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  1. Carver has a new "tactical" magwell that is supposed to work with the factory floor plates.
  2. Tried them out, 147RN over 3.5 N320 duplicates my competition load, chrono was a little high but non the less very pleased. Will be ordering a lot more in the future..
  3. Met with them today and they are now going to be offering one for the M&P pistols.....
  4. They are derlin. (not sure on spelling) they are plastic..... Fit perfectly. And yes, unless you are running a magwell you really don't need one..
  5. Yes. Although the magwell puts the gun in ESP. The floorplates by themselves do not...
  6. Thank you all. I have posted a new topic and am EXTREMELY pleased with the results...
  7. I recently put my california competition mag well back on my glock 17 in preparation for the IDPA indoor nationals..... and was looking for a reasonable solution to extending the floor plate of the magazine just a tad. While others have had great luck with gluing 2 together, and others have chosen the few other products on the market I met witn NDZ performance and showed them the magwell and my problem. They were kind enough to listen and offered to make something I could use. Here is the finished product....... both a side by side comparison and in an IDPA box Not in the catalog yet but the prices are very reasonable....any interest you can give them a call.. Great company, and did I mention MADE IN THE USA! http://www.ndzperformance.com/ .
  8. I did. Not a big fan of aluminum. I just wanted a floor plate that went on like the regular ones adding a little depth. Price point may be better.
  9. I recently put my california competition magwell back on my glock 17 in preparing for the IDPA winternationals. Reason I took it off was that I could not find a product that would give me a little extra on the bottom of the magazine to ensure the magazine was positively seated while reloading. I have seen competitors do everything from glue another baseplate on to adding the fuzzy felt you would put on the bottom of furniture. I found a local shop that agreed to make me a couple to try. Any interest in these as there may be other competitive glock shooters using magwells that are experiencing the same issue I had? They will be made of derelin (plastic) and will be about twice the depth of a current glock floorplate. I will post pics as soon as I receive them.
  10. Just got back from chrono and my 3.8 of clays loaded at 1.250 was running 751-800 fps. Was looking at trying 3.6 and seeing if it make 170 consistently.
  11. There is a reasonably priced springfield 9mm 1911 in the classified. Was thinking about picking it up myself. I have a rock island that I have added a few touches to and its a great bang for the buck. I have also handled the spartan and liked it equally as well, just not a fan of adjustable sights. Dawson precision has them with a few "upgrades" for a really good price. Might be a good option to go with.
  12. Received the V4 connector and it does feel a bit lighter and smoother than the V3. However, I had installed the 3 in a 17 a while back and for some reason when I dry fire both guns the difference is negligible. Interesting.
  13. I have recently switched to Bear Creek for availability of product. Don't really notice a different from some old BBI I have and the Bear Creek. Might be an option. I believe they have the 130 as well.
  14. My favorite is at my first match where I was already unloaded and showing clear when the SO said "if the shooter is SURE!!!! he is done unload and show clear." In my haste I had forgotten 2 targets to the right of the doorway. 2 10 and a failures later I learned to PAY ATTENTION TO THE WALK THROUGH!!
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