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  1. I figured it out. It was really just a newbie issue. On assembly Dillon did not tighten up the mechanism that moves the primer slide and it slid up the primer magazine tube. Not sure why the ratchet stopped working, but I disabled it to trouble shoot. I'd like to actually use it...
  2. New to the 1050, loaded a few hundred rounds. Think something jammed up in the priming and like an idiot forced the handle up...Now, emptied the primer tube and all the cases out of the feeder. Can pull the handle down, will feed a case. If I hold the tab down that unlocks the ratcheting I can pull the handle up and down no problem and the shell plate advances. The slide that feeds the primers isn't moving though.
  3. Replying just to keep an eye on the thread...Is that a CZ style front sight held in by the bushing?
  4. I would not be surprised if STI could tell USPSA what should be legal in SS, especially if they are sponsoring SS nationals now. I guess once people start making aftermarket steel grips to replace STI's plastic grips we'll have come full circle anyway...
  5. STI has produced single stack grip modules in the past and these guns were not deemed legal for single stack division in USPSA. I guess it depends how you define "basis in the original 1911". Maybe they have something cooking with USPSA. " Only 1911 production type pistols. Must be available to the general public and have their basis in the original 1911 service pistol as designed by John M. Browning. Pistols made from components that duplicate the factory originals are acceptable. Frames must be metal.
  6. Thanks! Was wondering why they even bothered with a different press...
  7. Does it matter for loading longish 40 cal?
  8. I did, it was surface A in the diagram. If you compare your aftermarket sear to the stock one you may get a feel for what surfaces are the most different.
  9. There is pretravel, then the trigger is a little creepy, then it breaks. Seems to work better with the slide off. When I gently work the slide, the single action does not work. If I am really violent with the slide, it will work. If I take the slide off, I can always get the SA to work, I cannot slowly cock the hammer manually and not have it work. I cannot replicate the SA not working with the slide off. Would the slide pushing the trigger bar down cause the SA to not work if surface C needed work?
  10. I did not change the safeties. That moving diagram is helpful. Might be C. Is there any way to test which surface it could be?
  11. Think I found it... https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/191773-cz-tuning-101-with-professor-atlas/?do=findComment&comment=2236782
  12. My method of adjusting the trigger over travel screw is to take it out and throw it away, so it isn't that. I am paging through the Atlas thread. Without it I wouldn't dare touch these things. I know it is the disco somehow, just was wondering if someone could tell what surface to work. Cajun could probably tell me too. Whatever it is, it isn't very far off. Debated just putting some rounds through it to see if it settled in. I am guessing shooting it would be enough to reset it.
  13. Double action works fine. If I rack the slide hard, or thumb the hammer back it is fine. If I gently work the slide, it's like the hammer needs to be pushed back just a hair more. The trigger just does not move. Haven't had a chance to live fire it this way, not sure I want to bother...
  14. bofe954

    Accu Shadow 2 for CO?

    I am having CZC cut shadow 2 slide right now. There is a lot of variability in the weight of the optics. Supposedly they lighten the slide enough to use a leupold delta point, which is one of the heaviest optics. They open up a slot in the top of the slide and the make the slot in the dust cover bigger. So in theory, especially if you are not using the leupold, more lightening is not needed. While the slide was there you could have them accu it for $350 more. Not sure if that adds weight or not, but I am sure CZcustom knows. My shadows have been accurate enough, so I did not do it.
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