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  1. Sad to hear they stopped servicing the bullet feeders. Since that option is out I'd highly recommend a MBF. I got one for 40sw as well and I have had no issues to date.
  2. Exactly what he said for me. I've stayed with the 147s after trying 124s. The cost difference was nominal and the gun stayed flatter for me allowing a faster follow-up shot. Definitely load up some of each and do some drills. You may find you like one over the regardless what others say or use. Good luck!
  3. I've ran thousands of moly coated lead bullets made by SNS Casting through my Glock 17 and 34 without issue. If you're gonna shoot lead I'd recommend moly coated bullets vs plain lead bullets. If you start seeing lead in the barrel run a brass brillow pad through the barrel to pull out any of the residual lead.
  4. Search the forum and you'll get several threads with multiple tips/ tricks guys have used to solve this debacle you have going on. Good luck!
  5. exact same for me, I've been playing around with their round nose bullets but the load data is sound and shoots like a wet dream.
  6. If you're looking for a 75ish grain mag length bullet you might want to look into the blackhills mk262 mod 1. It's a 77gr OTM bullet.
  7. That's great, if it wasn't a match gun before it probably has the sto k recoil spring in it. I'll have to check mine to see what weight it is. I shoot 147gr lead bullets and it has no recoil or muzzle flip.
  8. if your media is clumping it could be too much lube or moisture inside the casings. Walnut media tends to clump when moisture gets added to the mix.
  9. Both guesses make sense, good idea replacing the internals of the slide. You probably saved yourself a massive headache down the road.
  10. I'd be concerned as to why the firing pin channel liner was messed with in the first place. It isn't something that really needs to be messed with. Did the previous owner change it out?
  11. For pistol brass I clean with primers intact then load in one session. Rifle brass i dry tumble then deprime and trim and clean it again before loading.
  12. CPD7119

    Preferred grip tape

    I've always used skateboard tape or the 3m tread stuff on my glocks and haven't had any issues with it. It's cheap so if it falls off I throw more on. It doesn't look as nice as the talons or the precut stuff though.
  13. Shoot a glock 34 in matches and was carrying a glock 22 at work but finally got a 34 approved so 34's all day for me. Outside work i carry either an XDS in 45 or a glock 19.
  14. Avoid crossing your feet, see guys trip all the time crossing their feet while training. A side shuffle works for me but everyone's body mechanics are different. Let us know what you figure out.
  15. Thanks much gents, I've got sone research to do now. Much appreciated!
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