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  1. Did you measure the bullets? I'd be curious if they are undersized. If they are the manufacturer should either replace them or refund you the money even if they are loaded already.
  2. I bet if you add a rubber ring or seal around the base of the bucket and top of the tumbler it might eliminate some of that noise.
  3. There are people out there 3D printing bullet feeders but they don't have a warranty or a company that stands behind their product if there are issues. I've got the MBF and never looked back. I have mine mounted to the casefeeder and have had no issues. I thought about building a stand alone setup but haven't pulled the trigger yet. If you get the pro let me know how it runs please.
  4. There are several reloading groups on Facebook that seem to move presses very quickly.
  5. Never said every shot hit home.....but it is very doable.
  6. 150 yards with a glock 22 night sights hitting a 3 or 4in round steel plate consistently
  7. Either use roll over prone or in line prone. Don't hold the gun off the ground you'll fatigue your muscles. Adjust your support hand grip like a golf club so the bottom of your support hand is in contact with the ground and the rest of the hand is on the grip. Only drop your support hand as low as needed to get a proper sight picture.
  8. Never left mine running for two weeks but definitely have overnight by accident. No issues that I could see with the brass. It was very shiney though.
  9. You may want to try a 69gr round after the 62gr. My 1in 7 likes heavier rounds. It wouldn't group 55gr for crap.
  10. Go slow and read your manual. Download the user manual for the 650 and read it. It holds all the answers to your questions about the press. Also the first few sessions only reload. Don't walk away to fold laundry or something like that. Stsy focused so you don't forget what stage you're at. Good luck and always ask questions. There is a ton of knowledge here on this forum.
  11. Are the bullets undersized? Or out of spec? We had a similiar issued with some 40sw bullets that were undersized. Have you tries the rounds in a different pistol yet to eliminate the gun as the cause? What are they doing beyond 10feet?
  12. I took the case off to see how complicated sodering a new screen would be and i noticed some charing on the computer chip... Think I'm just gonna send that one in and see what they say..
  13. Wow that is impressive. I've seen a dozen or so extractors bend due to over pressure but never seen one snap clean off like that. My guess is you had an over charged round or an out of battery detonation.where the bolt wasn't fully engaged. Either way clean your chamber meticulously and check for damage to your receiver.
  14. Good afternoon, does anyone know a fix for when the screen on a pocket pro 2 illuminates then dims and continues flashing? The tone still works but the display is not functioning. Thanks
  15. I can't find it. If it's the web link it is broken and wont load.
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