ammunition. I've shot the ones that stick put a bit without issue, most will sit flush if given a little pressure.
  11. You might try one of those Prairie Dog perfect powder baffles. I tried one a while back and now I don't load without one. Helps keeps the powder weight consistent at the end of the reservoir. May help with the issue you're encountering.
  12. My two cents, the steel are for your standard reloader. The carbide dies are for commercial reloaders. So if you're going to be processing large numbers of brass go carbide. I have the steel and have been happy. I process maybe 10k-25k a year.
  13. All I'm looking for some input on which case trimmer to get. I've got a ton of brass sitting around and figured I'd start processing it. What is everyone using these days. I already have a dillon rt1200 set up for 223. I am looking for a more precise option. Thanks in advance
  14. I've never directly lubed the necks of 223's. I toss a few hundred in a plastic tube squirt some dillon case lube in it and shake it around and that's all I do. However, I'm just loading 55gr fmj. If I was gonna load match grade ammunition I would probably be more tentative to the necks. Just a matter of opinions and personal experiences. Good luck
  15. I bought mine used from a guy that was processing 223 to 300 blackout. I made sure the press functioned before buying it. I would see if the seller would knock the price down to cover the cost of a parts kit. I'd then go through and replace any part that looks worn or might need replacing. Other option is, depending on how much you are buying it for it might be better to buy a new one for piece of mind and the one year warranty. Unless you are getting a steal on it. Just my two cents, good luck!
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