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  1. It's been several decades since I shot the "Cup and was curious, does the 1911's grip safety have to be operational? I see the rules on safety devices, but the same wording is in other sports yet they exempt that feature. And I just can't seem to remember if mine were active back then or not, I'm pretty sure not.
  2. Here is an Excel Spread Sheet of the tests I've run.


    Rev Action Test only.xls

  3. First make sure you're seating the Federal Primers to .006 to .010" depth. Short version I found that TK's hammer, lightest available from a manufacturer, resulted in dropping the action weight pull about 1/2 to 3/4 lbs. But 6 lbs is easily doable on your own. I'll send you a spread sheet I have on my tests. Then check out this thread, if you read deep enough into it we cover everything from how to weigh hammers, trigger weights.
  4. I've been lucky, don't seem to hear many complaining, of course it may be I'm hard of hearing! And I know I tend to ignore the whiners. Yep, heard the same thing in the '80's about setting up COF's. Don't think I've heard that one since the '90's though. Now it seems I hear a bit of "we did it this way, way back when" or "remember when we did it this way". Since I was there then I understand the comment, but most don't. For me I focus on the present or look forward, I only look back when I find I just screwed up 'cause I did it like this back when and didn't realize the new rule. Though doesn't happen often.
  5. To paraphrase the new old guy C'mon Man! Don't give up on ICORE. Some of us can get a bit testy at times, but I still think we mean well, I know I do and am at times. The gist of it all though is this is a Volunteer Sport and we all want to have fun, even the one who's spent hours setting up. But being a volunteer sport the experience is limited to who will sacrifice. One of the downsides of the popularity of USPSA is there are more who really don't want to help. The percentages are probably close, but the numbers are higher due to the volume. The one thing that really depresses a match to me isn't bland COF's but being in a squad with those who won't help. I'd rather run the timer than paste & set steel but I also don't want to run "everyone" in the squad. And when I'm not running the timer I will paste & set. Sometimes it's hard to keep your balance when you don't get help. Personally I agree with you I'd rather not see classifiers at a large match but I'll not complain about it, hey it's a Revolver MATCH I'm happy! Hopefully you will take some of your ideas, combine it with your enthusiasm and create some COF's at a local match, state or regional match. It will take some time maybe even a bit of money but there is a nice sense of satisfaction in creating a COF for everyone to enjoy. I will drive almost 2 hours to help set up COF's, then back home and go shoot the next day. Not every month but 2 or more times a year. Other times I'll go help set up a couple of hours before the match and I'm always there at tear down. So don't just give up, I know I like hearing fresh ideas (if there are actually any or is it we've just gotten complacent over time:) and encourage others to act on them.
  6. I like the attitude of "The aggravation and complaining is a side benefit" I know it's tongue in cheek, or sarcasm?, but I always looked at it kind of that way, at least they were there to complain! Man vs Man stages are great, I've done a few to be shot after a "qualifier" COF. I liked to set up a qualifier to rank the shooters, and as a bit of a twist I set up the qualifier as an accuracy oriented COF. Tended to make the speed demons work harder in the mvm, cause they were seeded lower. Many I used a handicap system (more plates for "faster divisions" and higher classes, so all of the platforms had a chance and even gave the lower classed competitors an actual chance to compete.
  7. Curious why the 38 super sizing die and then the 9mm? Are you using a Mark 7 with extra stations? I only have the 6 usable on the 1050 (don't count the primer seating station). I use the 9mm swaging die on my 1050 even if I'm not using range brass just for the occasional, and yes it did happen 1x with fiocchi SPP's, primer not kicked out of the case. On a 550 where I can feel the primer seating it's not as critical issue. Though now I tend to use the 1050 as a case prep for 9mm, 40 s&w & 45 acp's with "any" brass I've not run before, i.e. range brass picked up or brass bought in bulk. I've found running through twice helps find the spp cases in 45 and is more consistent in removing the crimped primer pockets. I've also not seen much difference in manufacturer dies, other than price! Except as a general rule I don't like the spring loaded de-cappers. Dillon's do have a bit more flare for ease of case insertion. And I don't like the Lee O-ring lock nuts. Also don't care for the FCD from Lee.
  8. The only issue I ever had, with either the 550 or now the 1050, was due to case stretching or shrinking issues. New brass has always been different lengths than fired brass. If I remember correctly handgun cases shorten with use. So the first loading I'd have to adjust the die up for less bell and then after a couple of firings back down for more bell. Now some of my 45 cases have probably been around for 30 firings and are a bit shorter still. Funny though I have close to that on my 38 short colts and don't see the continued shortening of the cases? But then I do tend to put a pretty good bell on the case, no finessing of the bell for me. On the 1050 I'm using the MBF powder drop tube and it works good on either 9 or 38.
  9. I'm sure if the Match Organizers were being paid, themselves not for the match, to put on COF's things could get ramped up. If capitalism was to rear its head things could get really wild! Pay $30 per hour, then so much per head, would set up a reason to create some really outrageous stages. Even if one had to set up by headlights! Stage creators competing for whose COF draws the most. Of course then the Match Fees would get pretty high, after all that pizza ain't free. But being a volunteer sport kind of limits that. Most of us shooters can be down right frugal!!! The thought of paying for anything makes us twitch badly, that money could've been spent on AMMO! I agree with you though, ICORE just doesn't draw like USPSA. So I drag my Revolver to USPSA Matches, A LOT! And I will NEVER complain about a legal stage set up by someone else. In fact I always try to find something good to say about it. And I've seen some pretty ??bland?? stages, and set up more than a few myself. I'm always impressed, at least here locally, with the efforts put out by some on their USPSA COF's.
  10. 9mm everything. The 358 bullets will work with them, might have to adjust the powder drop/flare die down a shade more but that's all. Heck I use the same 9mm dies for, all except for the sizing die which is 357 mag/38 special, my 627 and 38 short colts.
  11. Are you coming to the ICORE MW Regional July 3td in Louisville, NE? How about the Free State USPSA at Mill Creek on July 24th? Be good to pick your brain about the Show Me Cup, buddy and I are planning on it.
  12. Yep the pay and the adulation are immense aren't they!
  13. He is running for USPSA Area 3 Director, has my vote, and a little PR is good! Southern California, home of the Hogue's and ICORE & Steel Challenge, not having ICORE does surprise me. Sad, around here Carry Optics is the rage! Hi capacity and Dots has so many just a tither!
  14. The guy running it wasn't even an ICORE member, he just joined. He just shot some Revolver in USPSA. And in our Region it's a bit harder to find ICORE clubs, especially with Covid issues. In the past we've gone years without a Regional! So I cut him some slack. Hopefully things will get better! Right now it's better than the alternative and I'm really appreciative of Don Rush and Joe Sutton for stepping up! Last I heard there were 30+ signed up.
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