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  1. Yes it is miserable. I've been in squads where I was the only one who would run the timer. At local matches I always try to squad with at least 2 other known RO/worker types. I don;t mind a couple of new shooters, but not a whole squad can become dangerous and it is not good match organization to do so. Interestingly many new shooters actually work their butts off, and I will make it known how important and appreciatted it is. The others that really steam me are the prima donna's who worry more about their performance at a club match than doing their part. I can usually talk to the new guys and get through to them, but the PD's are hopeless and once I ID them I won't squad with them. Another thought is in the case of the father/son slackers, put them 1st and last, always. If they leave or don't come back, so be it life is too short to baby sit such.
  2. Very well said, unless it's Steel Challenge type stuff, I just don't like an open rig anymore. Even in SC I avoid them as I tend to become less aggressive on my draws with a minimalist holster. At the top, every .001 counts though.
  3. I kind of figured as I've never seen such antics in the 40+ years of active participation in Practical Shooting, so I was making an attempt at humor or tongue in cheek hyperbole. Sounds like you got a bad deal. I'd think it might be worth a protest to overturn. But at a club match I try not to get overly excited. Good form though staying and helping out. I'd avoid squads with that particular RO, if it was me.
  4. Can happen with 1911's also, especially if the mag lips have spread. But if you want fast reloads you're weak hand needs to be heading to, or already at, the next mag while you're punching the empty one out.
  5. No DQ, unless of course the competitior was out of control in some way and was a danger. Gaming a classifier isn't unsportsmanlike, not sure he was gaming anything either though?. Heck from what you report it's not much different than the "hero or zero, burn it down" type who sprays wildly not hitting anything but no shoots. But if he's screaming, shaking, frothing at the mouth with a wild eyed deranged look like he's looking for his next hit of meth, throwing stuff around and waving his gun past the 180, yea he's out of there.
  6. The 40 S&W becoming obsolete? I'm shooting 38 Short Colts in USPSA right now, and have no trouble getting brass. Plus it lasts forever as I don't lose it cause they're in Moon Clips!
  7. I was once an active M in USPSA, I've hit .16, average was .20 with no more than 1 C, I can hit .18 if I push it and accept C's. It's the draw that degrades quicker, I've hit sub 1 second when I'm practicing heavily. But cold, when I'm not practicing heavily is more like 1.4. It's mostly due to reacting to the 1st tone of the buzzer, luckily the draw is one of the least important parts of USPSA. You will be competitive with <.3 splits, <1.5 draws, <.35 transitions and <2.5 reloads with A's. Look at El Presidente 57 points and 7.2 seconds = 7.9166 HF and would equal a draw of 1.5, 6 splits of .3, 4 transitions of .35 and a reload of 2.5 = 7.2 seconds. Minimum score for Master, 85%, is 7.8066. Local club ran the El Presidente in May, I had a hit factor of 6.8602 and was 12th overall of 72 competitors with my Revolver (5 Open/2M, 21 Ltd/No M or A, 17 CO/1M, 4 PCC/1M, 18 Prod/1GM 1M, 5 SS/1B, 1 Rev/Me). 52 pts/7.58 sec = 6.8602, don't know the breakdown but the run felt good just dropped 8 points more than I wanted kind of rusty with the Revovler at this point and was happy with it. Also remember that field courses are also a matter of setting up at a position and leaving that position. Something that can't be measured as easily. In California you've got some great competitors, like Rich Wolfe, Dan Carden, John Bagakis just get to some matches with those guys, squad with them if you can and they'll be happy to give you pointers. Can catch them at a USPSA or ICORE match.
  8. I've been shooting practical pistol since 1978 exclusively with semi-autos until the Revolver Division came to be. Yet it was instinctive to me to reload with my strong hand. I have never had it be an issue. I tried weak hand and have it in my bag, even used it in a few matches when it was the best choice with not issues. But everyone will have their preferences. To me smooth and consistent will win out over which one can give you a single fastest time.
  9. pskys2

    625 JM

    Bayou used to sell the coating they used, and it works very well.
  10. If you use other than fed primers you just have to accept that you will need a heavier hammer fall. A FP will not help.
  11. Some have gone with the g19size, but the g17 size is probably most popular in glocks. Full size guns are what most in competition already have, so they either upgrade to optics or keep the same platform for familiarity. In IDPA a 4" to 5" all steel 9mm with a dot will be good. The advantage of a 5" is reliablity, slightly less recoil and less powder to make PF. The shorter barrel versions of the full size 1911's can get more finicky on feeding. The newer 9mm proportioned 1911's may not be, but I have no experience with them. The advantage of a sub 5" would be a little quicker transitions, but it's not a huge advantage. I'd not cut the slide for a dot, but get an adaptor to replace the rear sight and shoot that for a while.
  12. https://www.glockstore.com/competition/guide-rods?_ga=2.35990048.1866067394.1559155634-1044580643.1559155634 shows a SS Gen 5 non-captured extended guide rod, could be cut down to factory length, or is that also not allowed for IPSC?
  13. The need for Divisions should be based on equipment not competitors. If there was a Limited Optics it won't help anyone vs anyone in that division, the best shooter would prevail in that division. If one needs a dot to shoot, Open/CO/PCCO are all different platforms with different expected expenses. I'd see no reason for a Limited Optics than I would for a Revolver Optics, and this from a Revolver competitor who needs glasses to see the front sight (let alone use it).
  14. I run a Johnny Glock trigger/safety/safety spring, stock 34 connector, Zev lightened striker and Zev 2# springs and 13# RS give me 2 3/4# action with good reset and using reloaded ammo w/fed primers have had no issues with ftf's.
  15. How is the cyclic rate vs a Benelli m2?
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