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  1. Par time standards stages were very common in the early days of IPSC because timers hadn't been invented yet. They used a stopwatch and a whistle. They lined up however many shooters they could get in a wide bay and everybody shot at the same time with SO's watching for overtime shots. This carried over into IDPA also for a time. Before par time was banned in IDPA, one local club used to run a 90 second par time house clearing stage each month. IIRC, if you shot down zero and under the par time, your score was 90 seconds. Points down added to your score along with whatever time over the par. It was always a fun stage.
  2. Bill Nesbitt


    I wondered where you were. I hope everything goes well for you in the future. If you're ever shooting a match back in this area, let me know ahead of time. Bill
  3. Pat, I am so sorry. I am praying for you and your wife.
  4. I have shooting magazines back to the mid 1970's. I pulled one out of the middle. Shooting Times Feb 1973. I have Guns and Ammo, Shooting Times, Front Sight, SOF, Guns, Police, AH and probably some others. You can have them if you come and get them. It would cost a fortune to ship.
  5. Several of us did our re-shoots with BUG guns at a small local match recently. This is a small match with 10 to 20 shooters total. It isn't IDPA, so we can do whatever we want. A few had sort of planned ahead, but a couple of guys only had .380's with 1 spare mag. They scrounged around and had a box and a half of ammo between them. We decided to score 1 hit per target instead of 2, reloads from the pocket. Load 6 rounds only in mags. We started from low ready rather than have people drawing from pockets. We had a couple of 380's, a couple of G-26's, a J-Frame and a couple sharing a G-43. Learning occurred. We will probably do it often in the future. Back to your original question, I see quite a few people shooting their every day carry in IDPA. One guy shoots a Glock 27 from under his T-shirt and does very well.
  6. Take the score you shot and figure where the 3 seconds needs to come from. Faster draw, faster reload, less points down, faster splits, etc. I think it is important to shoot the 5x5 with no points down or very close. It's pretty easy to double your score with points down. Don't ask me how I know this.
  7. https://www.expedia.com/Oxford-Hotels.d9056.Travel-Guide-Hotels?regionId=235&langid=1033&semcid=US.UB.GOOGLE.SEARCH.HOTEL&kword=north_carolina_hotels_dsa!e.ZzZz.4810000000052.0.240719566043..north_carolina_hotels_dsa&semdtl=a1416395270.b129246181550.d1240719566043.e1c.f11t1.g1dsa-168582655510.h1b.i1.j121149.k11021256.l1g.m1.n1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1-6ptt-P2gIVldlkCh0K5AF8EAAYASAAEgI-jPD_BwE I think it is the Comfort Inn in Oxford. I've also stayed in Henderson, but I don't remember where and I've stayed at a Holiday Inn in Butner. Have fun at The Cup.
  8. I've stayed at several over the years. The one in Oxford is good. I think it has been the main one people have used in the past. I don't remember the name. I think it is the closest to The Range.
  9. Bill Nesbitt


    Jack, Hancock County has re-shoots available. Your first run is for score at the match and re-shoots are listed separately. You could use it for a practice session. We often re-shoot to try a different stage plan, or just to practice moves. Sometimes I'll re-shoot with a different gun. You might check to see what other clubs offer re-shoots. There are several clubs around Pittsburgh that shoot USPSA or IDPA and some that have shot it in the past. I don't know which ones have membership available. I'm fortunate to live in the country and I can shoot on my own property.
  10. Bill Nesbitt


    I found the scores. I've always tried to shoot my matches no more than 1 or 2 points down per stage. I don't always succeed.
  11. Bill Nesbitt


    Do you have a link to the results? Where were you? Bill
  12. Bill Nesbitt


    Bring your wife the next time. My wife shoots, Jay's SO comes along and there is another couple that shoots with us.
  13. Bill Nesbitt


    Stage 3 had vision barrier walls built of orange snow fence. There were 4 sets of 2 targets with a no shoot between them. You shot left , right, then either left or right depending on where you were as you moved through the stage. There was no cover in the stage and you could shoot on the move.
  14. Bill Nesbitt


    Stage 1 was the classifier. Stage 2 was the house. Stage 3 was the stage with only vision barriers that you cloud shoot on the move. 4 was the seated popper stage and 5 was around the corner with the odd angles. Jay and I shoot together all the time and have a friendly competition. Jay and I both got no shoot hits. The classifier should be shot clean. I'll probably set it up in the back yard and practice. Thanks for doing the math.
  15. Bill Nesbitt


    I just went back and skimmed through your diary. Lots of gaps. It's interesting the way the sport has evolved over the years. I started shooting IPSC in 1980. Around 1997 all the local clubs to me switched to IDPA and I shot only IDPA for several years. Then around 2005 or so I started shooting some USPSA. The sport had completely changed. We used to shoot from this box, then run the the next box and shoot some more. With the change to more open stage design, stage planning became crucial. Your Pat McNamara references are interesting. I have learned to go into a match with no expectations. A win is always a positive, but I can only shoot my match. What others do is beyond my control. Points have become very important in IDPA with the 1 second per point scoring.
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