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  1. Jason posts semi regularly on the 1911 addicts forum with his current project. .. Lots of high rent "eye candy"..
  2. If you don't want to tri top I would do a "bulls eye" cut in the slide... It's a deep grove cut on bottom of slide in ejector tunnel that cannot be seen until slide is turned over and inspected... Honestly most people wouldn't even notice.
  3. Aluminum grip safety? I assume your running a magwell.. Which 1? Dawson "ice" well is very light....
  4. Hmmmmmm You mean people actually clean their own guns....wow Some of guys I shoot with can't take the slide off their gun.... Keeps the local "smith" busy/happy
  5. Egw is ok Brown is my current favorite I hear stan chen has a new one that is supposed to be the "bees knees"... Any good smith and a "dremel" can get you where you want to be...assuming front strap is also undercut
  6. Titegroup 230gr rn 200gr swc I run coated bullets (bc I'm cheap)
  7. I've been thinking about picking one up as well.. Seems like alot of gun for the $$$$ Keep us updated on how it is overall and how it shoots..
  8. Anyone know if Doug is still taking work? Got an old colt 38 super that needs some love...
  9. Tripp mags all day they seat with minimal effort. My springer will eat 200gr swc and 230 rn no problems.
  10. I've broken 3 sights almost the same way... 2 on single stack 45's 1 on single stack 40.. And my guns never go into ports.
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