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  1. pskys2

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    Clays seemed to have less unburnt powder granules than 231 or Titegroup at low pressures, but the velocity spreads can get pretty wide even for clays. I've heard some use trail boss for the low pressure loads.
  2. pskys2

    Portable Steel Targets

    Try shootingtargets7.com good prices and quick delivery.
  3. pskys2

    2211 frame damp cut

    The Para/Clark cut is rounded at the back, the W/N is square. The Lug on the 2211 looks like it is square.
  4. The Wedge is closer to the Arched, maybe even halfway between probably depends on manufacturer. I had a wedge on my 1911 and it worked good. Back to Flat now though, really don't know why either?
  5. pskys2

    Midway slides carry optics legal?

    To be safe email dnroi@uspsa.org with your specific question. I had emailed Troy on using a gen 3 slide on a gen 4 frame for production, it leaves a noticeable gap between dust shield and slide, but the frame fits my hand better. FWIW haven't actually done it, just thought of it. He stated it was acceptable. "Per the current Production rules, replacing parts with parts from other Production legal guns is allowed. Troy"
  6. pskys2

    Burris Fast Fire 3 on a S&W 627

    Also works with a JPoint Adapter.
  7. pskys2

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    Never thought of that, but I do worry about powder granules and the mayhem they can cause from low pressure loads at that pf.
  8. pskys2

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    When practicing I can notice a bit, in a match I just never seem to see or feel the recoil, whether with a semi-auto or revolver. Maybe it happens too fast for my feeble old mind to process? But at the end of the day with major USPSA loads in my Revolver, at times my thumb joint noticed it. But at the last IDPA match, which was about a hundred rounds, with my 325 TR and my old 45 GAP Major PF loads I didn't notice any issues at all. Nor did I notice the recoil during the match. Another thing is in IDPA we "shouldn't" be pushing the speed dial quite as hard as in USPSA. I tried to focus more on smooth than fast, sometimes it even worked! YES Ol' Bubba from Oklahoma was a scorcher! Seems the trick in reloads between the two is all in the ejection of the cases.
  9. pskys2

    Let’s see what everyone is running in 2018

    Now that's a way to trick out a Revolver!
  10. pskys2

    Let’s see what everyone is running in 2018

    How do you like the Ruger, any little tid bits to share? Been thinking of a PCC and the Ruger is priced right, did you Comp it?
  11. Or Mentor and Students, I think TGO mentored, in some form, several, Koenig and Nils comes to mind.
  12. pskys2

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    For me personally yes I think the moon clips are worth the extra PF. Where the semi-auto eats up some energy in recoiling, it also has the mass of the slide impacting you. To me it's a wash, I never found the recoil of a revolver with same PF loads to be any harder to control than a 1911. My splits are usually very close, I can shave maybe .02 off using a SA 1911 but doing it and actually seeing the sight, calling the shot wasn't much difference. But I would try to get closer to the 155 of IDPA rather than using loads for 165 of USPSA when shooting IDPA.
  13. Hey it's your Mt. Rushmore, anything goes! All of us just like to "state" our opinions, even when not asked! Any chance of doing some more for us? I for one really like those compiled video's with music. I did one for fun of a stage at the 2007 USPSA Revolver Nationals, had Jerry, Cliff Walsh, John Bagakis and myself in it to the music of Red Light Kings "Born to Rise". So I could have it on my phone to show people interested in shooting.
  14. pskys2

    Don’t take new equipment to a match

    Add always function test the clean equipment before the match!
  15. EXCELLENT VIDEO PROJECT agree with your choices and wonderful presentation!!! Thanks for sharing.