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  1. Do you recommend Blue Loc-Tite on the brass set screw of your new comp for the VR80?

    I put 242 on the barrel threads did not cover all of the threads though, just a band all around the center), set against the shoulder, clocked it so the narrower of the space between the ports faces up and tightened down the brass set screw. It loosened up.

    So I redid the whole procedure after cleaning thoroughly with Alcohol and used more 242 (completely covered threads). Did not use on the set screw this time either. Will let it sit for 24+hours and try it with my new 20 round drum.

  2. ?Am I needing to lighten up? I figured to start with what had worked in my 1100 and go down if the loads would function. Especially with a new gun I'm more concerned with reliability. I'd gone out with my 1100 and had some 3" magnums, now those hit hard!
  3. And remember FMJ's have an exposed base and will give you a bit of smoke, the best are a JHP or a CMJ if you go that route.
  4. I have a 442 I carry ocassionaly with Underwood Arms 38 Spec +P+ 125 BJHP (Gold Dots) at 1035 f/s. Bummer with a 5 shot in competition though. The 442 is a nice gun though and shoots very well.
  5. 3 1/4 dram 7 1/2 shot. The slugs were 1 1/8 oz 1200 f/s. I removed the Hold Open Lever from the 2 mags and will try again "after" I add the Taccom Comp. I was using the Light Load Piston. The 1st 22 rounds throught the gun were 10 mixed #4 & #00 Buck, 5 Slugs, 10 Estate Shot loads and 2 more slugs. The Slugs were the only ones not to function in the 1 good mag. The 2nd mag had a dent in the feed lip and wouldn't feed anything. Since straightened it out and it now hand feeds. WIll be going out again after the TACCOM Comp is in and I get it on, probably Friday or Saturday. Might even have some other Slugs in by then and some RIO 3 1/4 dram shot and maybe the Drum and 10 rd stick mags I ordered. I know I need more rounds throught it, just always figured Slug Loads would be heavy enough to function.
  6. I've used plated in my Revolvers and found the following: 1) Plated cost more than Coated, very close to Jacketed 2) Plated takes almost as much powder as Jacketed and quite a bit more than Coated 3) Plated are not more accurate than either Jacketed or Coated 4) Over crimping Plated can lead to separation of plating So for effeciency and cost effectiveness I use Coated. If I wanted the last "nth" of accuracy I'd go with Jacketed. Plated kind of just seems the odd man out. If you go with coated get a premium and reputable manufacturer, Bayou, ACME, BBI come to mind.
  7. Put a DPP on mine, the DOT (well Tri-dot?) when sighted in is right at the top of my vision. I really have to choke down on it with my cheek. I'm going to a Riser, anyone else have an issue? Going with the Taccom Comp & Retainers. And JP Springs on order too. Everything else is stock, hopefully it won't take 500 rounds to really get reliable. Rio low recoil Slugs didn't want to function though, but Estate 7 1/2 shot loads did?
  8. Well broke down and getting one. Also ordered 2 10 rd sticks from Midway (listed for a Panzer AR-12 and most mags listed such are supposed to work with VR80's I'll see).
  9. how did you remove the vr80 bolt hold open lever?  Looks like a tab/plastic pin needs cut out and then it pulls out through the front hole?

    Or am I missing something?

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    2. pskys2


      The mag lever was what I was asking about.  On the RIA 5 rd mags that came with my VR80 I see a plastic protrusion of that wedge piece, it is what seems to be holding it in. 


    3. pskys2


      Finally figured it out.  There is a plastic tit that holds it in and it's on a plastic arm.

      When it is pushed down hard enough the actuating lever pushes out.

      Pretty simple, just took the old eyes getting some light to see it.

    4. busdriver


      Cool,  glad you got it.  Let me know if I can help with anything else.


  10. Same here, wonder if it's more reliable than a 19 rd stick mag?
  11. Anyone had any luck with the 20 round drum from tooth & nail?
  12. Remember FMJ's usuall have an exposed lead base and will also be a bit dirty. CMJ's or JHP's will be the cleanest. And usually JHP's are the most accurate due to the base being squared during the formation of the HP. It seems that the build up is usually self limiting.
  13. Yea, Yea I'm used to being that odd ball at matches. (I do compete with other guns too though), But to paraphrase the Klingon in Star Trek VI, You've not experienced Action Pistol until you've competed with a Revolver! It is a whole new world, and fun if you let it be. But alas, it is an acquired taste. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-symantec-ext_onb&hsimp=yhs-ext_onb&hspart=symantec&p=star+trek+quote+experience+shakesphere+in+original+klingon#id=1&vid=a60d82cf8a9ccc44101e33528e208d34&action=view
  14. Kind of hard for a Revolver to have slide back though and hammer back I would not do for safety issues with a loaded Revolver. And I'd agree with your "read". On the OP, back in the day, long ago (early 1980's) as a fairly new competitor ran across some old PPC/Bullseye/LEO guys who would get very upset if you DIDN'T have the slide locked back while in the holster. They were never in a position to DQ me for not following their ideas and the usual competition crowd weren't buying it either. Luckily USPSA was finally formed and started setting the safety rules down to give us something to argue with the older hands. Simplified things greatly.
  15. No, but a 158 at 760 is 120, I'm pretty sure that's where it came from.
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