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  1. Probably would be best to just call Bown Arms. http://bowenclassicarms.com/
  2. So far I've not done anything to it but shoot it. It has seemed as reliable as the 10 rd sticks I have. Put 45 rounds through the T&N 20 rd drum, 2-10 rd panzers and 1-5 rd factory with no issues 3 days ago. Have been modifying with a Taccom Buffer Tube, Buffer & Flat Wire Spring. It took about 100 rounds before everything seemed to settle down. Have a case of 3 1/4 dram shot loads to put through them.
  3. Grab the front sight, if it moves front to back it's not pinned. Buddy had one and shot it with 45 acp's and Ranch Moon Clips, with no machining. Always wanted one also!
  4. Go to Brownells they sell the compound and it comes with instructions. I did the following: 1) Thoroughly cleaned the barrel 2) Rubbed the compound onto a cleaning patch and ran it through the bore, multiple times 3) Thoroughly cleaned the barrel 4) Repeat until I felt it was smooth enough 5) Put finer compound on patch and ran through bore multiple times 5) Thoroughly cleaned the barrel 6) Tested groups Don't have to use the finer grit, but I did. I'm not sure if it would remove a constriction, defininetly won't help with a bulge (like you can get if a bullet encounters an object in the barrel, usually another bullet, and doesn't produce enough pressure to blow up a barrel) and can be used to remove really bad copper fouling. It did smooth out the barrels I used it on.
  5. Good Luck and Have FUN! The one positive is it is a REVOLVER Championship so everyone there will be a Revolver Enthusiast. You may be hard pressed to find ANYONE you don't like!!! My experience is Revolverleros are a great bunch. Just be yourself, have fun, watch the muzzle and oh yeah have FUN!
  6. You can also buy Bore Lapping Compounds, there are at least 2 different grits, and do it manually with a patch and cleaning rod. I did this and it helped quite a bit.
  7. Spinner Plates require a heavier load, depending on distance, than light #8 shot. Buck Shot would be good, or heavier field loads. Though the last spinner I shot, at 20 yards, wouldn't spin with 3 dram #7 1/2 loads and several others had issues. Might have worked if I could've gone to a tighter choke, but the COF required Slugs also and my 1100 doesn't have a Remchoke Barrel. Now I have a VR80, love it, semi-tricked out for OPEN. But with Slugs in the mix I'd still stay with IC choke. So this is one type that would benefit from Buckshot.
  8. If you don't have really large hands and/or long fingers you will have to shift your grip so far it will make recoil control harder. Jerry Miculek says use the tip of your finger, same as shooting a 1911 he says it gives him more control. But it takes strong hands. PPC shooters used the finger through to the frame technique at the longer ranges (50 yds) as it gave them more control for the X ring. Most popular technique is to put your finger through to the 1st joint, gives even average/smaller hands/fingers good control, allows the grip to be optomized for recoil control and is consistent. Practice each a little and see for yourself.
  9. I'm trying to be frugal for now, has anybody tried to trim off the extension between the stock and the grip? Any issues with doing so?
  10. Be very careful with WST it is Inverse Temperature Sensitive, it loses velocity as the ambient temperatures rise. I noticed it in the 90's with 45 acp and just this year a buddy went sub-120 PF with it at the 2019 MW ICORE Regional using 38 special, he had chrono'd it at 50-60 degrees and it was in the upper 90's to 100 at the match. He went from 800+ f/s to barely 700 f/s. Which was similar to what I had found. It may be popular so just be aware of it.
  11. Smoothing the bore by shooting bullets coated with a lapping compound. http://www.ktgunsmith.com/firelapping.htm
  12. It is an ICORE match right, you must focus on getting all of the shots in the A Zone. You are probably rushing the shots on the 1st target due to the draw and gradually settle down. Forget about time, in ICORE NEVER double tap, instead shoot for the X Ring. Remember that the difference between an A and a C is 2 seconds, how much time does it take you to guarantee an A vs a C? I'd hazzard less than a second. Your targets don't look that bad if you haven't been seriously shooting for many years. Enjoy the match, wish I could be there!
  13. And if they did they would probably never give us a warranty!
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