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  1. Bruce, did you you have any trigger work done to your CZ 07/09? I too have a P09 and use it in the single action setup. I love its capacity and low bore axis but the the long reset is a pain. After shooting my 1911 a lot i find myself short stroking the trigger at times during stress fires. I am thinking about sending it to Cajun Gun Works and getting the self defense trigger job.
  2. I appreciate everyone's responses and thoughts. Our issued duty ammo is Hornady's Critical Defense. This has been one of my holy grail guns so there is a very good chance that I will get one, whether or not I use it for work. I am very lucky that our department has a very liberal allowance of sidearms we can carry. It has been a while since I have been on this forum and it is good to see there is still so much information and help here. Thank you.
  3. Am I crazy for wanting to make this leap? For the last ten years I have carried a Springfield Operator as my primary duty pistol and thoroughly enjoyed it. The biggest draw back is being limited to 11rds in the gun and 4 8rd mags on my belt (43rd of .45). I am strongly considering retiring my Operator and changing to a 9mm STI 2011. The added magazine capacity is a huge selling point. NEEDS: - Reliable (my life may truly depend on it) - Light Rail - Night sights I understand that the magazines may need to be tuned to improve reliability but is there anything else to this equation that I am missing?
  4. My AR10 16" carbine upper that is being built right now will have a Badger Ordnance brake on it and meets the requirements. GA Precision is doing the build and this was his recomendation. I should know how will it shoots in about 5 weeks. http://www.badgerordnance.com/productgroup...id=accessories#
  5. Maybe I bought the last one. My came in the mail last wednesday.
  6. I mounted my scope this morning using Luppy see-thru rings. I have been playing with it today and like the height and scope is relatively smooth and fast in CQB distances. It isn't as fast as my EOTech but I think that it will be made up for in the distance shots. It also helps me make better use of the rifles accuracy level.
  7. Scope arrived via UPS today. For the little that I have played with it I am impressed. Now to get the rings and mount it.
  8. I just ordered my Pro Diamond and am trying to decide how I am going to mount it. I already have a Larue SPR mount from my GAP AR10 and really like it. But I think that there is something inherently wrong with mounting a $50 scope in a $250 dollar scope mount. I think that I will go with the Luppy see through. We'll see what Wally World has this weekend.
  9. The only thing that I didn't like about the CM was it didn't have a pistol grip and I prefer rifle sights over the double bead. I bought the CM because it was ready to shoot. I got a great deal on my new 1100 and was able to build exactly what I wanted for $200+ less than a CM. I had no problems with the CM I just like what I built better.
  10. Thanks for the quick help. It is time to get back in the game.
  11. It is a great gun. I have a safariland 6004 tac holster for it. It shoots great and without a single hiccup. I'd do it over again in an instant
  12. I guess that you would call it a full length dust cover, the rail goes all the way to the end. Here is a pic of it. The Holster I have is for the operator w/o the light. Thank you for your help.
  13. I have recently moved to a new town. In the past the only competitions that I have shot have been local 3-gun and F-class matches. Unfortunately, my new town has neither close by. I have been invited to go shoot a local IDPA match. I downloaded the IDPA rule book but I'm not sure what catagory I'd fall into. I really don't care how well I shoot against everyone as I'm out to shoot against myself until I get the hang of the game. This is my current line-up Option #1 - Loaded Springfield 1911 Operator w/ full light rail and beveled magwell - 8 and 10rd mags - Blade-tech paddle holster - Blade-tech 4 quad mag holder - Fobus 2 mag paddle holster Option #2 - G21 w/ 3.5lbs trigger - 10 and 13rd mags - Blade-tech paddle holster - Fobus 2 mag paddle holser Would either of these options work? I'd hate to get there and findout that I can't shoot because I have the wrong gear. I already have been unable to shoot competitively for the past 6 months do to working on the weekends so now that my schedule has changed I'd like to make up for lost time. Would either set-up work for IPSC? Thanks for your help. Ian
  14. George, at GA Precision built my AR10 and did an awesome job at it! I own two of his rifles now and couldn't be more pleased. He'll be building my next upper for my AR10
  15. How does this comp compare to other compensators on the market? F2, BC, EGW Race Comp AR and so on...
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