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  1. Bullets forward for me, match rig is the same as the duty rig..the old muscle memory stigma.
  2. Check the battery life recommended by the manufacturer and cut it in half if you're worried about it. I changed work gun batteries once a year to be safe.
  3. If your dot starts to "bloom" take a que tip and wipe down the emitter. You can use a lense cleaning solution on the que tip as well if you want.
  4. Break cleaner with a green scrub pad will clean them up nicely. Any leftover residue can be blown out after the scrub pad.
  5. I should have added that, I already have a case feeder and bullet feeder.
  6. I purchased a used 1050 a while back and am planning on getting some use out of it this spring. What are some of the mods available that are actually worth the money? Already planning on getting the level 10 toolhead spring and bushing. What is everyone running?
  7. Looks like you have everything needed to change your priming system to small. As for your upgrades, some guys go all out and get aftermarket stuff for every component. Others leave them bone stock. It's personal preference. I'd highly recommend a light kit so you can see into the casings, roller handle, strong mount, spent primer catcher and the bearing kit. Those few items will make your life way easier. If your press didn't come with a manual I'd recommend downloading a copy from dillons website and printing it out. It will answer 99%of your questions providing you actually read it. This forum is also a wealth of knowledge. Good luck!
  8. Slightly unrelated but you may want to check your lease and make sure there isn't any language in there regarding having explosive compounds in your apartment. I know a lot of apartment buildings around me have clauses in their leases that violation means your evicted no questions asked. Obviously if they don't know it's not a big deal but just something else to ponder.
  9. The manual has a ton of good info in it.
  10. If you're truly worried about not having a powder check you can always throw a small mirror or a camera on the press to see the powder.
  11. I had a similar issue. I was lucky and just had to adjust the case insert slide. Almost your exact issue has been discussed and resolved in the forum. Good luck
  12. Has anyone tried the ones on eBay? If heard mixed reviews, most have been positive though. Anyone actually put rounds through one?
  13. I did the same thing but built it into a cart with casters to move it around. Works great.
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