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  1. I opened up my ports with a number 32 drill bit....size is .116. Works well with 1200FPS Federal....shot a match today and had no problems at all. I would like to know what Benny Hill is opening them up to....I "heard" that he is going even larger
  2. Looking for getting another mag well from Bmiller but can't find any contacts for him anymore. is he still making them?
  3. Need another Hiperfire 24C to finish up another 9mm PCC gun...anyone know of any discount codes at the present time to pick up another 24C trigger?
  4. Question concerning the ammo...…..is everyone using factory ammo? How about reload/handloads? Anybody try them at all? I understand about shells going oval if left in the magazines too long...so is that why I never hear about someone using their own handloads in the VR80? Will the handloaded shotshell not hold round enough to keep the gun going? Your thoughts...……..
  5. Built my last PCC using a American Gold Trigger.....BUT....using a Taccom Extreme Bolt...it has more "depth" as in a true AR-15 bolt so there is no problem with resetting the trigger. Other PCCs I have use the Hiperfire 24C and JP's. No problem with any of them.
  6. I realize that it's low end, but has anyone handled or checked out an X12 Typhoon? It came out at the Shotshow this year and looks interesting to say the least. Also looking at a Utas XTR....guess I'm looking for an AR-10 style shotgun without going crazy on price. Don't need a $2500 custom shotgun for what I'm doing. Thanks!
  7. Had the exact same look on the end of my new Taccom firing pin after only a few rounds. Then the misfires began. I've ordered two new ones(Taccom) that came in this week...they look like they have been heat-treated. They appear dark as opposed to shiny. Running these in my Taccom extreme bolts.
  8. No riser on my three 510Cs that are mounted on AR's.
  9. I'm running Hiperfire 24Cs and JP triggers....also love Gold Trigger in my .223 ARs...that being said most of the 9mm bolts will not reset the Gold triggers in my experience. Not enough depth on the bolt to reset the hammer, BUT I have found that the Taccom Extreme bolt is made correctly and will reset the Gold Triggers. Problem is that I already have three lowers for my 9mms and running the 24Cs in them....maybe if I build another 9 I'll drop in a Gold Trigger..but at the present time I'm not going to switch them out(for another $250) when the 24C is working fine.
  10. Front of the receiver...just behind where the handguard starts..works best for me there. Tried other places but just didn't work for me.
  11. I've got four colt mag AR's at the present time...all are Hahn mag block inside a regular .223 lower since I already had the lowers set up with good triggers. No problems with any of them. I did manage to buy a bunch of Metalform(Colt) mags back when PSA had sales on them.
  12. Been using the C-more with an 8MOA for a number of years....started using it two years ago when I built my first PPC....recently added the Holosun 510C....wow...it's a toss up now. I found that I do not like using the circle with the dot....too distracting for me...but with my eyes the 2moa on the 510C "Stars" out to about a 4moa.... Wish they could make the 510C with a 6moa and smaller circle though.
  13. Had exactly the same problem with a new Taccom firing pin. Ordered two to replace the orginial pins in two of my Taccom Extreme bolts....one is fine. The other one got beat up and kept "catching" on the firing pin hole. Pulled it out and this is what it looked like. Tried cleaning it up, but still have problems. Waiting on Tim to get some new ones in. Sometimes things happen and they slip past the inspectors....I'm a patient guy
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