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  1. eggman

    686 cylinder pin keeps loosening.

    There are several tools you can buy but the chuck on a small hand drill works just fine to tighten extractor rod . However don't use it like a drill just tighten the chuck on the rod and turn by hand .
  2. eggman

    .38spcl IDPA load

    I shoot mostly Ibejihead 160 RN and the 165 gr. NLG RN is a really great bullet . I will use Bayou 160 gr. when he runs a free shipping special on a case order. My Dillon 550 will not meter Clay, Clay Dot or American Select powders consistently so I've settled on RamShot Competition as it's clean burning and doesn't seem to be as position sensitive as some powders. I am loading 3.0 grs with the 160 gr. and 2.8 grs with the 165 gr. NLG both with a 1.53" OAL at about 112 PF from a 4" S&W 66 .
  3. eggman

    Personal ranges

    Here is a picture of a little pistol shooting area that I have set up at our farm. I set it up in what I think is an old, old quarry as it has three sides which prevents any stray rounds leaving the range . It is a work in progress as you can see....
  4. eggman

    Target Rain Guards

  5. eggman

    Moon clips for gp100 match champion

    My TK .040" 40 S&W moon clips arrived today and I was able to give them a try. First off I found that R-P headstamp brass fit loose but would not fall out when reloading but the Win brass still fit the best . The extra thickness of this moonclip seems to have solved my primer light strikes and was even able to go back to a 9 lb. hammer spring with no misfires . So, in all these moonclips were everything I had hoped for and plan to be shooting the 10mm gp-100 in my next IDPA match just for something different.
  6. eggman

    Moon clips for gp100 match champion

    I failed to mention in my post about my moonclip experience with my GP-100 has been with 40 S&W . Although I have 300 pieces of new Starline 10mm Auto brass all my shooting has been with 40 S&W reloads. With my S&W 610 I can use the same moonclips with 40 S&W and 10mm with no problems however with the Ruger GP-100 moonclips there is a headspace problem using .032" moonclips (and I have experienced light strikes using Federal primers with 40 S&W brass with .032" moonclips) . TK is making a moonclip .040" just for 40 S&W that will hopefully take care of my light strikes . I have ordered some to try and if they work I might just be able to go with a lighter hammer spring. I had high hopes of using this pistol in IDPA for something different as I usually shoot speedloader fed S&W revolvers but the light strikes have been problematic.
  7. eggman

    Moon clips for gp100 match champion

    I had missed this too . Probably explains my other issue with the 10mm GP-100.
  8. eggman

    Moon clips for gp100 match champion

    I realize this is an old post but just recently bought a GP-100 10mm and thought I would share my moonclip experience in case it helps someone else. I purchased a pack of 10 TK moonclips for the GP 100 10mm Match Champion and found the fit was too loose with just about any brass except for Win headstamp. Federal was also loose but would remain in moonclip from holder on belt to cylinder during reload . R-P and Starline brass would not stay in moonclip during reload as I would have at least one cartridge fall out. With Win brass the TK moonclips work great and this combination is my choice for matches . I am using Ruger moonclips to shoot the non-Win headstamp ammo I have already loaded for my 646.
  9. eggman


    Paul the friend of mine that got me into shooting IDPA and then shooting REV in IDPA is shooting a 38/357 4" Chiappa and doing quite well . He won REV division at the VA State IDPA match this year and REV Division at The Carolina Cup two weeks ago . He uses Comp III speedloaders that he has cut down and he also has to alter the internals slightly to get them to release the cartridges in the Rhino cylinder. The only problem I am aware of that he has had with the Rhino was breaking a firing pin at a local match . The firing pin broke after thousands of dry fires in practice and a year of monthly matches I thinking. It is a real treat to watch him shoot and hope to be as good as him when I grow up.
  10. eggman

    Loaded Moonclip Storage

    Yes, I got the Delrin sheet and Aluminium rod from McMaster-Carr . I tapped a hole in the flat end of rods and ran a countersunk screw from the bottom of Delrin sheet to fasten .
  11. eggman

    Loaded Moonclip Storage

    I made this stand for 625 loaded moonclips to fit in the Snapon toolbag that also serves as a seat . It holds more than enough loaded moonclips for a 6 stage IDPA match.
  12. eggman

    carry optics division

    I had heard that Carry Optics was SSP with optics but reading the allowed modifications in the provisional rules it lists mag wells as allowed . Is that how you all read it ? The reason I ask is I'm thinking of milling the slide for an optic sight on a P-09 that I have installed a mag well on that I used to shoot in ESP.
  13. eggman

    Looking to try a new powder

    I think you will like Prima SV . I wished I had tried it before I bought 10 bottles of the second lot of Prima V .
  14. eggman

    Is Revolver officially dead

    It's alive and well for me too ! I started shooting revolvers last year at this time in the REV class in local IDPA matches . I signed up for a tier 2 IDPA match last summer to shoot REV and finished 3rd out of 7 in my class. I haven't picked up a another pistol to shoot a match with since then and I am now hooked on revolvers but good . There is at the most two other revolvers shooting local matches with me but most of the time it's just me . I'm not the fastest but it's not unusual for me to finish most accurate . The only way I'll get faster is to stick with it so that's what I plan to do .This year I've signed up for a Tier 2 and a Tier 3 match and I plan to shoot both with a revolver.
  15. eggman

    Motels near Carolina Cup @The Range

    Thanks Bill . When I first did a search for motels I either got Bed & Breakfasts or motels in Oxford, England . I kept looking a did find a Comfort Inn so I booked a room there . So, I guess we are set and are looking forward to the match.