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  1. How and when will previous match attendees be signing up for te 2013 match?
  2. Lilly

    best semi

    Another vote for the Beretta 391.
  3. I have shot a number of shotguns, inclusing the Remington 1100, and I have found the Remington 1100 the softest shooting. Nancy
  4. If you want to purchase the chromed STI, you can contact me at 505-480-8079. You will need to pay for the shipping to your FFL. Thanks.

  5. Lilly

    Shotgun for wife

    I would recommend a Baretta 391 in 12 g. I am a gal and I have one and it is soft shooting. The most important thing to do with any shotgun you get for her is to have it fit to her. The proper fit will greatly help with the recoil.
  6. Could someone verify that there will not be the bolt action side match this year? The web site does not not much on it.
  7. I totally agree. Get a Remington 1100 youth model in 20 and she will love it! It has a short stock and a short barrel. I started with one and it is still one of my favorite shotguns. Choate now makes all the extensions you would want for it.
  8. Thanks for all your help. I will not go with that scope - I am glad since it is a very expensive option! I will keep working on my longer range shots.
  9. Are other shooters having similar problems on the targets you are having trouble on? Or are you having the trouble while others are hitting the targets easily. There are specific fixes for each of these situations and neither involves new optics ;-) -- Regards, I had trouble at a couple of the long range rilfe stages at the last Raton match. There were targets in shadows that I could never get a good look at. Others had a better time than I did. I did not feel confident when I took some shots that I was lined up on the target correctly. I thought a higher magnification and more light would help me. You are saying that is not the case. That is rather discouraging because I do not have vision problems.
  10. Find someone locally with one and try an ACOG out and see if it makes you happy (TA-11, or TA-01). IMHO, a high powered variable, even if it has a low power end is a real loser in 3 gunning compared to the fixed mag ACOG's and low powered variables, like the Simmons Pro Diamond and the Leupold CQT. -- Regards, That is what I have - a TA-01 - and I am having a hard time seeing what I need to see at longer distances.
  11. I am considering the UP Optics SN-3 1.8 x 10x 44mm scope with the MOA scale type 1 reticle for 3 gun. I need more magnification that 4 power and more light and field of view than scopes like the Leupold 1.5 x 5, so this looks like the ideal scope. Does anybody know anything about it? Would it work for 3-gun? Thanks for your help.
  12. Here is my 2 cents: 1) Tactical Iron Keep it. It allows a fair playing field. 2) Open Keep it but do not change anything for them. 3) Pistols On at All times Yes! 4) He Man Scopes Yes. A scope is important for those of us that do not have the vision necessary for iron sights. 5) He Man Light He Man alone should have a tested power factor. You could use the major power factors of IPSC.
  13. I just got home and I want to thank the match organizers. As always, it was a great match with the best group of ROs and match staff you will find anywhere! Thanks for all their hard work. And thank goodness we have the NRA Whittington Center available for the match. Where else can you set up the great stages they had in the natural terrain!
  14. I want to purchase a collapsible stock for my Bushmater AR-15. I want the stock to have a sling attachment and be of good quality. Does anyone have any recommendations? By the way, I purchased the AR15 mags that Brownells is selling, and they are working great and are of excellent quality!
  15. Thanks. I will get some metal mags and check mine for wear.
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