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  1. pskys2

    38 Super Extractor

    Toolguy is the guy who knows, he's a regular Bianchi Competitor (pretty good also) and he's a skilled machinist who has built his share of pistols/revolvers.
  2. Now when it was all 6 shot you'd see a LOT of interesting variations. Now with 8 shots and most stages are 8 round neutral it isn't quite as entertaining. I've done both at the Nationals, and it was a hoot each time. 2 years got to shoot the same squad with Jerry, Cliff, Mike and a lot of really good shooters. The last couple I attended were at PASA and there were a LOT of Revolver Shooters, great times.
  3. pskys2

    Farthest shot in a uspsa match

    See above they were Pepper Poppers. Manny supposedly at the time would end each of his practice sessions shooting at 75 yard steel.
  4. pskys2

    Farthest shot in a uspsa match

    Area 3 many years ago had a couple of pepper poppers that could be engaged at 70+ yards. Was the smart plan. I even had a bunch of guys over and practiced some. One of my buds nailed both with 1 shot each, I couldn't hit either! Lot of good practicing it did me. At a club match many, many years ago before Dots we had a series of targets at 100 yards. I got'em all that time. Usually 50 yds is a long shot, might see a lot of 35 yard and under even as partial targets. But sometimes....
  5. pskys2

    Revolver Ammo

    You are correct but I was referring to USPSA, guess I didn't make it clear. Yes I've shot several Tier 2 Steel Challenge matches with 38 short colts and no issues and I'm sure most of those that shot the Nationals with Revolvers were shooting 38 Short Colts. But if you are uncomfortable just use Starline 38 Specials for your Steel Loads, I say Starline as they have the same rim/extractor cut dimensions as 38 short colt and 357 magnum. So they work with the good tight moon clips sold by TK and Hearthco that we use for 38 short colts. Now IDPA is a stickler on NO 38 short colts.
  6. pskys2

    Red Dot advice needed..

    The DPP will turn off after 5 minutes (I'm not positive on that number but it's not much longer) and will automatically turn back on at any movement, UNLESS it is "turned off" at that point it will not come back on without hitting the off/on adjustment button. I have one on my G34 MOS and leave it on all of the time sitting either in a drawer on by the couch, so I can handle it while watching TV. It's been in there for almost 9 months and is still working good with no issues. The only thing I don't like is it has no auto adjustment for brightness. The Vortex Venom has the option for both, and I tried it on a 627 (same scenario as the DPP) but the original battery failed after 6 months. Been turning it off now, may have to try it again to see if the original battery or the unit was the issue. The J Point has both, is lighter but the lens is plastic (scratched mine up a bit) and the battery connections just aren't as solid as the others. The battery doesn't last much longer than 6 months. The DPP and the J Point can be made to work with the same adapter.
  7. Yes the Dillon Powder Measures will increase, don't know if it's compression as the bar is course threads or if the screw is just vibrating in I'm pretty sure it's the vibration though as my solution has seemed to solve the problem for me. I drill and tap the powder bar so a set screw will impact the adjustment screw. When I get the charge I want I lock it down. It usually stays pretty consistent. Though different lots may also show a slightly different variation, but then I've noticed if I leave it as set the velocities are the same even with the slightly different thrown weight. I always use an old case and run a couple drops, then drop 5 and weigh that and divide by 5. I'll do it several times before I lock it down and then check it one more time. I may then check it at the start of a session if I haven't been using it recently.
  8. pskys2

    Revolver Ammo

    If it's not there'll be a few Revolver Steel Challenge & USPSA Shooters upset when it's enforced. Most USPSA Revolver competitors are using 38 short colt, I know in SC I've been using them and I expect it's rather common as long as it makes PF.
  9. FWIW I took that both of you were being sarcastic, and oh so true. I gave up years ago trying to decipher a cof from the published book, maybe I'm dense (actually I know I am at times) but if I get wrapped up in trying to figure the cof out that way I'm lost. I need to keep the mind clear so when I walk up to the stage I can "see" the course without any prior thoughts. I've even stopped checking out the stages in detail before I get to them. I usually try to walk around and listen to the gossip for any traps that have developed or areas to be more conscious of. About the only thing I now look for are extreme items, say 75 yard Poppers (seen it) or how many activated targets and any special issues.
  10. Fundamentals, learn to call your shots. then do it faster.
  11. Used too be, moly or poly, I haven't run across any issues for several years. I look for a maker stating not to use certain powders, usually claiming fast burning powders will cause leading. The newer quality poly coatings don't have those issues. Now on customer service, price or availability there are differences. I've had good luck with bayou and acme.
  12. pskys2

    OAL problem with Berry 9mm 124 gr HBFN TP

    Is your g19 a gen 5? My gen5 g19 with the new marksman barrel takes slightly less oal too, the leade in the barrel isn't cut as long.
  13. pskys2

    New-ish Revolver Shooter Looking for Tips

    Sorry course of fire.
  14. pskys2

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    I'm not sure either found it Jeff Cooper on DA Semi-Autos "an ingenious solution to a nonexistant problem." All 3 say pretty much the same thing.
  15. pskys2

    Accuracy potential - MG CMJ vs JHP

    I've been told the usual reason a jhp is more accurate than a fmj is the process of swaging the jhp eliminates voids in the base and trues it up. A square base being necessary for optimum accuracy. I take it you tumble the loaded rounds, if so maybe try a media or case cleaner that doesn't use corn cobs. Try walnuts or maybe a sonic cleaner?