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  1. Anyone know if Doug is still taking work? Got an old colt 38 super that needs some love...
  2. Tripp mags all day they seat with minimal effort. My springer will eat 200gr swc and 230 rn no problems.
  3. Cheely custom any day of the week. .
  4. I've broken 3 sights almost the same way... 2 on single stack 45's 1 on single stack 40.. And my guns never go into ports.
  5. https://www.doublealpha.biz/daa-single-stack-racer-magazine-pouch
  6. Dawson ice is great ....just sucks having to get extended basepads for positive mag seating
  7. I would look closely at the bushing and barrel crown. Good lock up is very important as is the last part of barrel that touches bullet..
  8. I assume I need to remove material on the follower where it comes into contact with the slide stop. I guess you could call it lowering the shelf of the follower. Going to start slow BC its easier to remove more than add back on.
  9. I will try and take a little off of the follower and see if it helps. If not i will give svi a call to try and get some different followers. Thanks for the help
  10. First of all let me say I love this forum and the wealth of knowledge here. Here's the problem I am having I had a 9mm upper built for my edge to shoot in the Pro-Am. So I ordered complete 9mm sv mags to use. The gun runs flawless with all the mags except for occasionally they all lock the slide back with one round still in the mag. I've checked to make sure that its not the bullet nose hitting the slide stop causing my headache. Normally this isn't and issue BC in limited form my gun has the slide stop disabled but for the Pro-Am I want the slide stop to work BC of the 10rd limit. Thanks for any and all help.
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