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  1. I also like the top curve. It's flat, but not too flat, and short, but not too short, long, but not too long, it's just perfect.
  2. The external extractor may also serve as a loaded chamber indicator.
  3. Street price on the cheaper one will probably be around $850-$950 when they're more commonly available.
  4. Revopop


    It's a point of pride with STI. I would be surprised if the small parts were sourced outside the US. You can always call them to confirm.
  5. The trigger, safety, and grip safety are definitely Caspian, so I'd be willing to bet that all the parts are made by Caspian. I recently got a 1911 Traditional Compact, and I'm really impressed with it. It's nicely fitted, all forged parts, and by far has the most features for the money of any 1911 out there. My father in law did the FFL transfer for me, and he was so impressed with it that he ordered a 1911 Traditional Match. I think the biggest reason why Sig 1911s are less popular is that until the Traditional models came out it was a huge hassle to get holsters for them. The Max has the old style profile, but if it becomes as popular as some expect it to be that'll help with the holster issue.
  6. It might be worth waiting for the Sig. I just got a Sig 1911 Traditional Compact, and my father in law was so impressed with it he ordered a Sig 1911 Traditional Match. Both of them are a helluva lot of gun for the money.
  7. When asking questions about CZs, the general consensus seems to be listen to what eerw (aka Stuart Wong of Colorado Springs) says. I'd been eyeing a CZ for years, but then this last fall I finally ran across a great deal on a CZ-75B and had some extra cash in the gun fund. It was such a good deal that I had the seller (bought it on GunBroker) send it straight to Stuart for a trigger job. I also had him install night sights while he was at it. Now I've never handled a Shadow, so I don't have a standard of comparison, but it is definitely the best DA/SA gun I've ever owned. The DA is smooth and the SA is as nice anything other than a 1911. I wanted to use it for carry and nightstand duty as well, so the FPB is intact and Stuart used all stock parts. He said the trigger pull could be lighter with a CZ competition hammer and some other tweaks, but again I wanted to use it as a defensive pistol as well. Having said all that, I've got about half the cost of a CZ Custom Shadow in my 75B, and I couldn't be happier with it.
  8. I need to clarify something: None of our Dawson Precision CRP guns have any internal modifications or trigger work done. The only pistol we currently offer that service on is the Dawson Precision Super-Tuned STI Edge. -Chet OK, I must've just assumed that it was, thinking of the Super-Tuned Edge. That definitely helps make my decision, because I already have a spare Techwell and I don't think the big mag button is IDPA legal anyway.
  9. Saw that one, Jake, I'm taking a hard look at it.
  10. I'm trying keep it under $1000 including mags, otherwise I'd probably getting a Trojan. I'm working a different job now, and though I like it a lot more than my old one, I don't make as much money as I used to, so a $250 difference between the Springfield and the Trojan is more to me than it was a few months ago.
  11. I learned about it from the old thread too, and I've been using it ever since. In fact, I'm the first testimonial on his website.
  12. I was poking around the Dawson site, and I saw that they're selling the Stainless Springfield loaded in 9mm for $854, or the competition ready 9mm Spartan for a little less. I don't love the look of the Dawson magwell on a single stack, and I've got an extra Techwell laying around. I do like the idea of buying a gun with trigger and reliability work already done though. The springfield will have a nicer finish and probably a better resale value, but if it needs trigger and/or reliability work that'll be more expense. What would you do in my position? PS, if anybody knows a good source for a 1/2x28 threaded barrel too, please let me know.
  13. Now they're making them for CZs and even revolvers. It's only gonna get worse! Huh-whut? I've got VZ's on my CZ now (Tactical Diamonds). I don't see the Op II's on the website. Is this "coming soon" scoop? I just meant VZ grips in general. I don't have any inside information. Come to think of it, I would really like a pair of Operator IIs for my new CZ. It'd be nice if I could get them for K and N frames too.
  14. I've always preferred the feel of the Vertec frame, but I'm gonna have my first suppressor in a couple weeks and if I get one I'd like to use it with the can occasionally. Tornado Tech offers 92 barrels ready to buy, but I'm not sure if the Vertec uses a different barrel. It's shorter, but is that the only difference?
  15. What he said. I'm one of the young (ish), instant gratification sort of shooters. The out of the box price may only be a little less, but the cost of mags for a Para, even with basepads, will be significantly less than a 2011, and they probably won't require any tuning. The DOH holster I already have for my single stack will work too.
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