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  1. Can I send you some .40 brass to process?
  2. I am not sure that it is possible to integrate PCC into a pistol match from a logical consistency standpoint. Inconsistent co-existence is all one can really hope for. And I still think it's a bad idea to allow the chamber flag to not be in the chamber.
  3. Those Remington/Para's seem to be out of stock everywhere. I have been looking for a 9mm version.
  4. I use Weapon Shield because of the really cool destructive testing videos. I have no idea if it makes a difference, but they annoy the s**t out of all the other lube guys, so it must be good. And my guns always run, so that's good too. I have Slide Glide, too, but it's used more on my rifles.
  5. I note that we still do not have a solution to this problem.
  6. They also seem to think that all PCC starts must be buttstock on belt pointing down range. Any variation is evidently forbidden in practice. The pistol shooters don't seem to mind varying the start.. just PCC.
  7. I end up using the pdf version more often than the old printed version. If you want a printed version, a quick trip to the copy center is easy enough. They can even shrink it to little tiny print like the old rulebook.
  8. This looks like a potential winner in Production, SSP, or either carry optics choice. I really like the Q5 trigger, but that thing is way flippy.
  9. I have used Zep Par to lube the pistol cases, and it has always worked well with no build up, no waxy residue. I am running low, and just tried One Shot and the lanolin home brew. Works fine, but does have a noticeable residue. Any one know where I can find Zep Par these days?
  10. Welcome. When you get tired of the heat, come on up to Flagstaff and shoot in the snow. USPSA once a month...
  11. I like the Westons, myself, and have no problem hearing the steel ring.
  12. Regular cheap food dehydrator... can't beat them. Plus you can make jerky at the same time.
  13. I still do that, but mostly for skeet targets coming from the left, as my left eye is not dominant, but wants to be.
  14. My club tends to use the CED7000, due to its size and programming simplicity. But we still have a few PACTs kicking around, which excel in the simplicity of operation in normal mode.
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