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  1. eggman

    625 JM

    I have two 625 PC's the first one leaded badly starting at the cone . The cone is longer than the 625 JM because of the shorter cylinder but the 2nd 625 PC doesn't lead at all . I ended up just using jacketed Zero bullets in the first one to keep from having to continually fight the lead buildup .
  2. I have a 3 9/16" 610 unfluted that the previous owner had deeply chamfered the charge holes to the extent the extractor tips were as sharp as needles . The tips were so thin they started breaking off which causes the cylinder to get out of time . S&W said they had been out of new cylinders for several years so I ended up replacing just the extractor and put the revolver in the safe. When I heard S&W was coming back out with the 610 I called and asked to have my unfluted cylinder replaced with the new 610 fluted cylinder . I shipped it to the factory and am now waiting on a quote for the work . I never did like the unfluted cylinder on my 610 and look forward to getting this revolver back with the new cylinder .
  3. I use a Loctite threadlocker 290 it is a medium wicking grade and will "wick" into the threads . Like if you have the strain screw or whatever screw "just right" and don't want to back it out to apply blue Loctite you can use the 290 . If you do apply too much and a screwdriver won't back the screw out again a little heat applied will get it turning . It's good stuff .
  4. My Dillon 550 just will not meter Clay's, e3 or and large flake powder so I've been using RamShot Competition . My standard match load is a 165 gr. Ibejihead over 2.8 grs RamShot Competition at 1.53" OAL for 160 gr. I use 3.0 grs. Competition at 1.53" OAL and for what I think is going to be my new favorite bullet the 170 gr. NLG RN B&B casting (Tony Moser) I'm using 2.7 grs Competition at 1.54" OAL. All of these loads will make power factor from a 4" barrel for IDPA with enough extra to knock over steel so they might give you a good starting point to work up a load for USPSA power factor.
  5. I bought a slightly used 610 that the cylinder and extractor had been aggressively chamfered . In just a few months of shooting local IDPA matches with the 610 the tips of the extractor started breaking off . This didn't really affect extraction because I was using moonclips but the cosmetics bothered me and had to have Eli at TK Custom to install and time a new extractor . Since then any revolver I'm doing cylinder work on I make sure to go easy on the extractor and just break the edges slightly. FWIW
  6. That's good to know . 2.7 grs was kinda what I was thinking about and seat the 165 gr. bullet same depth in case as 160 gr. bullet.
  7. My current 38 Short Colt load is 160 gr. .358" LRN seated to 1.19" OAL and 3.0 grs RamShot Competition . I was thinking of trying the 165 gr. Ibejihead bullet which I like in 38 special . Not sure what OAL to try and how much to reduce my current powder load . I was hoping someone else has tried this bullet in 38SC .
  8. There are several tools you can buy but the chuck on a small hand drill works just fine to tighten extractor rod . However don't use it like a drill just tighten the chuck on the rod and turn by hand .
  9. I shoot mostly Ibejihead 160 RN and the 165 gr. NLG RN is a really great bullet . I will use Bayou 160 gr. when he runs a free shipping special on a case order. My Dillon 550 will not meter Clay, Clay Dot or American Select powders consistently so I've settled on RamShot Competition as it's clean burning and doesn't seem to be as position sensitive as some powders. I am loading 3.0 grs with the 160 gr. and 2.8 grs with the 165 gr. NLG both with a 1.53" OAL at about 112 PF from a 4" S&W 66 .
  10. Here is a picture of a little pistol shooting area that I have set up at our farm. I set it up in what I think is an old, old quarry as it has three sides which prevents any stray rounds leaving the range . It is a work in progress as you can see....
  11. My TK .040" 40 S&W moon clips arrived today and I was able to give them a try. First off I found that R-P headstamp brass fit loose but would not fall out when reloading but the Win brass still fit the best . The extra thickness of this moonclip seems to have solved my primer light strikes and was even able to go back to a 9 lb. hammer spring with no misfires . So, in all these moonclips were everything I had hoped for and plan to be shooting the 10mm gp-100 in my next IDPA match just for something different.
  12. I failed to mention in my post about my moonclip experience with my GP-100 has been with 40 S&W . Although I have 300 pieces of new Starline 10mm Auto brass all my shooting has been with 40 S&W reloads. With my S&W 610 I can use the same moonclips with 40 S&W and 10mm with no problems however with the Ruger GP-100 moonclips there is a headspace problem using .032" moonclips (and I have experienced light strikes using Federal primers with 40 S&W brass with .032" moonclips) . TK is making a moonclip .040" just for 40 S&W that will hopefully take care of my light strikes . I have ordered some to try and if they work I might just be able to go with a lighter hammer spring. I had high hopes of using this pistol in IDPA for something different as I usually shoot speedloader fed S&W revolvers but the light strikes have been problematic.
  13. I had missed this too . Probably explains my other issue with the 10mm GP-100.
  14. I realize this is an old post but just recently bought a GP-100 10mm and thought I would share my moonclip experience in case it helps someone else. I purchased a pack of 10 TK moonclips for the GP 100 10mm Match Champion and found the fit was too loose with just about any brass except for Win headstamp. Federal was also loose but would remain in moonclip from holder on belt to cylinder during reload . R-P and Starline brass would not stay in moonclip during reload as I would have at least one cartridge fall out. With Win brass the TK moonclips work great and this combination is my choice for matches . I am using Ruger moonclips to shoot the non-Win headstamp ammo I have already loaded for my 646.
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