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  1. Teasing or the peanut gallery noise are fine until the RO starts the command sequence and then it's imperative that everyone tone it down for safety. If they don't it can be considered unsportsmanlike conduct. Everyone deserves the same respect when it is their time to shoot. The last thing needed is the RO, or the shooter, reacting to a loud noise while in control of the shooter or shooting. Their focus must be on the shooter and shooting, without being a range nazi the RO must require this. We're not playing cowboys and indians with cap guns. I've been guilty of getting a bit loud and have seen others do so, yet when it is brought to our attention, or I've asked for quiet, I've yet to see anyone cop an attitude.
  2. pskys2

    1.5lb trigger for limited

    Qualified yes. The lighter you go the more chances of failure, everything must be square. For instance if you drop the slide on an empty chamber several times with a 2.5 lb trigger you may get a hitch in the trigger, feels like a slight click or may feel creepy. But with a 1 lb trigger it could very well start following. At one point the titanium hammers were all the rage, they worked great and you could get a lighter pull. But after 10, 000 rounds they could also start following, even a 2.5 lbs, due to the titanium wearing. It could be dressed up every few thousand rounds and last better but at least for me it wasn't worth the constant attention.
  3. pskys2

    Open DVC cmore mount screw

    Usually recommended that one use Red Loc-Tite, might have to apply slight heat to remove. Blue may work but usually the mounts don't need to come off. Don't use anything stronger than Red though. If you take the mount off, remember to clean any Loc-Tite that seeped out up, sometimes you will see a thin sheet of it that looks like glazing.
  4. pskys2

    No divisions, only classes?

    It has been done prior to the Limited Division in the early '90's. We all shot heads up, and NO limits on shots from positions either. Of course there wasn't a lot of choices to fudge with. But the experiment called IPSC gave us the Para's, 2011's, etc...
  5. 1 knee, or one cheek?, equals 2 feet!
  6. pskys2

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    Only in 9mm, you can shoot a 40 or 45 in production also if that's what you have.
  7. pskys2

    USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    How about 8 shot minor iron sights only, 6 shot major optics allowed? Maybe bring back a few of those who were upset over the 8 shot minor.
  8. pskys2

    Dwell Time?

    Have you gone to Schuemann's web site and checked out his "timing" kit/instructions for a 1911?
  9. pskys2

    Fitting 1911 slide stop

    No the usual issue with a slide stop is it activates with rounds still in the magazine. The fix is to put a small depression on the face of the slide stop so it takes a bit more force to activate. Brownells even sells a special long drill bit to do it. If done too deeply then the slide stop won't activate correctly. So the proper way to do it is to drill the depression and taper it a little to ease the transition.
  10. pskys2

    IDPA order of engagement very close steel

    Being as it was in another array it should have not been visible as IDPA's whole concept is based on engaging targets/threats as they are visible. Part of the whole slice the pie issues. In USPSA if it was a required target from another position it would have been a range failure, and really frowned on as a stage design. In IDPA "6.6.5 Memory stages are prohibited in all IDPA stages and strings of fire. A memory stage is any stage where one must remember the order of engagement, or other shooting restrictions that are not intuitive to the shooter based on the design of the stage." I'd argue that a visible target close to another target is not intuitive to NOT engage, i.e. it would be reasonable to expect to engage it from the 1st position. But it is IDPA.
  11. pskys2

    Grip tape keeps coming off

    I've had both Dawson and Talon, like the Talon best. Dawson sells a cleaner, pretty much alcohol, and a glue. The grip must be clean. The Talon definitely holds better though.
  12. pskys2

    Fitting 1911 slide stop

    Anything 1911 requires fitting . Does the slide stop rotate freely without a mag? No, find where it's dragging. Does the ledge inside the frame fully contact the mag follower? No, check that it's the correct slide stop for that caliber and that the slide stop is resting against the frame. Is there a detente impression drilled into the slide stop? No may need to make a gradual relief on the bottom of the detente hole to allow it to pop up. Usually the issue with the slide stop is it pops up too quickly though.
  13. pskys2

    Virginia count xtra shot

    Hey everyone has to start somewhere, cudo's for stepping up and working. Go on line to uspsa.org and download the rule book, it will even help you as a competitor. There are several multiple penalty points, another is a failure to engage FTE, you get the misses and an FTE.
  14. Yes in reloading it does make a difference. For steel challenge with an 8 shot you shouldn't have to reload, a 6 shot, better have rn bullets. In walls of steel I'd go with rn bullets. Get good moon clips, Dave Hearthco is a member here and his items are premium.
  15. pskys2

    Smith 929 accuracy loads

    Yes I have seen the same statement used several times. Back to my previous bad experience, the manufacturer also said that and I tried it and it didn't make a whit of difference. It was either a bad mix, or a cheap knock off of a coating. The company has since been sold 3 times and the current bullets using that brand name are much better and are somewhat popular so I won't name them. FWIW I've used Bayou, Acme, IBEJ, Blue and Swamp Poppers and all give no or very little leading in Bar-Sto, Clark or Schueman 1911 barrels, 3 Glock Gen 3-5 barrels or any of the 8 revolver barrels (M28, 29, 325, 625, 627, 642, taurus m85 or ruger blackhawk) I have. There is still some fouling but you will get that from even an open based fmj bullet and to a lesser degree (primer/powder residue) with cmj/jhp's. Right now I have settled on Acme or Bayou depending on caliber and weight I need. Acme even gives an Enos Discount of 10%.