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  1. For EDC and IDPA I wear a Comp-Tac leather belt that is reinforced with Kydex . They look good enough for everyday wear but are sturdy enough for competition use and last for years .
  2. I like RamShot Competition powder for 38 Short Colt and 38 Special . Measures good , fairly clean with no unburnt kernels to get under extractor and as accurate as anything else I've tried . I just cannot get Clay Dot , Clay's, American Select or e3 to measure accurately day in and day out from my 550. I've tried aquarium pumps small powder bar , polishing internals and just cannot get large flake powders to measure accurately . I might be too OCD( from my Benchrest shooting background) but 0.01 grs. or greater of variance are just not acceptable to me .
  3. When I shoot my revolver in a steel challenge match I'll take whatever ammo I've got the most of loaded . Sometimes it's 38 Short Colt loaded for USPSA sometimes it's 38 special loaded for IDPA and sometimes both . If I switch from 38 short colt to 38 special during a match I'll brush the cylinders . I found that those plastic brushes Glock sends out with every Glock pistol works fine for this .
  4. That's good to know . When I had the extra money I was going to buy the pistol caliber tool just to have . 90% of the pistol bullets I use are coated . I would have thought jacketed bullets were slicker than Hi-tec coating and the tool grips jacketed rifle bullets with very little pressure applied so I never thought that coated bullets would be a problem.
  5. I just purchased a grip-in-pull tool for rifle calibers to pull a bunch of 223 bullets for the brass and if there pistol caliber version works as well as this rifle caliber tool it would be just the ticket for chrono stages . It is pricey and you would have to mount a small reloading press to the table but dang this thing works with a lot less effort than the hammer type "pullers".. Here is the link to check it out : https://grip-n-pull.com/
  6. I am so used to my Smith and Wesson revolvers I just couldn't get used to the Ruger and ended up selling my GP100- Match Champion in 10mm . However the last match I shot with it I used 40 S&W reloads with Federal primers and it worked flawlessly with the TK moonclips for 40 S&W . Changing the springs and using Federal primers it would be easy to get to a 6 1/2 to 7 lb. DA trigger pull weight with no light strikes . Also, Bowen makes an extended firing pin that would also aid in the endeavor to a light DA pull weight with no light strikes.
  7. Double Alfa has the new waterproof IDPA targets listed but are backordered as of yesterday . I ordered 50 USPSA waterproof targets and can say they are a better alternative to bagging targets and drooping heads.
  8. A powder that I like very much for IDPA 45 acp loads that I didn't see mentioned is Vectan Ba-10 . I use it with 230 gr coated RN bullets and really like the feel of it .
  9. I switch back and forth between shooting speedloaders and moonclips. I have somewhat better scores shooting my S&W 66-5 and speedloaders vs my 625 and moonclips . For me shooting 38 special minor my splits are faster and reloads a little slower . Shooting 45 ACP major with moonclips my splits are slower with a faster reload . This time of year when our ranges are muddy or snow covered I like having to pick up my brass in moonclips vs singularly . So in winter I'm shooting the 625 or my 610 however I usually always shoot bigger matches using speedloaders and 38 special as I feel I'm more accurate and have fewer pulled shots.
  10. I will be out of the house  for the next few hours,



    I,m in New York and am up late.

    1. eggman



      I am sorry I never saw your post about the buffer until I sold the buffer to someone else.  I had asked for PM messages and went by those . Usually my items never sell that quickly and I would lose track of the post as it would be several pages back and hard for me to find quickly . So, I started asking for PM messages if someone was interested . However there is no excuse for me missing your post as you posted it just minutes after I put my for sale topic up and for that I apologize . 


  11. Money order Okay?

  12. Comp-Tac fits more revolvers . The Ready Tactical can be a bit tight for newer revolvers .
  13. I Shoot in the Revolver division in USPSA because I enjoy revolvers and getting set up for USPSA revolver division wasn't a big deal as I like to tinker and do most of my own work. I Was 60 years old before I ever shot my first USPSA match and I will never be all that competitive in any division in USPSA but if I'm interested in where I am finishing I just look at Production division and I can see how bad I suck. I'm a C class in Revolver division but I am still catching my self shooting a USPSA stage like I would a IDPA stage like looking for cover or picking up a dropped mag . Hopefully I'll improve as I get more matches under my belt and better understand USPSA stages . If our Governor in Virginia gets his way we will all be shooting revolvers and I'll have them figured out by then.
  14. I use a 66-5 with Bowen rear sight ,Dawson FO front sight in a Ready Tactical holster . For speedloaders I use JET that have been bubbaized in Ready Tactical holders . 38 Special loaded with 165 gr. Ibejiheads LRN over 2.9 grs RS Competition and Federal primers . In winter and muddy weather I use a 625 or 610 with moonclips to make it easier to retrieve brass .
  15. I use RamShot Competition for 38 special and 38 short colt . It's meters so much better than Clays or Clay Dot and really can't tell if it's any dirtier.
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