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  1. I have a Benelli M1S90 that was extensively worked on in 2003 by Beven Grams. It works great, but can't quad-load with it, and I'd want some other changes/mods that didn't exist back then. My options: 1) send to a reputable Benelli gunsmith and have work done to it or 2) sell and purchase a 2019-era 3gun shotgun (Benelli M2 built) or (Breda B12i factory or built).
  2. I went with an Accuracy International AT in .308 and 6.5x47 Lapua w/ a Kahles k624i SKMR3 optic.
  3. I got taken by a scammer on Armslist. Paid using a US Post Office money order. USPO (or the postal inspector) didn't give a %&$# about anything and ignored me. Don't buy into the BS that a postal money order is "safe" or that you'll get reimbursed if it is lost or stolen. I'll only buy through a store-front shop from now on (or face-to-face w/ cash).
  4. call around. $1,999 is MAP. Street price is usually lower if you call a stocking dealer.
  5. The rifles were discontinued in 2011. I saw CDNN selling them for about $1k about 2.5 yrs ago. I don't think Alan Zitta (ZM-Weapons), the originator of the system that Para licensed, is making them anymore either. There is one for sale on GunsAmerica now.
  6. Don't have a K16i, but have a K624i and I love it. Reticle is daylight-bright, eye relief is superb and the glass is very good. I've shot someone's K16i and think it's the best 1-6 out there.
  7. Nope. That's MSRP. MAP is lower, and street is lower still.
  8. Any rifle that is **100%** reliable with **100%** reliable magazines will do, provided it can hold 1moa. As for a scope, anything that is FFP, has a zero-stop, MIL/MIL or MOA/MOA and has **100%** repeatable windage and elevation will do.
  9. On my SBR, I use the CZ-Custom trigger pack (w/ their disconnect) and it's night and day difference from the factory trigger. I've found no need for any other mods (except for a red dot).
  10. There is one for sale on Teaxs Gun Talk, a 4506 for 550.  Looks like it needs a bath and brush pretty bad and I don't know the seller or gun, but it is there.  He has a long membership there.  

    If you decide you want something lighter, I have a tuned up 4563TSW ex duty gun and a bunch of parts and mags I could be talked out of probably.


    Brent Barbee

    Amarillo, TX

  11. Some major matches for the upcoming 2018 season are not having a PCC division, and the MDs are refusing to explain their decision or using excuses that don't hold up.
  12. I love my SBR'ed CZ Evo Scorp! I had CZC install their trigger pack (w/ their disconnect and HBI trigger), which is a huge improvement and worth it.
  13. It took 10 months almost exactly for my Form 1 to be processed last year (e-file trust, pre 41F). This year, I had 2 Form 4s processed in about 8 months as an individual via the Silencer Shop kiosk and I have another Form 4 pending for a SBR also via the Silencer Shop kiosk. As stated above, if you have a trust, everyone on the trust now has to be fingerprinted and background checked, whereas pre-41F they weren't. That's why trusts take a few months longer than an individual filing.
  14. I use a SBR'ed CZ Evo Scorpion for PCC.
  15. Kahles K16i and Trijicon TA-11 both are daylight bright.
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