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  1. Hey just a mess of fun, Right?
  2. Heck that's one of my troubles right now in USPSA I can't make a decision on which Division to shoot. If it's not Revolver then I keep drifting from one to another! Maybe that's why I only shot SC worth a darn this year? And not much of that even.
  3. pskys2

    Moon Clip sizing

    If you want the best possible speed reloads use a known brand of brass with moon clips sized for them. They will hold the cases stiff and make speed reloads much easier. If you want to use the most number of brands of brass the moon clips must be made thinner and the cartridges will flop within them, this does not lead to fast speed reloads. One reason why most have settled on Hearthco/TK moon slips sized for Starline 38 brass. Starline brass has been very consistent over the years and since you only lose brass due to splits or the occasional lost moon clip the cost is good. I've even used 357 magnum starline brass and Hearthco moon clips in competition and noticed no big difference in reload times vs short colt. But using different brands of 38 special/357 magnum brass in moon clips that will work makes it virtually impossible to have consistent speed reloads.
  4. Just curious how many Divisions do you regularly compete in? Do you practice all that you shoot? Do you feel it helps or hinders you to shoot multiple Divisions?
  5. pskys2

    Switching from 1911 need advice

    If one is an experienced shooter who knows what they want and are able to best use, then go for it. If the platform is new, you're not sure of it or are still working your way up the ladder, Glyndle has it right, get it stock and shoot the heck out of it. After you're bored with it and you feel the need to up the ante, start adding pieces.
  6. pskys2

    Speed of visual walk thru

    Adrenaline from match pressure always seems to push me faster once the buzzer goes off. I've always thought I needed to slow down while prep'ing. At the beep just go to auto pilot and what will be is what will be.
  7. pskys2

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    Or use a Dremel on a Blade Tech.
  8. pskys2

    Worn trigger pivot pin, "loose" trigger

    Almost sounds as if someone "played" with the trigger at one time. Don't know why they would've wallowed out the hole for the trigger pin though? Can you post some pix of the pin and hammer?
  9. pskys2

    Switching from 1911 need advice

    +1 on Johnny Glock Triggers especially if you are going to carry go the route of his SD package. A MOS is what you want with it you can use any Dot (I have a Delta Point Pro that I like, a JPoint that I scratched up the lens a bit and a venom vortex that looks promising), Gen 5 has a flared magwell, I like the grips on the Gen 4 & 5 and if you don't want finger grooves go with the Gen 5. If you go with a dot you don't need iron sights, some still like to have them on but I've been using the same DPP for several months and haven't had to change batteries. I leave it on and the dot comes on with movement. Been consistent and reliable for me. Note I don't use a dot to carry with though, just compete. A plus with the MOS is you can remove the dot/adapter and/or not replace the filler plate. I do wish Glock would have put the sight dovetail slot on the cover plate or I've seen some who are thinking of having one milled for Iron Sights. The Mos dovetail sits further back than a normal glock dovetail so aftermarket sights may overhang the slide. I have a Gen 4 G34 MOS with Johnny Glock Trigger that I really like and I don't have any iron sights on it. I like the look and after a season of competition I don't find it hard to find the dot now. I also have a Gen 5 G19 it's box stock and I like how it feels, it shoots well but I just don't carry it much. The Glock 17 is a full sized grip with a 4.49" barrel or the Glock 19 which has a shortened frame (my pinky finger hangs just over the bottom) and a 4.04" barrel.
  10. Definitely a difference in weight between 22 lr and 9mm's! I always plan on shooting "only" five rounds per string, BUT things don't always go to plan so I figure 10 rounds is a safe cushion, 9 in SS. Unless it's revolver then it's 8, or gasp 6 when I'm in the mood!
  11. Probably comes down to what is reliable too. I'd come down on either changing each run or NOT changing at all. Would never want to go 3 runs and change, I can't remember what run I'm on half the time!!!
  12. pskys2

    Shooting First in squad....

    You should never accept that you will always shoot first. You may shoot first quicker than I, last name "w", but it should rotate through. And most do a random jumble of names, set the list and rotate from there. Or even ask if they will start at the bottom of the alphabet and rotate from there. It's rare to not rotate, unless someone really likes going first and at times I've volunteered to do just that as waiting around is sometimes worse to me. As long as the system is set at the beginning and the procedure stays the same for all.
  13. pskys2

    Hand Fit or Mill

    Realistically most of us can't use the difference between a good cnc mill job and a hand fit job. But a hand fit will last longer, again probably would never really notice it, and cost more. Les does do fine work, and has been for a loooong time. It all depends on what you need too. Doug Koenig tests barrels in a fixture so he can find the most accurate barrel for his Bianchi Guns. He "can" use the difference too! And then Pride of Ownership means something too.
  14. pskys2

    Is there a trick?

    Once done take a loaded round (slide off of frame/barrel out of slide), slip it under the extractor and rotate the slide. When the tension is right the round won't move. It's supposed to be at something like 15 lbs of force to pull the round down and out of the extractor. I drilled a hole in a used case and slipped some wire in it, secured one end and looped the other end. Then hooked my trigger gauge to it, but I'm kind of an OCD type.