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  1. Anything by Jon R. Lansdale who wrote the Hap & Leonard books but his other books are great .
  2. eggman

    Rain Bags

    When I have to set up and staple targets when rain is eminent I have had good luck with a clear bag from McMaster-Carr item # 4166T12 . It is 1 mil thick 48" circumference and 40" tall . 100 bags per roll . They are not inexpensive but fit is perfect.
  3. For IDPA revolver competition I favor about any 66 over the 686 and of the 66's I prefer the 66-5 mainly because it is still pre-lock and has a pinned front sight . I do have a 66-2 that saw a lot of use before I bought it that is really sweet after Joe at Mojo Custom did his magic and also converting it's orange insert front sight to a pinned FS . It has the lightest trigger of all my 66's and is the only 66 I have that doesn't have the frame mounted firing pin. I had a 66 no-dash and didn't like the recessed cylinder.
  4. Something like this might help as I've polished the Xtra small powder bar but still have trouble with Clay dot and e3 dropping accurately (it's bridging I assume). RS Competition is working great but I have probably a lifetime supply of Clay Dot and e3 that I would like to use up. Rodney
  5. I really like Clays but I cannot get accurate measuring from a Dillon 550 using Clay's , Clay Dot, or e3 so I've settled on RamShot Competition for 38 Short Colt, 38 Special and 40 S&W revolver loads . It measures accurately , burns clean , not temp sensitive like WST, and has a good recoil "feel" . I usually shoot heavy for caliber coated round nose bullets in all my revolvers . 160 gr. for 38sc , 165 or 170 gr. for 38 special and 190 or 200 gr. for 40 S&W .FWIW.
  6. Is the extractor rod returning when you eject spent cases ? I'm thinking it is the centerpin spring bound up. When I first tried to disassemble my 66-8 extractor spring/rod assembly I was stumped until I realized The 66-8 extractor rod is different than the 66-2 etc. extractor rods in that you have to unscrew the knurled cap off and it has reverse threads also the centerpin is very short and easy to loose if you drop it (yep I dropped mine). I'd be interested what others say about this problem.
  7. eggman

    610 Trigger

    I will have to check my 610-3 as I've only had the hammer removed to install a Apex DAO hammer and haven't messed with the trigger .I did have S&W install a new fluted cylinder to replace the huge unfluted cylinder (that it came with from factory) and that improved my trigger pull more than anything I've done besides changing springs.
  8. I prefer the Dawson .110" width FO on my pinned front sight revolvers. However on the revolvers that have the quick change front sight I prefer the SDM . I have had the Dawson front sight get knocked off during a stage where the SDM will stay in place . The extra length of the SDM prevents it from getting removed accidently but does make it a little bit harder to install or remove when you chose to.
  9. eggman

    625 JM

    I have two 625 PC's the first one leaded badly starting at the cone . The cone is longer than the 625 JM because of the shorter cylinder but the 2nd 625 PC doesn't lead at all . I ended up just using jacketed Zero bullets in the first one to keep from having to continually fight the lead buildup .
  10. I have a 3 9/16" 610 unfluted that the previous owner had deeply chamfered the charge holes to the extent the extractor tips were as sharp as needles . The tips were so thin they started breaking off which causes the cylinder to get out of time . S&W said they had been out of new cylinders for several years so I ended up replacing just the extractor and put the revolver in the safe. When I heard S&W was coming back out with the 610 I called and asked to have my unfluted cylinder replaced with the new 610 fluted cylinder . I shipped it to the factory and am now waiting on a quote for the work . I never did like the unfluted cylinder on my 610 and look forward to getting this revolver back with the new cylinder .
  11. I use a Loctite threadlocker 290 it is a medium wicking grade and will "wick" into the threads . Like if you have the strain screw or whatever screw "just right" and don't want to back it out to apply blue Loctite you can use the 290 . If you do apply too much and a screwdriver won't back the screw out again a little heat applied will get it turning . It's good stuff .
  12. My Dillon 550 just will not meter Clay's, e3 or and large flake powder so I've been using RamShot Competition . My standard match load is a 165 gr. Ibejihead over 2.8 grs RamShot Competition at 1.53" OAL for 160 gr. I use 3.0 grs. Competition at 1.53" OAL and for what I think is going to be my new favorite bullet the 170 gr. NLG RN B&B casting (Tony Moser) I'm using 2.7 grs Competition at 1.54" OAL. All of these loads will make power factor from a 4" barrel for IDPA with enough extra to knock over steel so they might give you a good starting point to work up a load for USPSA power factor.
  13. I bought a slightly used 610 that the cylinder and extractor had been aggressively chamfered . In just a few months of shooting local IDPA matches with the 610 the tips of the extractor started breaking off . This didn't really affect extraction because I was using moonclips but the cosmetics bothered me and had to have Eli at TK Custom to install and time a new extractor . Since then any revolver I'm doing cylinder work on I make sure to go easy on the extractor and just break the edges slightly. FWIW
  14. That's good to know . 2.7 grs was kinda what I was thinking about and seat the 165 gr. bullet same depth in case as 160 gr. bullet.
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