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  1. TGO champions, I believe, the slap the trigger method on Semi-Auto's and I'd hazard that he does so with the Revolver. The theory is it removes the possibility of short stroking, I've even short stroked with a 1911 match trigger though there we called it Trigger Freeze. And TGO doesn't give up anything to anyone on shooting! JM I believe always stated keeping a live trigger, always rolling it, and I'm pretty sure he didn't slap the trigger. It all comes down to personal preference and individual capabilities. I've tried both and settled on "riding" the trigger instead of "slappi
  2. .358 for lead/moly/poly coated, .357 for jacketed and all of the Plated I've had were sized .357.
  3. Just curious have you increased the chamfer of the cylinder on the 929?
  4. Now where is the fun in that? Where is your sense of exploration and adventure, blazing new paths with new toys!
  5. 105.98/thousand isn't a bad price for FMJ either.
  6. Some Major 9 can reach 60,000 psi I've been told. Heck 38 super major loads were over 40,000. 357 magnum is under 45,000 psi.
  7. Super Comp Semi-Auto or Short Colt a revolver round? The Short Colt can be had at Track of the Wof (closing out) https://redirect.viglink.com/?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_160035805912011&key=79bd9386a12d9ac58a81d42672c87dc4&libId=kf6zu6mh0101ax4w000DAp5fp65iw&subId=3532157973&loc=https%3A%2F%2Fforums.brianenos.com%2Ftopic%2F288432-38-short-colt-brass-any-place-have-it-in-stock%2F&v=1&out=http%3A%2F%2Ftrackofthewolf.com%2F&ref=https%3A%2F%2Fforums.brianenos.com%2Fforum%2F43-revolver-forum%2F&title=.38 Short Colt brass%3F Any place have it in stock%3F -
  8. I'm using a standard 9mm taper crimp die from Dillon. Has more taper at the base than some others and I really like being able to pull the clip and drop it out of the Die Body. I also Taper Crimp to around .370" for 38 short colt and .358 bullets, Also crimp my 9mm's to .370".
  9. One thought on the differences with magnum primers is the real possibility that the magnum primer actually has enough umph to push the bullet a fraction further before complete powder ignition which increases capacity, lowers pressure and lowers velocity. Kind of like increasing the free bore on a rifle so you have more volume for the powder. Ultimately allowing for a higher velocity at the same pressure due to more powder in a larger case. Also on the crimp you can run into similar issues, depending... I've not had any luck using the 9mm Lee Factory Crimp in 38 short colt especi
  10. I settled on 1.180". Have seen little difference in velocity between 1.170 and 1.190. And my records show no difference at 1.200, note I went clear out to 1.255 with one load!
  11. Depending on the bullet. With 160 Bayou's at under 1.17 I've had a few bulge too much at the base of the bullet, to the point they wouldn't chamber. Never pulled the bullet to see if it might have been a bit over sized. But at 1.175 and above I've not seen the issue. With lighter bullets the issues didn't show up either, no surprise. Luckily the 4" 627 Pro I picked up shoots my 160 Bayou's 25 to 30 f/s slower than the 5" PC. Which is what I wanted. Both give higher velocities than my 1970's 6" M28 though.
  12. Yea Plated bullets in all of my guns seem to take about the same charge as Jacketed. And those numbers closely fit the % diff in charge needed for a comparable velocity between those two cartridges (but then the 9's I have are all Semi-Autos too). Now if you were a bench rest shooter the volume of the case vs the % of charge becomes a huge factor.
  13. Congratulations on yet another National Revolver Title! Had a buddy attend this year, can't wait to catch up with him on the details. Haven't been to one since 2014, hit Super Senior next year and am hoping to get back on the match circuit!!! I've shot on the same squads with Cliff, Jerry and Rich, been able to watch TGO, Olhasso and Matt hope to be able to watch you at a Nationals next year! Have a 627 Pro (w/dot) and a 627 PC (Iron Sights) and a GP100 in 357 (6 shot, standard barrel, etc...so it's not an apples to apples comparison) did the action jobs and work myself
  14. Rationally using side berms isn't a problem. But a match that has 180 traps is. There always seems to be the unexpected 180 trap that shows up in large matches, with the shoot them as you see them rules it's hard to completely eliminate them. But designing a COF that specifically has them is very bad designing. Sometimes it seems we let our creativity overrule our sense of safety.
  15. I'm using the Bayou 160 coated, perfect profile, for USPSA. Then I bought some 150 coated from Precision, perfect profile only come in Black though but the Bayous are green or cherry, and using the same powder load for ICORE. The 150's are showing a slight advantage in accuracy. But that could change. Have settled on a Taper Crimp, did extensive testing with both Roll & Taper and couldn't see any consistent advantage for either. So the Taper works with everything from Jacketed w/out cannelure, Plated & Coated w/out a cannelure.
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