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  1. It's similar to their own G4B reticle, sans second dot.
  2. Anyone here have this scope with this reticle? Thoughts on it?
  3. From their FB page: Good news and bad news. Bad news = All Melonite barrels will be discontinued for 2018! Grab them while we have them. Good news = We'll have a few new barrel models for 2018 that you will really, really like! Can anyone speculate why they are d/c melonite?
  4. Anyone using one of these? What is your opinion of it?
  5. My experience with them is that their email responses are very hit or miss.
  6. Ah, Troy Proctor......that's why I was overlooking it. The DR MD looks good for it's size.
  7. I read through the articles and watched the videos and can not find where this MD was tested.
  8. Southbound

    Home trigger work

    I would have recommended JG, however, I received a damaged striker spring with the kit I purchased from him and he wouldn't replace it. I'll go with DK from now on.
  9. Does anyone here have experience with this md? What's your opinion of it? https://www.frankproctorshooting.com/proctor-muzzle-device/
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