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  1. pskys2

    Is the 625 Dead

    Way back when I was a kid, 1972 16 yrs old, I bought a new M28 357 magnum and had an old 1917 in 45 colt (had been a 455 webley reamed out and would split a case every 5th round). I liked to shoot at frogs on the pond bank. I liked the M28 it was new and shiny but the magnum loads never did much just kind of penetrated the bank. Now the 45 colt...hit the bank like a brick throwing mud, water and frog every where, it was great. Sadly still have the M28 but let the 1917 get away. But man those 255 LFN 45 colt loads at probably 800 f/s just made my day.
  2. A big YES Randy Lee at Apex is a stand up guy. We all need to treat him right too, you know patronize his business and all.
  3. Now that's another issue. I use the Lyman Spring Gauge reads up to 72 ounces to measure the weight of the Hammer Fall. That is a reading I want with more accuracy. Federal Primers seem to reliable, for me, at 36 ounces. Other Primers need over 48 ounces, I usually go with 56 ounces to be safe. I hook the leg of the gauge on the forward face of the hammer at full cock, pull back and pull trigger (of unloaded gun of course) and then read the number it takes to hold the hammer at the mid stroke of the hammer fall. Then I adjust the rebound spring to give me a positive and smooth return of the trigger with no hesitation. After that I use the fishing gauge, which goes up to 8 lbs, for competition with Federal Primers if it's under 6 lbs I'm happy. For my EDC I want under 8 lbs.
  4. For the Revolver I have a 3 to 10 lb fishing gauge I use. Anything under 3 lbs is a Lyman Spring Gauge. For me it's more about the smoothness of the action than the actual weight. So I don't worry about ounces.
  5. Actually it can be done, just email them (can't remember who specifically handles it though) and they will set you up by email and pay on line. At least in December I renewed that way.
  6. Sure an RO can be DQ'd if they are handling a firearm. Sounds like inexperience hopefully they learned after you educated them. Though NOT walking down range from a firearm sounds like a no-brainer? If one can see the muzzle I'd hope they have pucker problems.
  7. pskys2

    DQ event

    Personally I tuck my hands under my armpits and as an RO I stand if front of the shooter and to one side so I can see both the taper/worker and the shooter. But the proper way would be to ULASC, then LAMR afterwards again.
  8. pskys2

    DQ event

    Totally different, I agree you don't stop trying to stop the shooter if there is a DQ offense. My point on OP was you don't instigate the stop after the COF is done, if you, or your assistant, didn't see the offence at the time you don't score the targets and then DQ. I'm sure there would be some odd circumstances that may require that, but it's not common. Kind of it is or isn't if you have to reflect on it it's too late or too liitle.
  9. pskys2

    DQ event

    Shouldn't DQ after the COF is run. If it's an offense worthy of the DQ you must stop them then. Had a situation at a local IDPA match, shooter shot at the 180 line in a COF. The assistant SO (IPAD Scoring) reacted to some in the peanut gallery of a 180 infraction and yelled stop. I informed the 2 SO's to discuss what they saw and decide what was right, it's not the peanut galleries job. The SO was positive there was no infraction and the Assistant wasn't sure so the shooter got a re-shoot.
  10. Personal plans keep me from doing any overnight matches. Planning on the wife driving me to and back from the ICORE Regional in Columbia 3 hours away. Now I am signed up at the Kansas Free State USPSA Regional in Revolver, for now.
  11. In all but 9mm I like using Clays or ClayDot. At lower pressures it burns cleaner and doesn't get as hot as quick.
  12. And I've seen him de-moon and re-moon his clips after a COF. It worked for him.
  13. Missouri Bullet Co. makes a 155 swc coated with 5.5 titegroup gave 850 f/s 130pf, Acme makes a 175 swc coated with 4.2 claydot was 730 f/s 129pf, Bayou has a 185 swc coated with 4.3 titegroup for 730 f/s and 134 pf. All 3 are H&G 68 profile SWC which usually feed as well as hardball in a 1911. IBEJ also has a coated 185 rn but the 500 I ordered were not sized at all and I never got a good chrono reading on any loads, I used an old sizing die that was .450? as half of the rounds wouldn't even chamber before I sized them.
  14. Best for me was early in my EDC selection process. At a USPSA match shot my 627 with IWB holster and 125 GD's at 1450 f/s, the RO wasn't expecting it I did warn him though he just didn't pay attention. He almost stopped me as he thought my gun blew up! Helped me decide on some gear and reinforce that full power ammo wasn't an issue. I like shooting my 325 TR from IWB with appropriate loads (since I'm a competitive type in IDPA I usually use 155 pf loads and only the occassional 190 pf types) in IDPA.
  15. Shooting ICORE, or IDPA, for a USPSA shooter requires a bit of control on our governor! It's a lot harder to make up a second than a point. The issue may be slowing down to get hits vs not. It can screw up your rhythym. Kind of like shooting a USPSA COF with only the A box strip available.
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